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  1. The College Football Playoff Committee(the power 5 conferences) wouldn't budge, ESPN begged them to move the semi's to the 2nd this year but the Committee is dead set on the triple headers on the 31st and 1st. It's the same b.s. from the BCS days. The conferences and bowls are looking out for their best interest and not that of the fans even if that costs then money in the long run. What's going to happen in a few years when they expand the playoff to 8 teams and play on Christmas Eve and Day.
  2. It's actually the Sugar Bowl that's causing the problem. When the SEC and Big 12 decided to create the "Champions Bowl" which was pretty much a take over of the Sugar Bowl they got locked into the Jan. 1 8:30pm kickoff during the tv rights negotiations with ESPN. Had the Sugar Bowl been able to be moved to the 31st or 2nd both of the semi's would have been played on the 1st at 1pm and 8:30pm with the Rose Bowl in the middle. Same thing will happen next year with the Fiesta and Peach bowl hosting the semi's on the 31st and the Rose and Sugar being played on the 2nd due to the 1st falling on a Sunday(the traditional New Years Day games are aways played on the 2nd when the 1st is a Sunday). But less people will be working during the 4pm semi next year due to the 31st being a Saturday.
  3. Did you not see Phantom Menace? Isn't it more like, Disney is out of/scared to try original ideas and it's easier to buy and repackage established products, which has been their business model for a while now. Disney outside of Mickey and his friends has always been about repackaging established products, it was a lot cheaper in the 1930's and 40's when doing it with public domain fairy tales. Lucas having sellers remorse shouldn't surprise anyone, besides the whole "not what I would have done" thing I bet he's kicking himself for not getting 5 or 6 billion for it. Besides the box office numbers Disney is raking it in with all of the tie in's with companies I don't think Lucas would have ever thought of hooking up with(Chrysler and Cover Girl) and the cash the Star Wars Lands at the US parks will bring Disney when they open in a few years.
  4. Bradshaw was a "game manager" in the first two Super Bowl's but they could have easily lost SBIX to the Vikings 6-2 if it wasn't for the two touchdown drives he pulled off and he had a great game in SBX even though his stats don't show it. Noll really messed with his head by pulling him in and out of so many games in 73/74 that it really didn't take until the playoffs for him to have any confidence.
  5. Pitt getting thumped by Navy in the Military Industrial Complex Bowl makes me ask the question. Why did we fire Wanstache five years ago? Narduzzi seems like a ok coach but I can't stand that rah rah in your face b.s. he does plus Pitt's history of Italian-American defensive coordinators moving up to head coach hasn't been that stellar.
  6. The prequels and not being a big Abrams fan had me really expecting the worst but they really hit this one out of the park for me. I'm really hoping Rey isn't a Skywalker, if they want to connect her to someone from the past make her a Kenobi, Antilles or even a Porkins.
  7. Code for 'expensive shit that goes beyond what we're supposed to give the players.' There's a max of $550 worth of stuff so maybe the Cotton Bowl is giving out crappy gifts.
  8. There's tons of Pitt fans screaming about it on the message boards, mainly because they think it makes Pitt look bad but I have no idea how playing a ranked team on a better date makes them look bad. The only bowls within driving distance of Pittsburgh are the Military, Quick Lane and Pinstripe, no one wants to goto Detroit for a bowl game and the Pinstripe and Military are only appealing because of the match up and the Military had a better one this year.
  9. Maybe they'll try and trick people into thinking it's a basketball game... This is the first time their ACC/Big Ten affliation blew up in their face. Normally they have someone very local (or two in fact) to help fill the stadium (Syracuse, Rutgers. Last year was Penn State.) They would have killed for Pittsburgh and I guess they felt they needed to take Duke over Virginia Tech (though Tech travels well in the East) God the Big Ten sucks. I am guessing they are wishing now that Nebraska had won one more game. Word on the Pitt message boards is that they voluntarily moved down to an ACC Tier 2 bowl so they could play @ Navy in the Military Industrial Complex Bowl. Apparently the new AD thinks they'll bring more fans to Annapolis on the 28th compared to the Bronx on the 26th.
