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  1. "because of the work" Other than maybe a few exceptions like Chris Farley and the Jackass crew actors generally don't actually put their physical health on the line to make a movie.
  2. The problem with comparing pro wrestling to the rest of the entertainment industry is that no one ever overdoses because of the work they did on SVU. In terms of pure exploitation, it's probably closer to porn than anything else. Both industries have shown time and time again that they hold the health and wellbeing of their talent in little regard (hey remember that hep-c PPV).
  3. Maybe it's just me, but they seem to need help everywhere. Ever since Jericho dropped the belt, the main event scene has felt like a hodgepodge of random mid card challengers. Brining in guys like Black and Samoa Joe could probably alleviate that.
  4. Yeah, there really isn't an analogue for WWE anywhere else in media. There's a million Star Wars spec scripts floating around in Hollywood but there's only a handful of people in the world who know how to book a promotion.
  5. Wow, this Peacock thing is so much worse than I had anticipated. The archival stuff seems to be randomly uploaded, the interface is horrible and everywhere I look I just see ugly ass thumbnails of Edge and The Miz. Fucking awful.
  6. I enjoyed the hell out of Aramis vs Black Terry from the Negro Navarro tribute show. At the very least it felt to me like a low end 2020 MOTYC.
  7. Size is a major factor too. The bigger guys of the 80s and 90s had a lot of problems with weight grinding down their cartilage. This generation of smaller guys is going to have more longevity.
  8. I can't believe there are people who look at Edge in the ring tonight and don't see Randy "The Ram" Robinson. He looked terrible.
  9. I've been watching a bunch of recent Ricky Marvin matches and I really feel like he's on his way to becoming his generation's Black Terry. He's athletic to keep up with the youngsters and he's got enough veteran in him to know how to convincingly beat the shit out of those guys. Give me all the old, fat Ricky Marvin matches in the world.
  10. He's not just shitting on them, he's going on Twitter calling them a liability when they're still looking for venues to run. Very sketchy.
  11. Renee: "So Punk a lot of people are doubting NXT's chances at Survivor Series. Do you think they really have a shot?" Punk: "Uhh yeah. I think they're young guys and you can never really take that sort of thing for granted. You know what I mean?" *goes back to watching hockey games on his phone*
  12. I found it odd that they would go on and on about how they're bringing back tag team wrestling and then only feature one tag match that immediately broke down into a shitty AAA type segment. And on top of that, wow does that roster seem paper thin.
  13. Has anybody tried canceling after the update? It doesn't seem like it will let you on PC or mobile.
  14. Continue Watching is still there, but I guess you have to be watching a show for a certain amount of time for it to register. It makes it really difficult for me to load up stuff on my laptop to watch on Roku TV. Between that and losing all the Collection stuff, this update officially stinks.
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