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  1. So was Mcafee trying to do a Panama Sunrise? Are we going to get more Twitter feuding between him and Adam Cole with no payoff any time soon?
  2. So unless they change the music I hate either option for the "new" fight song. Hail To The Commanders just seems too long and unwieldy.
  3. Fuck. Ichiro Mizuki says he has been diagnosed with lung cancer with lymph node and brain metastasis.
  4. RIP Tony Dow (Wally from Leave It To Beaver)
  5. Sony is introducing a loyalty program called Playstation Stars
  6. Reports are that Apple will most likely get the Sunday Ticket package at possibly $3 billion per year.
  7. Snyder will testify by video for Congress July 28.
  8. ESPN Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst Matthew Berry announced he's leaving after 15 years
  9. Yeah...no way in hell would I say Cousins or friggin' Mike Sellers were better than Trent.
  10. Yeah, the 4th gen Air can connect to newer routers using the Wi-Fi 6 standard, while the older iPad would be limited to connecting with the slower Wi-Fi 5 protocol.
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Passes Away in Apparent Diving Accident
  12. A Lollipop Chainsaw remake has been announced for 2023
  13. Hmm...if this is true, it might explain A LOT of things... Cyberpunk 2077’s external QA team allegedly misled CD Projekt over its experience
  14. So legit question: if Snyder was in a foreign country, who would they be serving the subpoena to? His lawyers? Edit: Yup, they tried serving his lawyer according to The Athletic:
  15. Report: NFL seeks indefinite suspension of Deshaun Watson, lasting at least one year
  16. Developer Admits There's No Way To Complete KOTOR II On Switch
  17. Destin Daniel Cretton to produce Marvel's Wonder Man series for Disney Plus
  18. I'm actually shocked that there haven't been anyone asking for Congress to investigate WWE now since they're investigating the Commanders...
  19. Well at least you won't see stupid deals like when DC United sold their local TV rights to FloSports...
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