  10. That's a bummer! Shatner's doc on the creation and first three seasons of TNG was pretty good.
  11. The post fight was amazing! Fury dropped more J-Bombs than a Baptist preacher and sang I Don't Want to Miss a Thing!
  12. That's b.s. that crew screwed up way to much they shouldn't work another game this season. Had Watkins made the catch standing up and stepped out of bounds the clock would have stopped, him going to the ground and rolling out is no different. The whole going out of bounds backwards keeping the clock running deal I thought was a forward progress thing, i.e. the defense stops someone at the 50 and drives them back and out of bounds at the 48, so the ball is spotted at the 50 and the clock keeps running.
  13. So, why didn't the clock stop on the last play?
  14. Ugh, I'm preparing to be majorly disappointed.
  15. That was an amazing bout and a great way to showcase WFTDA on ESPN3. The vibe in the arena was amazing! I don't know if you could hear it on the feed but they played The Who's "Baba O'Riley" during the time out and final jam and that along with the crowd gave it such an epic "something special" feel that will be hard to match.
  16. I just got back from seeing Spectre and I liked it! Of the Craig films I put it right beside Skyfall but below Casino Royale.
  17. Over the Edge(1979) was on TCM a few weeks ago and I finally got around to watching it again last night. HBO showed this movie all the time from about 1982 to 1987, so I've seen it many times and it was my only real glimpse of the suburbs until I moved to one freshman year of high school. I think the last time i watched it was 10ish years ago and it's a great movie to revisit as you get older. The first two thirds of this movie are amazing and it still holds up today, it goes off the rails in the third act but it doesn't ruin the film and the message still comes across. The portrayal of the 13 to 15 year old age range is so brutally honest and realistic and the movies that tried to re-caputre that vibe like Dazed and Confused don't come close to nailing it like this movie did.
  18. They moved it because they only sold 15,000 tickets and even with the move I don't think the show sold out. The Sports Arena is next door to the Coliseum and it was the arena the WWF used for LA shows.
  19. Can someone explain the rule that just happened in the Steelers - Cards game? I can't hear the announcers and it makes no sense to me how that's not a Pittsburgh touchdown or at least ball.
  20. That is a very particular fetish you have there. Pretty sure they all got left home. Remember that time when RVD was the only person with balls and told the WWE to fuck off when they wanted him for a tour of the middle east. That was for an Iraq show wasn't it? Bit of a difference between that and a tour of Saudi Arabia. I asked this on another forum but nobody knew. Did the WWF run shows in Apartheid South Africa in the mid-late 80s? I'm sure I remember reading that at some point, but I might be getting confused. American wrestlers certainly worked over there, there was a famous Terry Funk vs Hogan match at Sun City. The WWF really didn't do international shows during that time since they were running so many shows in North America. Hogan and Andre did shots in New Japan but that deal ended in 85 or 86. They did one or two tours in Australia and New Zealand but only with mid and lower card guys and the shows were run by local promoters. The big international push didn't happen until the early 90's when business in North America slowed down. The Hogan-Funk match was in 1982 and the big push to boycott Sun City wasn't until around 1984. Also the Anti-Apartheid movement was seen as far left craziness in the US until about 1987/1988 thanks to Reagan era propaganda. So if Vince would have run shows there he wouldn't have gotten that much flak outside of a article here and there from papers or magazines WWF fans would never read.
  21. This is going to be a very interesting "Championships" the top 4 are all very strong but have some cracks in their armor and I think Texas is going to upset VRDL in the second round. Also if the top half of the bracket holds that London vs. Rose semi-final is going to be one for the ages. And in other WFTDA news they released letters to the IOC and FIRS pretty much telling them you're not taking over our sport. https://wftda.com/news/wftda-publishes-open-letters-to-firs-and-the-ioc-on-the-governance-of-roller-derby
  22. I have a feeling Craig will do one more, he's going to be offered crazy money to come back just like Connery for Diamonds Are Forever and Moore for a View to a Kill.
  23. I really didn't like Black Mass, The Departed did the Whitey Bulger story much better sorta like how Tombstone did the Wyatt Earp story better than "Wyatt Earp." There was some bad accents too, not Rob Morrow in Quiz Show bad but still pretty bad. I have no idea what Cumberbatch and Edgerton were going for.
  24. Jesus, what is wrong with me. That lady sounds like she is in agony and I am laughing so hard that food is nearly flying out of my mouth. It's because she's a cheater, if she would have just fallen without the whole "stop" then keep stomping move it wouldn't have been as funny.
  25. I watched both companies at the time and it took me awhile to realize Smash and Kruschev were one in the same.
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