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  1. Sting beating his chest in slow motion had me laughing out loud.
  2. Late to the party, just watched this tonight. That was a fucking Megastar promo from Britt.
  3. Alexander/Taurus was a REALLY good match. LOD 2021/Myers & Hyatt was 15 minutes of pure silliness and fun and I mean that in the best way possible. A few of the chants got Tommy to break for a minute.
  4. Super-fun show to attend. Had Omega's blood splatter on to me when the two were brawling outside. That's a first for me attending a show. lol Here's some vids I took, including the above-mentioned brawl as well as Sami looking directly in to my camera before the piledriver through the table.
  5. I've been on a two-week road trip which actually culminated with the Slammiversary PPV(and the tapings the following day) so I'm still trying to catch up with what I've missed on this board since then but I will say that that Slammiversary crowd was one of the best crowds I've ever been a part of, big promotion or small. I hope it came off well on the PPV.
  6. I read that he just wasn't ready for TV yet. Not sure how accurate or legit that is.
  7. To be fair, it doesn't snow very often in the south.
  8. I noticed they added more WCW Saturday Night from 1992-ish. Not sure exactly when they added it or if it's new content or just episodes migrated over from the pre-Peacock era. All I know is when Peacock first debuted in April they only had 10 episodes of WCWSN and now there's a ton more. *shrug*
  9. Dislocated kneecap for Rebel according to Alvarez. Ouch.
  10. Yeah, the folks who bought Slammiversary tickets were given first dibs at tickets to these tapings about 10 days ago. They are doing two sessions(3-6 & 7-10) each day and tickets for each session(at least for us Slammiversary folks) were only $10. I'm going to check out both Sunday tapings before heading back home Monday.
  11. Didn't Vince just go to a Dave Chappelle show? If we see a black NXT member called up to Raw as a blind white supremacist we'll know whose stamp was all over that one.
  12. Best part of Dark was Pillman using the Pete Weber "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?? I AM!" line while randomly yelling at Ashley D'Amboise. It made absolutely no sense and I laughed.
  13. That is probably what I'm thinking of, although I also seem to remember some talk that that was a work and fake blood. Anyways, Mercedes... girl.. get your hand up there. No one will deny you your toughness even if you do.
  14. Has Xia injured anyone before or is my memory playing tricks on me? Anyways, Mercedes is heading to a local medical facility for further evaluation according to Sapp.
  15. FYI, (as this is somewhat related to the Purge~!) they are taping 205 Live tonight before NXT. Insert jokes here.
  16. Sounds like the news of Ceman's release was.... premature.
  17. We all know the Red Mist could extinguish the flame.
  18. Hope Bunny is okay. I guess she needed checked out after the Statlander match. That Big Bang Theory always makes me cringe. One little slip and you're going to have some disastrous results.
  19. You know what? This is a tough one for me. I think of myself as an average-looking guy at best. Not terrible-looking by any means but not a member of the Stud Stable either. If I had good looks and had attractive women throwing themselves all over me on a constant basis it would be tough to tell them no. Even if I was married(which was probably his biggest "mistake" with his lifestyle). I guess I'm saying I can see why Pillman was the way he was. Does that make me a terrible person? Quite possibly.
  20. Don't think I saw Arturo Ruas name in here yet. He's gone too.
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