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  1. Is that actually a picture of Seth Rollins on the left of Finn? Like that's what he needs to see!
  2. Is this on XBox or PC? I keep toying with the idea of getting the Origin Access deal because of the vault games, but every time I look at the vault games they always seem to be just one good game away from getting me to get sign up. Edit: Complete list: https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/browse/vault-games
  3. I believe this is the same lady who wanted Finn Balor to love her face. https://twitter.com/feliciarose Edit: It's her gimmick. I kinda like it.
  4. Glorious Bomb still killing it for me.
  5. If there's no more interest from other people I won't continue this thread. The new Summerslam tier is now live.
  6. I'm starting this thread as there isn't one, there's the occasional chat about it in the general gaming thread, but i'm sure there's enough interest for people to join in here. The new Summerslam tier debuts today too. I'm currently at WrestleMania+ level, my friend and I are looking for a team to join/join our team who are actually active. While i'm talking at you all, what's the deal with people putting random Common cards in their deck for KOTR? Is it to lower the overall balance for the opposition to maybe make it easier to win? Is this a good route to take?
  7. Just a personal thank you, I never really got how Humble worked with the donation aspect, I thought ' Pay $10 (£6.73) or more to also unlock! ' was to get just one of the options available, not the whole lot. £6.73 for all of those games? Nuts, I was just about to get Sonic Generations on the Steam sale for £9.99. Good shout on this one.
  8. Funny you mention that, when I asked a friend about this game she also said it was like Firewater and she liked it. Well, I'll check out the PS4 version since apparently I already own it. Thanks!
  9. I'm gonna pick up Gone Home as it's only £3.09 and i've just finished Life Is Strange (What an amazing game) and graphically this looks quite similar. Edit: Can not wait for the Steam Sale, this is the first one i've ever had as I got my first ever gaming PC this year. Hope it doesn't disappoint. Further edit, it doesn't seem to have many good reviews, can anybody confirm or deny its bad reviewness? Reviews just taken from GOG's page: https://www.gog.com/game/gone_home
  10. Whats the story with the Sasha image?
  11. https://www.gog.com/game/the_vanishing_of_ethan_carter It's on offer, I know nothing of it, but there's a joke to be made somewhere in the title for WWE or TNA.
  12. Been wondering when Tim Wiese would show up. He's the former Germany goalkeeper (if it wasn't well known yet) but he started building muscle over a period of time that ended up with him being released by his club as he was clearly in no condition to play such a position. Not sure how much of it is gas and how much of it is just pure determination though.
  13. Is there enough interest for a WWE Supercard standalone thread?
  14. Evening fellas, Can anybody point in the direction of a good website that shows all the best deals for PC games? For example steamkeys and the such that are on offer currently? The best i've seen so far is isthereanydeal.com but I find it quite annoying and hard to navigate and filter. Cheers -Adam
  15. Flair and Bischoff are on good terms these days. Flair even had Bischoff on his podcast a while ago.
  16. I wonder if Andy Carroll can force his way into the England squad before the final one is named. There's nobody else like him in the squad for another option however he's so hit and miss so often.
  17. Coming off the juice when returning to WWE did not help Bubba Ray and D-Von in the long run.
  18. I personally will opt for the sunglasses and bandana look.
  19. God, it's physically impossible for Corbin to smile isn't it? Must just be me seeing this similarity..
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