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  1. How much money did the 1st base ump have riding on the Mets?
  2. It's a pretty easy choice since the show was that good, the gap between it and the rest of the top 5 is pretty huge.
  3. I really enjoyed the first three episodes of Andor, while I'm assuming we'll see more of the Empire soon the Star Wars equivalent of old timey Pinkerton's as the villains is a cool change of pace.
  4. A Face in the Crowd is on at 2AM, if you’ve never seen this movie record it and watch it, same goes if you haven’t seen it in awhile. It’s just as relevant today as it was when it came out in 1957.
  5. The sting of the Steelers loss isn’t that bad since Baltimore just blew a huge lead and let Tua throw 6 TD’s!
  6. Going in my parents would have been ignorant of the things Jack Cates would have said, afterwards during the talk about not repeating things said in the movie could it have come up, I straight up don’t remember. Circling back to what started the discussion, a lot parents let kids watch R rated movies back then, that’s why Beverly Hills Cop 2 won a Kids Choice Award. We can have this discussion on the SNL thread, but the Eddie Murphy era of SNL wasn’t a down time, it was as big as the show ever was, Lorne Michaels went to the Vince McMahon school of re-writing history.
  7. In 1982 Eddie Murphy’s stand-up wasn’t something most Americans had seen or even really knew of, his first album came out around the same time as 48 Hrs, Delirious didn’t hit HBO until October 1983 and the Comedy Club boom hadn’t really started yet. Murphy was THE star of SNL back when that meant something, plus a star from SNL doing a movie was a huge deal, that’s the main reason 48 Hrs. was a hit. It was 1982 and very few people left the theater talking about how racist Inspector Jack Cates was, it was all about Eddie. With that all said, one of the movies theaters we used to go to usually had a video game or two in the lobby, so my parents may have counted on me and my cousins(we usually hit the movies as a group with my family, my aunt & uncle and cousins) would be playing Defender or Centipede. This was before PG-13 and while 48 Hrs. would have been an R in any era, it also lead to a lot of kids going to R rated movies that might not have after PG-13 hit the scene.
  8. It’s not like Siskel & Ebert, Leonard Maltin, or Gene Shalit said anything about Nick Nolte’s character being super racist in their reviews. I think the thing that got me to be able to go is that I was a huge Eddie Murphy fan(most Saturdays were movies then the first 30 minutes or so of SNL), and it was pushed as an Action-Comedy.
  9. Yeah as a kid it was all about Eddie Murphy, I doubt I was even paying attention to the movie when he wasn’t on the screen.
  10. I would have just turned 8 when I went with my parents to see Stripes, that's the first R rated film I remember seeing in the theater, also saw 48 Hours later that year. My parents went with the "they won't get it" when it came to the more adult things in R and even PG rated flicks back then, but we'd get the "Even though it's funny don't repeat what Bill Murray or Eddie Murphy said to ANYONE!".
  11. Beverly Hills Cop II won a KIDS CHOICE AWARD, so a lot of children watched it! A high as F John Ashton accepted the award.
  12. Wasn’t the “red mist” the most dangerous, I swear I remember an over caffeinated Jim Ross breaking down the danger levels of Muta’s various mist colors at one of the ppv’s.
  13. I'll co-sign on everything already said about season 5!
  14. Also, that play the Steelers ran at 8 seconds was risky but guaranteed the FG attempt would be the last play of the game, Eagle and Davis never mentioned it and they should have.
  15. Boz dead center for the win!
  16. Holy Roller Rule works in the Stillers favor!
  17. Torn pecks a Watt family tradition:(
  18. The phantom D holding call on the Steelers that CBS won’t even show is why people think the NFL is rigged.
  19. The SEC refs really hosed Pitt today.
  20. This sketch was the first thing that popped into my head when I found out Prince Chuck is the new King.
  21. There's a good chance an Eminem jukebox musical hits Broadway by the end of the decade.
  22. It amazes me that someone who sounds like every coked up yinzer jagoff dahn sahside on a Saturday night is such a media star.
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