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  1. Tony D’Angelo is way to normal sounding for the WWE, Gunnar Harland sounds like the name of a NHL lottery pick, Persia Pirotta is totally a 90’s porn star name, Trick Williams sounds like the name of someone who ran a kickoff back for a TD in the Gator Bowl, and Dante Chen is the most WWE sounding name of the lot.
  2. Pitt just did something most ACC schools couldn’t do, that’s beat an SEC team! Sure it’s Tennessee but it was on the road! Kenny Pickett is going to be a hell of an NFL QB.
  3. Ben Affleck has joined Jamie Foxx in the Oscar winner shilling online sports books club, I’ve had the tv on for around an hour and have seen three Ben Affleck WynnBet spots. Still not as head scratching as Patton Oswalt in a toga shilling the Caesars Palace app.
  4. The Americans was great, watch it! Today’s Ted Lasso!
  5. It’ll never happen but the AAC, Sun Belt and C-USA should work together and move teams around so the conferences make geographic sense, no more Old Dominion and UTEP in the same conference.
  6. I did another re-watch of a movie that got shown on cable every other day from 1987 to 1989, that movie was The Manhattan Project! Basic story is that a high school kid(Christopher Collet) finds out that a lab in his town is a front for the development of nuclear weapons, he swipes some plutonium from the lab and builds an atom bomb. John Lithgow plays a scientist from the lab who hits on then dates the kids mom, he is peak Lithgow in this movie and its great. The heist of the plutonium and the final act when the shit hits the fan concerning the bomb are great, the rest is meh. This movie was shot on location in upstate New York and not trying to be hip, so it's a great look back at how things actually looked and how people actually dressed circa 1984 to 1986.
  7. Why Red Hogs and not just Hogs? I think Hogs is the perfect name since it ties into the team history. The remaining options all seem like names from a non-licensed video game.
  8. Also Apple+ isn’t confined to Apple devices, you can download the app on most new smart tv’s, not sure about things like Roku.
  9. You get it free for a year when you buy an Apple device, then it's $4.99 a month. I forgot about cancelling it after my year was up(which I'm sure most people do), I'll most likely cancel when this season of Ted Lasso ends and then re-up when I get my mom a new iPad at xmas.
  10. I'll co-sign on Awkwafina is Nora from Queens being hilarious, it was one of my first pandemic binge watches!
  11. They didn't need to pay the commissioner off, the UHL was the lowest rung of minor league hockey and most teams were in the red before a puck was dropped, he was happy that Danbury had some money behind it and was not going to question where it came from.
  12. I finished the doc up at lunchtime and was going to post the same thing about the Galante's being more like the Barone's than the Soprano's. It seems like Galante made things really easy for the FBI, they should have just named the team the Money Launderers since it was so obvious that's why he bought the team.
  13. I was checking my JustWatch app the other day and saw that The Big Town was now on Prime, now I had seen most of this movie 15ish years ago on possibly HDNet Movies, I had never heard of it before and turned it off when I thought it was over. The Big Town (1987) is one of the few movies about Craps, stars Matt Dillon along with a solid cast consisting of Diane Lane, Tommy Lee Jones, Lee Grant, Tom Skerritt, Suzy Amis and Bruce Dern totally Bruce Derning it up. The middle part of the movie is pretty good but it kind of wanders around in the last third and there's points you think it's ending but then it keeps going. The Wikipedia states that original director Harold Becker who directed a few decent flicks was replaced by mostly tv director Ben Bolt, with a different director and some work on the script it could have been really good, but Tommy Lee Jones hamming it up and Bruce Dern make this a fun watch. Also, the movie is set in Chicago but filmed in Toronto so no one attempts a Chicago accent, which is a good thing. Now I had never heard of this movie before I saw it pop up around 15 years ago, I then totally forgot about it until I saw it pop up on the app and it brought back memories of other 80's movies set in the 50's & 60's that are kind of "lost" to what I assume are music rights issues. Movies like The Flamingo Kid with Matt Dillion, Eddie and the Cruisers, Long Gone, The Wanderers, The Idolmaker, The In Crowd and I'm sure a lot more.
  14. The actor playing Prince Charles looks way to much like a normal human being to be playing Prince Charles.
  15. Is it safe to assume that any unvaccinated player is staying unvaccinated out of spite?
  16. I never understood why they set Adventureland in Pittsburgh, go ahead and shoot it in Pittsburgh but just set it on Long Island, hell Forest Hills, PA and Forest Hills, NY look so much alike that they have the same name. I turned 13 in Pittsburgh the summer the movie took place and it might as well be set on the Moon since it was nothing like Pittsburgh in that timeframe, that totally soured me on the movie. Also, Ryan Reynolds character would have been bragging about playing with Donnie Iris not Lou Reed.
  17. That has to be in the top 10 of Corny podcast YouTube clip artwork.
  18. One of the things that bothered me about Clerks II is that Dante and Randall would never work in a fast food place, it's a job where you bust your ass 90% of the time and both of them would bail after a few days. They'd totally still be working in the service industry but at an off brand cell phone store or at kiosks in the Mallrats mall.
  19. Instead of doing a rehash of the movie the show should be about the feuding carny cornfield owners who each owned like half of the field.
  20. The Dandy Warhols popped up on my Spotify feed the other day, that made me want to watch some clips from Dig! on Youtube, and that lead to me just re-watching the whole thing. For those who never heard of it Dig! is a documentary by Ondi Timoner that follows The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre over 7 years, both bands ended up knocking it since it doesn't show them in a good light but it seems like they could have looked way worse. The main angle of the doc is one band becoming successful The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre mainly their lead singer/leader Anton Newcombe self-destructing, at points you think your watching a hysterical parody with the onstage fights between The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the super energetic young A&R guy who think it's so easy when he signed the Massacre, and the Dandy's video shoot and aftermath with David LaChapelle. It was a good counter balance to the Woodstock 99 doc since they were bands from that lost era following grunge and before the Nu-Metal stuff steamrolled everything.
  21. I flipped over to the Field of Dreams game and within three seconds Joe Buck had my eyes rolling. I'm sure MLB is going to make this a yearly thing but they should rotate locations and movies, next year set up in the San Fernando Valley and do a Bad News Bears tribute game, after that head down to Durham, NC for a Bull Durham game, then a Brewster's Millions game in Hackensack with the train tracks in the outfield.
  22. Sadly no Rollercoaster, that movie isn't on any streaming services.
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