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  1. This is why I hate 90% of other wrestling fans. What a shitty elitist thing to say. Why can't that be a dream match for someone and why put them on blast somewhere else to anonymously mock them? What's gained? We're getting so much great wrestling now in a time where dream matches across the board can be made. Could be Titus O'Neal vs Noam Dar, who cares? Skip it. Shitting on someone for being excited for a match is such garbage behavior. Yeah, yeah "Welcome to the internet", why be not awful when there's message board likes to get?
  2. Alexa's gimmick after losing a hair vs hair match
  3. For Ontario, I'll say Smash Wrestling, Greektown Wrestling and Superkick'd out of Toronto, Alpha-1 out of Hamilton, C4 out of Ottawa and Destiny Wrestling from Mississauga. All feature a mixture of local talent and indy "names". Aside from the potentially better known people like Mike Bailey, Lufisto and the Dark Order, the best local talents are: Josh Alexander- Just signed with Impact Wrestling. Has been the best all around worker in the area for years. Injuries, fatherhood and visa issues slowed him down for a bit but he's back full time and is just as good as when he left The Pil
  4. WWE is partnering up with Nestle for a summer promotion because they found a shitty company that they weren't doing business with and had to rectify that.
  5. My love for you is ticking clock BERZERKER! Look who got caught driving drunk: BERZERKER!
  6. He's said in the past he started wearing it after getting accidentally punched in the ear by Michael Elgin.
  7. Speaking of early-mid 2000's flippy guys: It's not Izzy and Dixie but I'll take it.
  8. So every babyface should just break their neck mid push to keep from jobbing.
  9. Mike Bailey vs Brent Banks Mike Bailey vs Space Monkey Saw both of these live in Toronto and loved them.
  10. You never heard Vince call a "BAAAAAAAAAAACK Body Drop!"?
  11. Not that high on Blackwood yet, tries to do too much stuff he's not that good at but he'll get there. Red Death is really good already and I have high hopes for both of them when they get back from their car crash. Pepper Parks has trained a pretty decent group of guys in Buffalo, they've been great at filling out Smash's smaller shows and other indies.
  12. I'll throw in my favorites from the Ontario/Quebec indies: Josh Alexander, Brent Banks, Tarik, Tyson Dux, TDT, Mike Bailey, Psycho Mike, Kobe Durst, Space Monkey, Matt Angel and Mark Wheeler. Smash Wrestling, Alpha-1, C4, Destiny Wrestling, NSPW, Superkick'd and Greektown Wrestling are all feds worth checking out.
  13. RIP Brody Stevens. Great comedian. https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/22/brody-stevens-dead-dies-hanging-suicide/
  14. I remember most of this board hated Kofi before the New Day. His punches (of course), how light his offense looked, him doing the "boom" taunt even when he was supposed to be selling his shoulder so props to him for working his ass off, being consistently entertaining and winning people over. Of course, most of the anti-Kofi sentiment was during the days where he was wrestling Dolph literally every week so I can see why there was so much hatred. Between their singles feud and the Air Boom/w-R-Truth vs Dolph & Swagger matches, it really felt like Kofi wrestled Dolph for 2̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶s̶
  15. Ah, so Vince was Thibs. No wonder he hated Meltzer so much.
  16. She was Jade last week. Has she no loyalty?
  17. Glacier's comeback as a cheesy superhero to Norman Smiley was the last great WCW angle.
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