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  1. If I was a rudo I would beat the shit out of La Mascara for wearing a hoodie during a professional fucking wrestling contest. He's the worst person.
  2. From Wikipedia: In the late 1970s, Fujiwara became embroiled in a feud with Allen Coage (a former Olympic judo bronze medal winner who had debuted as a pro wrestler in NJPW, and one of the first gaijins to be trained at the NJPW dojo) over the petty issue of who had the strongest head. Fujiwara would bang his head repeatedly against the ring's corner post's metal face to provoke Coage, and behind the scenes, Coage would advise him not to do so repeatedly, in fear of suffering permanent real-life damage. This sounds hilarious and amazing. Is there any footage of Fujiwara vs. Bad News?
  3. YES to both of these as I've seen them both in the last 6 months and they're fresh on my mind. Very different from each other but they're both classics that I would put in my top 50 WWE matches of all-time. There's at least one more great Murdoch and Adonis match from MSG, I think. I need to rewatch the match vs. Sarge and Terry Daniels and the match vs. Backlund and Brian Blair.
  4. Really? I haven't seen him in years, but I thought he was too old to break out at this stage and way to short to make it in WWE. He's definitely getting a little old but I always assumed he was around 6'2" or so. Maybe it's just because the indy nerds I always see him matched up against are like three feet tall.
  5. Vordell getting a tryout is cool. If there's anyone left on the indies that I could see being a major star in the WWE, it's him.
  6. I don't think he's worked for them in like 8-10 years. I don't see the point of him getting booked at this point. I guess maybe he'll still bump like an idiot and curse a lot and make funny faces. yeah, what am I saying, he deserves to get booked all the time.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJaQMqjPtvk So I found this on MuttonAndTheHam's channel, incorrectly tagged as a Big Japan match. It made me wonder if DDT did a Campsite match in 2013 and if it made tape? I know they get a little more ridiculous each year but it was always good for a laugh and some insanely dangerous and ill-conceived spots.
  8. Hayes playing Zmuda as usual. I heard he also came up with "Woo!" and that he was the guy who told Hogan to rip his shirts.
  9. Sounds like an alternate universe version of NXT.
  10. I'll watch every Nishimura match. Nish vs. Akebono is gonna be all sorts of wacky.
  11. That poster is clearly the work of a crazy person. Who does things like that. EDIT: Since this is a photo thread, here this is a pic I snapped of Road Dogg looking like a moron
  12. What, you don't like rock and roll?
  13. OK, so this is kind of a random (and dumb) question, but someone posted this ridiculous gif of Duggan punching the shit out of Buzz Sawyer and Sawyer flies through the ropes and bumps to the floor like a maniac. Does anyone know what match this is or have a youtube link to it?
  14. I thought it was funny. I like the part where he sells his back after hitting the ropes.
  15. I look forward to more content. Namely you making fun of where people live.
  16. Silliness. The problem with this is 'objectively good match' can't just mean 'technically sound' in our beloved sport of fake drama fighting. Of course Ric Flair wasn't capable of having the best match of his career that night- this was all about story and emotion, which you point out was great. It was pro wrestling's version of the relationship montage in Up. I guess I just don't agree that these things are separate or that one is less valuable than the other. I can recall a couple of matches with Dusty Rhodes and Superst*r Billy Graham that were off the charts for emotion; and let's face it, neither of those guys is exactly Tanahashi in the ring. So, when you get right down to it, a technically bad match can actually be pretty enjoyable. Yeah, Dusty Rhodes is no Tanahashi *does the jacking off motion*
  17. I'd guess you mean the match they had on the final day of the G1 in 2011? They've had others maybe but that's gotta be the best one. It's in this. Entrances start around 1:57:00. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9OeAugZQBI
  18. *announcer voice* For up to the minute Punk updates, please refer to the posts of his biggest fan.
  19. I've turned a corner and now I like this guy. He's doing some sort of Neil Hamburger routine, I think
  20. One line each for charisma, ringwork and personality. Then a paragraph on his sex appeal. You know, you can make a judgment on a man's looks without pretending it's from your wife's point of view. It's 2014 and it's okay.
  21. Well thanks for admitting that you have nothing better to do. The really fucked up thing about this is that you're old enough to be my father. EDIT: I apologize for feeding the troll. He offended me with his *gay bashing to compensate for his own stifled homo-curiosity* routine.
  22. Goddamn dude why do you keep making gay jokes. What the fuck is your deal I miss Gonzalez
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