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  1. Jimmy Hart doesn't age like normal humans. He must have Dunedain blood or something.
  2. They should pick up Cedric Alexander when he's free. So they can do he and Swole vs Baker and Cole.
  3. The story of Skye Blue getting herself over in AEW is told in the wrong order. The Riho match (which was released on Monday, last night) was first, in which the fans started to get behind her as an underdog babyface (despite facing the number one underdog babyface in the company). Then after that, she had the Red Velvet match (which was released on Saturday's pre-PPV Dark) where she was already a big hometown babyface. And she carried that momentum into the Battle Royal Sunday's PPV.
  4. EDDIE KINGSTON LURKS THE BOARD CONFIRMED~! On Elevation, he said Griff Garrison was like a young Barry Windham. Which I've been saying on here for ages.
  5. Cena used to pick up Paul Wight and Edge at the same time, he's insanely strong.
  6. Why would Russo be on that documentary though? It had nowt to do with him. WCW as out of business and he was managing a video rental store (that went out of business).
  7. They did win the AAA tag belts in an AEW ring though
  8. The Butcher was a big beefy boy when he debuted in AEW. So naturally last night he returns from injury leaner than Cena. Jade Cargill almost had a wardrobe malfunction in there, a couple of times. As far as Jungle Boy not knowing who Urkel was, Ethan Page was on his vlog saying he was in a car with Hook and Top Flight, and none of them recognised the name Al Bundy.
  9. Wasn't there some speculation that Martha Hart was licensing Owen's name and likeness to AEW? Maybe that's for the videogames, rather than for a figure. Probably both, though.
  10. Alex Shelley says he's never paid for a haircut in years, because Minoru Suzuki taught him how to cut his own hair. So presumably, Suzuki does that cut by himself.
  11. I hope he never cleans the bloodstains off the belt:
  12. I did like how Punk was very obviously calling it in the ring. Kept going back to the chinlock so he could tuck his mouth behind Darby's head and tell him what the next few spots were. Mikey Rukus got to do live entrance music! (He was the English-speaking rapper on the Lucha Bros entrance). Rebel tried to do her old TNA entrance (where she'd do a split on the bottom rope) and it went wrong because the ring was full of people moving around. That might have been the shortest Battle Royal I've even seen. Even a short Battle Royal is like 45 minutes minimum, that was only like 22-ish. Tough break for Skye Blue, being a huge babyface coming out and then being eliminated first, in seconds. They should definitely bring her to Cincinatti (if they aren't going to sign her right away, at least give her a shot outside of Illinois, see how she gets over without a home crowd). I can see Bry-Dan wanting to work Dark/Elevation every week, against the Angelicos and Yutas of the roster. Like, he already said he wanted to work Daniel Garcia. Or he might even just want to wrestle the top unsigned guy in whatever city they happen to be in. Danielson vs Moriarty, Danielson vs Tre LaMar, I can see him wanting to do that.
  13. Death of the Global expansion. UK business is going to be conducted from Stamford, Connecticut in future. Also the company got dissolved because they kept refusing to file their accounts. https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/12094063
  14. So in the last few weeks, they've done like three shows in Chicago, and have another one tonight. Was Colt Cabana on any of those shows?
  15. They're also coming out with special 'Covered in blood' figures of Kenny and Mox, and Britt. Possibly others too that I've not seen. Also a Corazon de Leon figure, for retro Jericho enthusiasts.
  16. The first time they announced a Four Danhausens match (for Mania week 2020) they were supposed to be actual Danhausen and a trio of other skinny white guys with black hair (Alex Shelley, Tony Deppen and it's still a secret (so possibly someone with S.O. allegations)). But they went in a different direction this time.
  17. So Red Velvet had a better match with Skye Blue on Dark, than she did with Britt on Rampage. Partly thanks to the Chicago crowd being super into it, and backing Joliet resident Skye over established babyface Velvet. But also, it was a good match. So they should probably take a good look at signing Skye, is what I'm saying. Or at least use her on a show outside of Illinoise, to see if she gets over there too.
  18. Years ago, they had an American contestant on regular (ie: Civilian contestants actually competing, not comedians messing about) Countdown. Richard Whitely (RIP) who was hosting then, asked him if the show format would ever get picked up by TV in the USA, and the American said it wouldn't, because the game would be too hard for American viewers to follow.
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