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  1. Unfortunately, I very seriously doubt it. I think he was only at the exhibition because it was at the Tokyo games show, and he was already home over there. The roster is going to be super thin at launch, only around 50-55 guys. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that the cut-off date for inclusion is going to be around the time of Keith Lee and Jeff Hardy coming in. It's already been reported FTR isn't in the base game, and will probably be part of an ROH themed DLC, and I think there were a few other really surprising omissions that I can't recall atm.
  2. Fight Forever looks sick as hell. It's not gonna have the bells and whistles of the 2K games (which kind of sucks as someone who is obsessed with the arena/title/CAW creation suites) but honestly, it's looking like a classic N64 meets SD!: HCTP meets Def Jam: FFNY experience so far, and that makes me extremely happy and hopeful. If the gameplay and story mode is good enough, Im hoping we won't even miss the other stuff. Though I continue to hold out hope that we'll get a GM mode/Universe Mode/some kind of fantasy booking mode as a DLC or in a future sequel if the game does well, cause that Elite GM mobile game just ain't it. (Side note: it's 2022 and not a soul has ported EWR to Android/iOS yet?) - In other news, I just picked up tickets to the 11/16 Dynamite - so I've got Grand Slam next week, a Rampage taping next month, and now this one; I'm also in negotiations with my better half to work Full Gear into the budget. At this point, I'm gonna have my job just start direct depositing my check into TK's account. Could not be more fucking excited. I hope to see some of you around!
  3. FWIW, and it's anecdotal, but I remember hearing the same complaint here and elsewhere about the last Dynamite I went to up in Connecticut in February, and while there is some truth to the fact that we were worn out by Garcia/Danielson, I thought we were pretty raucous most of the night compared to what came across watching it back on TV. Ive been to many shows at that building, and Kingston got a pop that was previously only reserved for your Hogan, Flair, or 'Taker types. Maybe we got lucky and just had a rowdy section (shout out to the 'Hey QT! Go fuck yourself!' guy) but all this to say, it could very well be an audio mixing issue.
  4. This is perhaps a bold statement, but I think that's got potential to be a legit all-time great US women's match. As a matter of personal taste, I think both ladies are the best AEW has to offer (along with Hayter and Shida) so needless to say, I'm really looking forward to it.
  5. Jericho/Danielson slayed. Shout out to Jericho for being able to deliver at his age, he's in so much better shape than he was a year ago it's insane. Great bout. Really stoked to be in the house next week for BCC Explodes
  6. I read this way too fast and expected @thee Reverend Axl Future to appear with a shirt that says "I Broke Natural's Hip" -- feel better man!
  7. Hard agree. It makes the world titles seem so much more important, like they're bigger than any one promotion. Very, very nice touch IMO.
  8. I'm with (basically) everyone, Mox vs Danielson has gotta be the Grand Slam match. But one thing I do just want to say (in a rare disagreement with @Craig H)is that even though it would be slightly disappointing, there's probably a really good story to tell with Mox and Jericho having been the first two world champions.
  9. I bet that's what happens too, except rather than think it's goofy, I kind of think it's good. I mean, what else do you do? We *just* had a tournament final and a battle royal two days ago. I see where you're coming from, but I think something like that would be the quickest, simplest way back on the road.
  10. I kinda need this tonight, honestly. A Jericho Town Hall is a surefire sign of a return to homeostasis
  11. I'd love if after he's done being the Redeemer, Miro's next gimmick is inexplicably that he's just a mid '00s hardcore kid. Works every match in camo shorts, maybe shoots an angle where Lana leaves him because he smells bad from eating vegan and having gross, infected gauges
  12. I love this - even though the match Sunday a was pretty decisive ending, I think there might still be some mileage yet in doing Miro/Matthews/Brody vs Darby/Sting and someone Edit: If we're ever going to get to Miro/Wardlow for the TNT title, Wardlow would be a good third for Darby/Sting, but that means dropping wherever we're heading with he and FTR (which may very well still be wrapped up in the MJF stuff, so too much might need to be changed)
  13. Its obviously less than ideal, but I'd think the biggest possible money match for Grand Slam or Full Gear is Mox vs Danielson at this point - whether you turn someone, or have it be face vs face, Regal at ringside, whatever, YMMV. I'm with @Casey in that I'm not so sure I'm ready for another go at Mox/MJF yet - though I liked the 2020 stuff. That said, i'd take MJF vs Mox again 100x before MJF vs Jericho. That one lasted what felt to be the entire length of the pandemic
  14. Oh, I'll definitely co-sign that. I guess I was thinking about it more focused on the aspect of the trios division, and kind of wanting to add someone thematically similar so it doesn't seem like it's just "tag team + 1" if they go that route.
  15. Significantly bummed by this news (though, I guess if you're a Bray Wyatt fan you're probably out there reading it with your fingers crossed).
  16. Not an ounce taken!! I hope I didn't seem sarcastic in that last one, I really did appreciate the insight, I know tone can be a little weird through text at times
  17. True, I was moreso just trying to think of who had the biggest likelihood of being over with/familiar to the Network people. God willing, they'll be ok with Mox, Danielson, Regal, Jericho, Sting, The Giant, Mark Henry, Taz, Arn, Jake, etc.
  18. I saw a tweet yesterday from Westside Gunn where he shouted out all the Buffalo talent including them, so could very well be the case
  19. Yesterday, I baselessly and recklessly speculated that Punk may be struggling with a cluster B personality disorder, and the great @natechimed in (paraphrasing) "You are never supposed to diagnose from afar... However..." So, if that were indeed the case? Zero chance. Or damn close to zero, anyway.
  20. Agreed. I think also people are sweating it because SI is a WBD property (or was pre-merger, anyway) so there may be the perception they know something we don't yet (whether accurate or not)
  21. Candidly, my biggest gripe with Punk is the fact that he just couldn't resist doing CM Punk things long enough to get the TV deal in place. It was a great promotion before him, and it'll be great again after him - I'm just upset this guy couldn't fulfill the one major thing he was brought in to do. Moving forward, I think this will ultimately be good for the show. He was the last big fish out there under a certain age; now, instead of an everpresent dangling carrot, hopefully the focus is back on producing a killer show instead of going crazy with the FAs. But it doesn't mean shit if you don't have someone willing to air it.
  22. By the end of the week, I fully expect it to be reported that Punk is going over Roman at Mania
  23. I'll gladly put it on: Cody dipped the second he saw this shit coming. Certainly would give a little context that last promo before the ladder match with Sammy.
  24. I'm speculating on this also from a sympathetic place, totally without snark: I very seriously wonder sometimes if Punk struggles with a personality disorder
  25. Literally the thing starts with him asking the guy "Are you friends with Scott Colton?"
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