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  1. I'm honestly shocked TNA didn't think of it first.
  2. I listened to a clip of Cornette "reviewing" it, and yeah, it got close to what he wants, but not close enough. Said it was good until they started doing springboards and bringing in chairs (which he likened to "putting a hat on a hat").
  3. I'd put Scorpio in Spears' spot, and let Ethan Page do his own thing again. I don't see the point in picking up Royce.
  4. What are you saying, he doesn't have OTHER MONEY?
  5. If my last comment seems harsh -- I think we're all glad AEW isn't run by shitbags like WWE is. It's awesome they were able to help people out during the pandemic, and give folks a place to grow and explore what they wanna be. But now it's time to decide whether you want to have a crazy stacked roster and make a real run at things, or if you'd rather take care of Cezar Bononi and Luther. Eventually you gotta start running a business like it's a business.
  6. Gunns Half the Nightmare people Cutler doesn't need to be on-screen Kip and Penelope Spears Shift SCU to backstage Janela Hager Chaos Project Avalon's group Even the Sydals Forget now, most of them should have been gone 6 months ago. EDIT: On the women's side, I'd cut bait on Swole, Leva, and Shanna, but maybe that's just me.
  7. Yeah, Kalisto was great pre-WWE, but I kind of feel like the world has passed him by. Unless he's learned some new tricks, the actual luchadors operating in the U.S. right now totally outclass him.
  8. Rosa had a promo of equal or even greater length.
  9. Hearing his name is fine, but whenever Anthony's name is typed out, I can't see anything but Ogopogo.
  10. "Ch-ch-ch-ch-Charlotte turning face is strange ..."
  11. Where would he go? Broken Matt flopped in AEW.
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