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  1. While the income for ad sales was lower for pro wrestling the high ratings Nitro had during most of its run helped push the networks overall ratings up, which meant ad rates across the board went up.
  2. What if Vince McMahon became aware of the "Da Bears" SNL sketch in say 1993, does he bring in Ed Wiskoski as Col. DaBeers?
  3. Yeah the whole "It's All Jamie Kellner's Fault" angle is bs, besides what's been stated before both TBS and TNT were sort of directionless before he came into the picture and there needed to be re-organization. Also I can see the AOL\Time Warner execs being leery selling and giving airtime to a WCW headed by Eric Bischoff the man that bankrupted the division along with the company backing him not having that much money.
  4. The Moolah episode was pretty bad and confusing. They used footage from Lipstick and Dynamite and if I remember right wasn't there former members of Moolah's stable who talked about all of the sleazy things she made them do?
  5. #1 - Vince would have went all out with Hogan vs. Flair in 1986/1987 since it would gave given the WWF credibility and most likely drawn huge houses in "NWA" towns like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas along with the traditional WWF towns. I think the WWF would still book Flair as "The Real World Champion" but they'd put more teeth into it but still not mention the letters NWA. #2 - The only way for Hogan to work in JCP is if Dusty goes back to his home planet.
  6. That was totally the correct call and if it wasn’t the Kentucky Derby they would have made the decision in less than five minutes. Rules like that are in place to keep there from being a pile of dead horses and jockeys at the end of a race.
  7. Do they have any kind of catering at house shows? I always thought the catering at tv tapings was mainly for the production crew that was sort of a perk for the wrestlers those days.
  8. When it comes to comic book movies I usually only like the origin story ones but this one really sucked me in. I went and saw it yesterday at 6:10PM and the entire complex was packed like it was a Friday night, they have it running on six screens and all of the showings from 4pm to 10pm were either sold out or nearly sold out!
  9. Pittsburgh wasn’t part of the Cleveland/Buffalo territory/NWF that Pedro Martinez controlled, they were their own thing and recognized the WWWF champion since Bruno owned part of the office. Martinez bought the Pittsburgh office in 1972 and used local guys, some Cleveland guys with Bruno on top at Civic Arena shows, the spot shows used just the local guys. Martinez bailed sometime in 1973, Bruno and the local promoters ran things until the area became part of the Capitol/WWWF circuit in 1974 when Bruno got the belt back.
  10. Totally! He had to become a "Kentucky Butcher" in the American Northeast since an Irish last name was reserved for mid card babyfaces and in England he had to be Irish/American heel since Big Daddy was pretty much Brexit taking human form.
  11. I'm assuming he's the only pre-expansion wrestler who headlined Madison Square Garden(as Virgil the Kentucky Butcher vs. Bruno) and Wembley Arena(vs. Big Daddy).
  12. I started to lose interest when Steve Austin rightfully walked out when they wanted him to job to Brock on Raw, lost most interest when Eddie Guerrero died, barely watched after the Undertaker-Muhammad Hassan angle and haven't given the McMahon's a cent of my money since Chris Benoit murdered his family.
  13. One night tournaments no matter the format always seem to fall flat.
  14. Comcast is a content provider and internet service provider, Disney just has the content. The more content Comcast has the more power they have to control what comes into your house via their ISP's.
  15. The other option was Comcast buying 20th Century Fox which would have been a lot worse.
  16. The thing is getting their daughter into USC was just a status thing to them! The dad is on tape freaking out about Olivia Jade possibly going to Arizona State which is a pretty good school.
  17. He could have gone to a buffet and “served” himself.
  18. Put me in the Surfer Sting camp, Crow Sting looked like a mime.
  19. This almost seems like it'd be a bit on SCTV had they lived on into the 90's, the way Celine Dion moves is very Andrea Martin like.
  20. The WWF wasn't that deep back then and if they were I'd much rather see Slaughter turn heel and form some sort of Military Industrial Complex stable with The Million Dollar Man and IRS. For as hot as the feud with the Iron Sheik was Sarge was way better as a heel, both on the mic and in the ring. Had he stayed around he would have been perfect as the first of Hulk's buddies going heel angle, Slaughter getting on Hulk for not being tough enough, being a puke and most of all not being a "Real American" would have been hot.
  21. I can’t see Slaughter pulling off his babyface shtick against non-foreign heel opponents, Sarge vs. Big John Stuff or Mr. Wonderful is never going to get heat the feud with Iron Sheik had. Fans would have tired of Sarge against evil foreign heel pretty quickly, with Hogan you can rotate in every type of heel. Also no matter what Verne did to keep Hogan happy the Hulkster was going to New York whenever Vince came calling, even without the expansion the WWF was the biggest money territory and no one really passed when they called.
  22. Early Who drummer Doug Sandom passed away, he was a lot older than the rest of the band and his ousting lead to Keith Moon showing up at a gig and asking to play a few songs. https://www.thewho.com/doug-sandom-1930-2019/?fbclid=IwAR2Ss8d4nwVmKNDRF3-St4MF5JFf5U2-S8xC_yERORJymtNvRbv1R-EcpdI
  23. Raging Bull losing to Ordinary People is just as bad.
  24. If I was an extremely wealthy person I'd run Attitude Era stuff like this on a loop in front of the Small Business Administration Offices.
  25. I really want this movie to be about Hogan, Vince and Cocaine locked in a hotel room writing No Holds Barred.
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