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  1. If Cornette and his minions don't lose their minds over Owens kicking out of four superkicks and WINNING, they need to shut the fuck up forever about the Young Bucks.
  2. It's interesting that everyone who says WWE's stories are so much better now (rightfully) cite the Bloodline, but are completely silent on the unpolished turd that is Miz vs. Lumis, featuring Gargano.
  3. Settle down, Hollywood DEANetico. DOUBLY
  4. Have Bear Country been seen anywhere lately?
  5. The problem for HHH there is you could say the same thing for Wargames as you do for Elimination Chamber. Even just now they kind of had to scramble for people to fill the cages, and reasons for the matches to happen. AEW does Blood and Guts when it's warranted, not when a calendar says to.
  6. According to Wrestlenomics, only live. If you add in the 7-day (DVR) numbers, it's still never happened.
  7. I don't think Dynamite quite beats Raw in the "key demo," but they definitely have a better demo:overall ratio. Even though Dynamite barely beat NXT overall in the recent head-to-head, Dynamite still doubled NXT's demo rating. (NXT skews especially old, for some reason.)
  8. Hey, she actually hit the garbage this time.
  9. Counterpoint: they keep signing guys. Take off the blinders, folks.
  10. Am I the only one who couldn't care less about Penta's taunts, either way?
  11. I don't know. I think we can both agree that if someone gets banned from a message board (in 2022) for talking about wrestlers' personal lives, and then goes through the trouble of evading said ban while pretending he's someone else, that person would have a REALLY shallow life. Right? P.S. Please find a "Pedro" post that bitches about Britt Baker, because I don't think one exists. If he doesn't want to win, are you gonna tell him he has to?
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