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  1. That's because it went on FOREVER.
  2. Returning at the AEW Dark tapings tonight is:
  3. Except Flair does need money, does need fame and does need a credit card to ride this train.
  4. A. This is a horrific story and B. Having a pissed-off Rikishi and family coming after you isn't the wisest thing in the world.
  5. Dexter's "OH SHIT!" face was pretty damn funny.
  6. Not sure why Janela(and Marvez) had to go to The Nip Factory...
  7. Is Nick Patrick the only left-handed referee in professional wrestling history?
  8. I think it has to do with Pitbull.
  9. Giannis was in the crowd, if you couldn't tell by the literal 20+ mentions and camera cuts during the opener. Holy shit, that was overkill. We get it. Let's try to put over the guys in the ring instead. I'm happy he had a genuinely good time, and it deserved to be shown a couple of times, but enough was enough.
  10. Meltz says Becky is actually the one who requested to come back as a heel.
  11. Oh, I hate the whole angle. Let me make that clear. But there's no way in hell she's going to be received as the babyface in all of this. Unless she does the Tweener role.
  12. Common sense tells me that after tonight, he's on his way out. Unless they jobbed him to head to Raw/Smackdown which I highly doubt.
  13. I mean, she's going to get shit on anyways by the fans for "what she did to Bianca" so you mine as well take it all the way.
  14. Not surprising, but... https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/wwe-reportedly-turns-becky-lynch-heel-351046
  15. That match was my MOTY, is my MOTY and will be my MOTY. I don't re-watch shit often(if ever) but I will definitely be watching that one a 2nd or 3rd time.
  16. I needed a cigarette after that Walter/Ilja match. And I don't even smoke.
  17. How many TV sets across America were destroyed with the Bianca squash/Saudi commercial back-to-back combo?
  18. Ariel Helwani has a sit-down interview with Nick Khan coming out in the near future. That should be interesting,
  19. I think the Road Warriors were even covering their ears at that pop from up above.
  20. "That was fun." - Aubrey to Jericho when the crowd wrapped up their singing.
  21. I know. Victor Kiriakis is a fantastic character.
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