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  1. Was that the night the nWo came out dressed in Canadian flags and sang the Canadian anthem? God, I never missed an episode of Nitro (Good use of my teenage years) and I cant remember my all time favourite wrestlers debut.
  2. Hello everybody! I don't usually venture into these threads, but I do today with a question. If Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title at Battleground, will he become the first man to win the title at three PPVs in a row? It's a very odd scenario.
  3. A quick read if you're waiting for loading times online: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/09/30/100-little-things-in-gta-5-that-will-blow-your-mind
  4. Wasn't it AT Starrcade 97, as the special guest referee? He had to reverse the fast count, that wasn't actually a fast count, to screw Hogan and give Sting the belt. If you want to give an example of people not being allowed to run a wrestling promotion, they blow probably the biggest angle of all time with the biggest match they had, and they blow it on a fast count that was slow, and the babyface needing a second chance to beat the bad guy. God.. WCW.
  5. This happened to me. I got my guy exactly perfect. Had to recreate, and I dont like what I ended up with. Luckily (I guess) it crashed trying to load the first race after 10 minutes. I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. CSC, all joking aside, it could be Monday before any of us get on there either..
  7. I'm on, if anyone sees 'teamfranchise' turn up in their thing its me.
  8. Yeah i'm still having no luck. I'll probably just keep trying over and over again.
  9. Yeah I got the same PS3 firmware update as well as the GTA one. Right, i'm online now, proudly sporting the DVDVR t-shirt, and looking for someone I know. ..I know nobody. Is anybody from our crew online and is it easy to find each other?
  10. Serious response: Of all the great games we've had on PS+, Kingdoms Of Amalur was my favourite. It's GREAT.
  11. I have joined! Do we find each other easier in online now instead of having everyone on our friends list?
  12. Thanks, now I must look into what a crew is.
  13. What Big Fresh said. Also, what Gonzalez said. Luckily in a way I wont be able to get online tomorrow because of work commitments, but Wednesday I'm off work for five days. So yeah, should be fun. Is there gonna be a DVDVR PS3 thing at all I can join? I've never really joined a thing before.
  14. As per norm - he was brilliant. That's just for the purpose of getting the image to fit somewhere. I actually liked Skee-a-von-ee.
  15. Bad news and bad news from Derby. The bad news is, Nigel Clough has been sacked yesterday. The bad news is, Steve McClaren is the favourite for the job.
  16. Spoiled below are the ending choices and what happens, so don't click if you haven't gotten this far yet. There's also some questions about the assassination missions in there. Also, not a spoiler, but: Last thing to my rantings, GTA 4 seemed to have a lot more to do than GTA 5. Maybe I just haven't noticed it yet. A fun touch about buying is that you can I apologise for spoilering so much, but every last drop of this game I would prefer new to me, i'm sure others feel the same.
  17. Not even tried it Zimbra. I honestly put down SA for over a year because I couldn't get past Flight School and you couldnt progress without it. Luckily i've just avoided it and i've finished the game without it.
  18. Oh yeah, I get those messages, I wonder if I have a stack of cars built up there..
  19. Hey guys, quick question as when I Google all I get is news about a bug with your cars. Not sure if its related to the above, but I bought a car (not too expensive so no problem) from the Internet, and it was in my garage, I took it for a spin, got a call from Franklin, which resulted in me switching to him, when I was Michael after the mission, I couldn't see the car anywhere and its not in the garage it was in originally. What happens to cars you buy if you ditch them for any reason, are they gone for good?
  20. Well I wont just say something negative while i'm hanging around, I'll say something positive also. I was hiding behind my hands watching AJ Styles redo Pipebomb 2011 until Dixie came out (Positive thing number one: Her music didn't play) (Positive thing number two: Brooke Hogan or her music wasn't on the show either) Dixie absolutely saved the segment, she not only saved it, but she absolutely knocked it out of the park. I was even caught with my jaw dropped at one point given how 100% in an instant she changed into an aggressive person. So.. Summer of AJ? And who knows, we might even get Big Papa Jeff back for a stint. Gotta admit, the only aim apart from selling PPVs (Which TNA does not really want to do it appears) is getting me to tune in the following week, and I won't be missing it. More positives: Knux standing up to Bully Ray Brooke Tessmacher Getting a good laugh out of Robbie E's back to back jobs Mickie James being the best shes been in years Chris Sabin humorously going from underdog babyface World Champion to heel contender for the X Division Title in, what, 2 weeks? And is he with Velvet on screen now because of Total Divas airing? Brooke Tessmacher again.
  21. Brilliant. As soon as I saw those photos its the very first thing I thought of.
  22. To the rather good write up on the last page, Xavier Woods was also Consequences Creed in TNA for a little while. I never thought they'd make Aiden English interesting but damn it if he wasn't brilliant.
  23. I made my way to Grove street, ran over a random dog and was killed within four seconds. ...Bitches love their bitches.
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