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  1. Immediately thought of this. Didn't realize Robbie E has been there so long.
  2. Just finished the movie Don't Think Twice. I was expecting a silly comedy about an improv group. What I got was a bit dramatic, but always stayed light hearted. An improv group and their attempts at getting on "SNL". In the movie SNL is called Weekend Live. The group all have inspirations to make it to the big show but also try yo stay true to the group. It gets pretty amusing but very interesting at the same time how the writing, hosts, schedule, and even their own Lorne Michaels, are presented. I thought maybe you SNL fans would like to check it out.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/WWE_Raw_Women's_Championship thought I'd share this with you all
  4. I thought I'd seen it all and then I discover Mark Lewin. Being a fan forever, and after 30 years just now finding out how awesome of a performer this guy is. Any stories about this guy?
  5. Thank you. The last version had the option for mobile or standard/regular/normal version..... I'm a follower not much of a poster, what do I know. Thanks again
  6. When did the ECW Zombie win the World Championship?
  7. The elbow drop a few pages ago? (Newish to the board not sure how to tag photos) Who is that? Reminds me of the best elbow drop IMO Bobby Eaton. He set it up yo hit the guy on the forehead.
  8. I thought Hemsworth was just okay. Cecily Strong continues to unimpress me with her characters. The porn star bit isn't all that funny to me however I know some people are big fans. Same with "the girl you shouldn't have sarted a conversation with". I kind of feel like it's the same character at times. So glad she isn't still doing weekend update though. Not saying Jost and Che are any better. I really like the past 2 or 3 seasons up until the 40th. I remember a great episode where Vanessa Bayer was in almost every single sketch. Kate McKinnon is hilarious. Aidy Bryant is good when she's on,
  9. Not a football fan at all and I'd imagine the fella with Marino is a well known player, but my first thought was Ray Finkle. However this being a wrestling photo thread and while on the subject of zubaz..... I always like every few years those guys on the indies who wear them to be "that guy" but claim it's because of how comfortable they are. Granted with all that leg room and the easy on/off waist band action I agree but I just don't see anyone pulling them off nearly as good bad as Hawk and Animal.... I see what I did there....
  10. The new Rolling Stone Magazine ranks their best SNL performers of all time. Tina Fey is number 3 (the rankings are based soley on performances as a cast member and not writing or any of that). I just don't get it. They're also very very brutal on several other cast members. Jim Breuer and Jay Mohr got awful write ups. Kevin Nealon was much lower than I would have thought. Anyway check it out, it is interesting. Albeit a biased and poorly thought out ranking system..... It's Rolling Stone after all.
  11. I also feel like Cena/Rusev ends in some sort of count out. They've been brawling up to the stage/set a lot. Maybe they both crash through it for a bs finish to keep it going ala Rhyno/Jericho gore or when Taker launched Lesnar through the set at the PPV before their Hell in a Cell.
  12. Maybe I'm biased because of the memory of actually ordering the PPV, which were very few and far between, but I'd say Royal Rumble 96 kinda pushed the envelope to attitude. Diesel pulling the ref out and causing Taker the title and then flipping him off right on camera. Then Shawn Michaels post rumble match striptease.... I know it might sound funny/weird but even as a kid I thought it was inappropriate.
  13. I feel like this was brought up years ago and I know it's nitpicking. Why do some/most of Brets early singlets always have the skull terribly off center. I'd imagine back then it was just a cheap iron on that he had to guesstimate where to put it. It's cooler than a lot of the lame gear back then but come on like nobody was gonna notice?
  14. Tying Show in the ropes is the best defense against the knockout punch. I've always asked, since he started using it as a finisher, why doesn't he just go around punching people in the head? I understand a lot of moves don't necessarily need a big set up, I get it "sports entertainment". He could atleast Always do his obnoxious scream/load up deal before it, or better yet always do it while his opponent is kneeling like those sick ones he have Mark Henry. I just found it ridiculous when he went toe to toe with Kane and stuck with body shots in the Rumble considering how great the WMD worked ag
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