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  1. Miz and Morrison re-creating the Kramer/Newman rickshaw scene was the best thing on Raw in 8 months.
  2. Well, I can tell you 120% that Jake was not sober on November 27th, 2010. So that definitely falls within his timeline. But I'll save that story for a different day.
  3. That's a hell of a King of Trios squad.
  4. I was one of the few to snag a ticket. Guess I just miss live wrestling. The price was steep but my buddy is a referee for Impact so I'll at least get to visit him. Any other board members happen to be going?
  5. I'm not sure if there's video of this but I'll never forget Murphy vs. Aleister in Dade City, FL in front of like 300 people in February of 2018 on the NXT Coconut Loop. It may have been the best match I've ever seen in my life live. I had heard the internet rumblingz~! before this trip about the matches these two had been having down there but this REALLY opened my eyes as to how great of a worker Buddy Murphy is.
  6. Not surprisingly, in addition to what @RIPPA just posted from Bayley, I've seen numerous "tributes" to Ruby/Heidi from workers over the past hour or two. Sasha, Liv, Rachael Ellering just to name a few. It's obvious she was loved in the locker room.
  7. Only one way to get it back on track... a Seinfeld reference.
  8. - "I served in Iraq" - Immediately jobbed out and humiliated on Memorial Day. I get it. It's just a TV show. But those aren't the best optics. Couldn't have saved that one week?
  9. Can't believe Jade didn't shove Red Velvet in to the cake. I thought that was mandatory when a pastry is involved in the world of professional wrestling.
  10. Tony Marino passed away a few days ago at the age of 90. Long career from the 50s through the 80s and was a close friend of Bruno Sammartino. Marino was also the grandfather of current Indy rising star and Pittsburgh-native Lady Frost. https://slamwrestling.net/index.php/2021/05/28/tony-marino-dies/
  11. Still selling better than 98% of today's wrestlers. (Sound on)
  12. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  13. I took "Do Shida" as encouragement to mock the accent, as if they've done it before in private or something. Granted, I took that JUST from the article above and without the input of the Spanish-speaking folks as you have mentioned. Your theory is completely plausible.
  14. It worked. Wouldn't say Abrahantes is completely innocent either. https://www.f4wonline.com/aew-news/aew-spanish-language-announcer-fired-after-mocking-asian-accent-342696
  15. Chelsea Green posted something on Instagram this morning with a pic of her as Reklusa and the caption "46 days.. I'll be there" I immediately assumed she was referring to MLW since they're resurrecting some LU characters but 46 days is July 14th.. which is 4 days after their "new season" taping in Philly on the 10th. So that one is still a mystery to me.
  16. Not sure his main taunt of "masturbatory hand gesture" is going to last much longer either.
  17. My favorite part was Tony having trouble putting the belt on Shida. Bryce offering to help. Schiavone telling him to fuck off basically and finishing the job and then Bryce stepping in and fixing Tony's work anyways. I laughed out loud. Between that and Paul not knowing how to work a scale it just adds to the aura of AEW's trouble with props, etc. Haha
  18. I'm 39 and completely petrified to Google what scat means.
  19. "With money, I could treat people terribly, Ted, and they would still like me!" Love the legitimate laugh that drew from the crowd. What a delivery.
  20. Virk is a big Dan Lebatard guy. One thing Lebatard is great at is getting people to open up about "uncomfortable" subjects. May take a little time but I'm sure Virk will tell some interesting stories about the few weeks he was there.
  21. Sound on. Promise you won't regret it.
  22. Who ribbed him by sending him 10 of the same card??
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