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  1. Eagles up 24-0 I am trying to decide if Philly has gotten it together or if the Skins are really just as shitty as I hoped
  2. It just Chip Kelly. That's how he did it in Oregon too
  3. Wise man that Philly event staffer
  4. McCoy is back in for the Eagles
  5. How? It was when they had multiple penalties in a row and then had to burn their last TO to avoid the delay of game. Fortunately for them - Ike Taylor is still on the field
  6. Ike Taylor might just want to go home
  7. The Lions are sure trying to help the Steelers put the wheels back on
  8. The wheels have come off in Pittsburgh
  9. There seems to be a turnover on every play in Ohio
  10. Yeah - the fact that the Falcons might come out of nowhere to get the #1 pick is weird
  11. Maybe the Browns should stop trying to punt
  12. Well with less than 3 minutes left and the Skins getting the ball, he could be getting a jump on half time too
  13. poor poor terrible Geno Smith
  14. Uh Oh McCoy with an amazing run but immediately starts grabbing his hamstring at the end of it
  15. YES!!!! RG3 gets absolutely crushed in the Red ZOne. Ball pops straight up. Eagles INT Of course the Eagles still managed to get a silly penalty but still
  16. Hey The Redskins actually ran it on 3rd and 1 First time for everything
  17. So the Bucs are in Fuck It mode too
  18. Wait - Charles Woodsen was beat deep? Surely you jest
  19. Yeah - again, shouldn't be rooting for the Eagles but them ending all this THE REDSKINS WIll 7 IN A ROW!!! JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!!! stuff makes me happy
  20. Keep everyone inside but say fuck it and just pick the game up tomorrow
  21. I drafted Riley Cooper as the very last pick in one of my fantasy drafts as a joke. Now I wish I had kept him
  22. Andy Dalton does realize that Joe Hadden plays for the Browns right?
  23. Red Zone seemed to say that the game was currently suspended - but players were still on the sidelines
  24. They really probably shouldn't have started the game. Of course - the people who refuse to move are the ones that deserve to be hit with a shovel
  25. At some point the Lions will attempt to tackle Antonio Brown - right?
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