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  1. Loved the Black Terry/Perro Guerra Jr. match from the Battle of Coacalco. Perro starts off looking like a deer in the headlights and becomes increasingly more vicious and violent as the match goes on pushing Terry to his limits. Really enthralling stuff.
  2. It takes a special kind of stupid to pull that card when the biggest complaint about the company right now is that they're overloaded with talent. Lucky for them Tony seems like guy who lets a lot of stuff slide.
  3. This episode was kind of meh. Dustin/Black was alright but I wish Black was more aggressive with his offense. Hobbs/Martin was fun but kind of exposed both guys a little bit. MJF's shitty attempt at a Heatwave promo was awful. It was like watching Ron Funches cut a tough guy promo. Mox/Suzuki was just a speedrun of whatever they had planned. I did like Mox's knock out shots in the finishing stretch so that's something at least.
  4. The thing that killed the TNA brand wasn't that they were bringing in WWE guys, but that the guys they were bringing in clearly did not give a shit about the present or the future of the company. That is not the case with AEW.
  5. Needless to say that was worth every penny. Miro/Kingston was a fun hoss vs brawler match. The finish didn't come off well, but I doubt their feud is over anyways. Lucha Bros/YBs was way over the top at times, but I wanted blood and crazy highspots and they delivered. Punk looked a little rusty, but didn't look sloppy at any point during the match. Darby was the perfect guy to reintroduce him to wrestling. Main Event was fantastic and the ending was absolutely the right way to go. The only complaint I have is that Wight/Marshall should have been switched on the card with Baker/Statlander. It was a missed opportunity to have a cool stare down with Soho and Baker.
  6. Weird booking tonight. Putting an obvious squash match in the main event slot so they can build to another obvious squash match. Putting Mox, Darby and Kingston in a random trios so they can build up a feud that has jack shit to do with All Out. Having Miro cut another promo on Kingston with no response.
  7. Yeah, the pilot did a pretty bad job of introducing us to this world. Maybe I missed something, but I had no idea who Mary McCormack's character was supposed to be until I looked it up on Wikipedia. Also basing it on the territories just made everything feel weirdly anachronistic. Not a great start.
  8. I liked the main fine enough, but the crowd seemed to have no clue who Daniel Garcia was or why that match was happening. Might have been a good time to break out a gimmick brawl there.
  9. Given how well AEW and WWE have been doing as of late, I don't think it's crazy for a company like AMC or Viacom to start looking at wrestling programing. Of course advertisers hate it, but you also need to show the cable providers that you have shows that people will subscribe to watch live.
  10. The pizza cutter/Dominos thing was hilarious but you got to think there's going to be some blowback for that. How could there not be?
  11. I think it's obvious that JR needs to go. He adds no insight to the commentary table and even as a pure nostalgia act he can't touch Schiavone on his worst day. The only two reasons they would keep him on is 1. It's TNT's call or 2. The guy in charge is Dixie Carter 2.0.
  12. Anybody else catch Britt laying into Vickie after she no sold her finisher?
  13. "because of the work" Other than maybe a few exceptions like Chris Farley and the Jackass crew actors generally don't actually put their physical health on the line to make a movie.
  14. The problem with comparing pro wrestling to the rest of the entertainment industry is that no one ever overdoses because of the work they did on SVU. In terms of pure exploitation, it's probably closer to porn than anything else. Both industries have shown time and time again that they hold the health and wellbeing of their talent in little regard (hey remember that hep-c PPV).
  15. Maybe it's just me, but they seem to need help everywhere. Ever since Jericho dropped the belt, the main event scene has felt like a hodgepodge of random mid card challengers. Brining in guys like Black and Samoa Joe could probably alleviate that.
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