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  1. Thinking about the possibility of them running another Stadium Stampede match with DoN with Pinnacle vs Jericho-less Inner Circle - what's Mike Tyson got in his schedule for the next month?
  2. I get the feeling there's going to be another Pinnacle vs IC match at DoN with Jericho-less IC trying to get revenge for him. Not enough time to build towards another major match for MJF and the other big players all seem to have something going on right now. I'd be down for something like FTR/MJF vs Santana/Ortiz/Sammy would be sweet. I didn't have issue with them leaving the cage, but that and the weapons did make this feel more like the TNA Lethal Lockdowns than an NWA-era WarGames (not that I have any beef with that). And the guy moans about how he never
  3. - I assume we are getting Bucks vs Mox/King at the PPV, otherwise literally no reason why you run SCU career vs title next week or have that #1 contenders match. I get they are pivoting Mox and King away from Omega, but so far there isn't much reason to want to see that over them in a singles title match - As much as we all love to rag on Cody, I think the blood was obviously unintentional. I have no problem with him beating QT, he is much higher in the pecking order than him and this is obviously a stepping stone to the real end goal - Cody vs Ogogo. - Fully expect Miro to beat an injur
  4. Reigns vs Bryan was a great match. Easily the best match on free TV this year, these two just match up so well together. Probably as good as the PPV match, the ad breaks were a bit awkward and broke up the flow a bit, but it had a much better more satisfying conclusion. I am cautious they could still add Rollins to Roman vs Cesaro, but if they don't then I am PUMPED for that match. Crew and Big E had yet another fun if unspectacular match with a guff finish. Looks like they are setting up for a fourway with Owens and Zayn for Backlash. Personally I am so over both of th
  5. Conti still has more to do, but she is getting there and cool to see her development. Between her, Cargill, Velvet and Britt, they have a few solid female workers who are all improving and should be the focal point of the division once they get past the joshi era. Darby vs Jungle Boy was a really good match, juxtaposed with a god awful Luchasaurus-Sting exchange. Would happily see them match up again in future but I guess we have to see Darby/Archer vs Page/Sky next. I am sure someone out there wants to see that match but it's not me. They have been pushing Page as #1 contender for w
  6. Nah, that would all make sense if it happens that way, it's just not how I've read it coming. Britt should definitely win the belt soon but I get the feeling there are still blockers to do anything title-related with Rosa due to the NWA situation. I could see them going Shida > Britt > Cargill or maybe Statlander with the womens belt.
  7. I thought the point of the Lights Out match was that it was the end of the Britt-Rosa rivalry? Britt's promo seemed to suggest her vs Shida is next on the agenda
  8. Only took them 3 weeks, but fair enough I must have missed that.
  9. This opening Bucks heel promo - didn't they already do all this shit last year and then just retcon it out because it went nowhere? Tony needs to get a grip on whoever is booking this shit because its dreadful. For all this talk of how AEW are booking long-term, this feels like they are making it up as they go along. There will be some who cream over that opening tag, but honestly it was the sort of match that made me think I'll stop watching this promotion. Maybe I'll just skip all the Elite stuff. It's not for me. 4th Britt Baker promo in a row despite losing the Lights Out. No si
  10. I, too, would rather have leprosy than ebola
  11. Why did Dunne go over at the TakeOver if Kushida was winning the belt here? Because he's a HHH pet project or because they booked this show on the day? Both?
  12. Will happily be proven wrong, but I think its a fair guess based on track record
  13. Rhea Ripley gets a crowning title win at the PPV, so of course CHHHarlotte returns and takes the title from her immediately. Classic. I would feel blessed if the most over-pushed and over-protected worker in the WWE for the last decade was capable of putting someone else over for once.
  14. Time seemed to stand still while Natalya and Tamina stood waiting for Nia to hit that crossbody
  15. Night 2 felt like a show with a lot of good, hard-hitting wrestling and a good effort from mostly everyone, but lacked a lot of the spectacle from Night 1 and wasn't as memorable. Outside those first 2 matches which were awful, everything was good without ever being great. The Fiend match was laughable in every way. The guys whole act and popularity is his entrance. Bad match and the red lightning continues to be awful. I'm sorry but anyone who is into this stuff with Bliss is someone who's opinion I will automatically disregard in future. Shayna was decent in the womens tag and that
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