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  1. I mean, I know he's had Parkinson's for a bit, and I guess I just choose not to think about it, but, man, it still broke my fucking heart seeing Dean's arm shake during that promo.
  2. He made a guest-appearance/cameo on Young Rock this season. There's a story out there of Dwayne surprising him with a brand new truck for helping him out in Memphis all those years ago.
  3. "Peruvian Necktie" sounds like something you'd find on Urban Dictionary.
  4. "Everybody wants that one perfect picture match. But they don't realize it takes 99 bad ones to get there." - Eva Marie
  5. Definitely marked out at the ending.
  6. Yeah, what was with the cameramen fixating on guys pulling their blades out of their tape? At least maintain some sort of illusion. lol Jericho too on top of the cage. Thought the climactic bump/scene looked a little lame but it's the ending of a big AEW show so that's to be expected.
  7. Speaking of dressing, I love The Way but the ladies coming out for a Street Fight in their wrestling gear is utter bullshit.
  8. I think the spot was Charlotte clipping Dana's leg from behind as she landed from her cartwheel before Dana had the chance to initiate her offensive move. The problem was either A. Charlotte took too long to run out and clip the knee and/or B. Dana decided to randomly jump straight up in the air for no reason and do a stomach bump before any contact was made. It HAD to have looked better when they were rehearsing or I can't imagine how any agent would have given that a green light.
  9. Mansoor and Eva Marie are here to save us from the weekly doldrums which is Monday Night Raw.
  10. "When Brian became a Hollywood Blond, who was the first person to welcome him to Tinseltown? You guessed it... Frank Stallone."
  11. I was totally being tongue-in-cheek with my post. He is definitely a legit lawyer in southern West Virginia who I just think happens to be a longtime pro wrestling fan as well. In doing some more research, it turns out he represented Jim Cornette a few years ago when Cornette went after G-Raver for his "Fuck Jim Cornette" shirt he was peddling and also sponsored Cornette's podcast.
  12. I want to know when this Stephen New debuts with his lawyer gimmick. His vignettes have been running for about 8 months now.
  13. Great. Now that song is in my head.
  14. Here's one way to make me not care a single bit about you after you leave WWE: https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/andrade-vs-alberto-el-patron-match-announced-july-340021
  15. I got my 2nd one today and now I'm freaking the fuck out.
  16. Not sure which is more annoying.
  17. Babyface authority figure vs. Heel authority figure. SMELL THE RATINGZ~!
  18. Memory is hazy but I believe it was something about accusing Mark Carrano of having stolen WWE belts hiding under the bed in a guest house, or something like that?
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