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  1. That was actually a super nice thing for that particular fan to do.
  2. There's no way whatever they actually come up with, will come close to this.
  3. Well, if that's the case, then absolutely. At least get paid something, if working for free is the other option.
  4. It's just that for some people, even those huge money contracts didn't bring any security when shit hit the fan. In fact, they were a detriment, as WWE realized "we are paying The O.C. how much? Get rid of them, now!" Now, we shouldn't fault anyone for their decisions when it comes to their livelyhood, but anyone signing up with them should also be wise to consider that the WWE can kick them to the curb whenever and for whatever reason they feel like (not for sexual misconduct though, unless you confess to it).
  5. Maybe she's coming back to NXT now(?) and it will work out better for her? She'd have plenty of good opponents to work with, even if Io will have her hands full with other challengers at the moment. Anyone who's not challenging Io right now has one more credible bad-ass opponent to clash against in the mean time, in Martinez. This, if it's true that Retribution is down to a single female member in Mia Yim (or Redistribution, or whatever R-word she's referred to as now)
  6. I wonder if he had anything left to cover the costs of the post surgery inactivity? Probably can't even drive the car and enjoy it for a good while. He probably thought he'd be getting more of the well paying ass-kicking gigs in the near future. Wait, it was Pat McAfee who's paying him, right? He's loaded, and hates Adam Cole and slightly resembles Holland, so he used him as an avatar, right?
  7. No, that's true, he was announced from Polynesian Islands. The Japanese flag was prominently displayed by Fuji at ring side, however, as well as on Yokozuna's robe. So there was definitely some confusion (or subterfuge) regarding the situation.
  8. I really appreciate your reasoning when it comes to CM Punk holding grudges! Brilliant!
  9. Tragic, but if this leads to more WCW C-show matches on the Network, then I won't complain. If it doesn't, then it sucks ass!
  10. Oh, ok then! Well, then his ill timed injury didn't screw things up as badly.
  11. Ok, so I finished Paradise PD yesterday and boy, did they go for the stupidest way to possible to (probably) finish the series, with extra cheese! It seems like the series jumped the shart right about after the point I commented on it here. Well, the entrance to the Pussy Land was classic, what can I say? *cough cough* "So dry!" *cough cough* It definitely had it's moments for sure, but at some point gross-out humor WILL lose its effect, and it sure did here.
  12. Wow, slept way too long after the night shift, but here goes NXT! NXT title is indeed cursed right now! Just becoming the champion gets you injured. I mean, some seem to think that getting HIT IN THE FACE may have something to do with it, but I think it's the title! What will become of Finn now, other than disfigured? Did Scarlet put a hex on the title when Kross gave it up? How do you guys rate Fish & Strong as far as UE tag combos go? The match with 1-2 was very good, but not as good as the match 2 years ago. It would have been cool if Barret would have said that Oney used to have Breezango-like looks before Strong broke his face 2 years ago, when referencing that injury. It was a nice save, btw, saying that Ridge Holland was doing someone's bidding. It's not going to be cool, when it turns out to be Velveteen Dream, though. Legado seems to always be in deep shit any time the odds are even. Rhea vs Raquel for Halloween Havoc? I'll be there! Shotzi vs Candace was good and Candace may indeed have a new protege! Gargano beating Theory was also good, but this starts to resemble the HHH burial of '96 for Theory. Well, that would mean that in something like February, he would be the North American champion with the aid of Wade Barrett. Yeah, me neither! Ok, what ever reservations I had regarding the tag team of Killian Dain and Drake Maverick have evaporated at this point. The reluctant Quebecer tag team offence is awesome! Dain didn't even punch Drake out this week, just alluded to it! Yeah, the mesh shirts for their ring attire, that gets my vote, always! Um, is Boa like representing the Chinese government? And Xia needs a match because she made China look bad, recently? Um, yeah, no! And the opponent had better not be Kacy, if Xia REALLY needs a win! Goddammit! The ovation for Toni Storm's entrance was LOUD, no matter how artificial it was. The new, slightly less bad-ass entrance theme took a little bit of it away, but still. Priest vs Lumis was a weird pairing, but apparently it was just to advance the Grimes-Lumis feud. That one actually makes sense. The guy who never speaks vs the guy who never STFU's works just fine. Oh, shit! SPIN THE WHEEL? So, a Coal Miner's Glove and a Prince(ss) of Darkness matches for Johnny and Candace, respectively? This is their 3rd time to get this done, you'd think at least ONE of them wins, right? Shotzi's great and all, but acting may not be her strongest of suits. Maybe just give her a match? That made Elvira sound natural! And she's like, supernatural... Good episode, pretty much everything was cool.
  13. Well, by 1996 face turn he spoke English on at least one promo and was even said to hail from Samoa instead of Japan (not sure about ring introduction, though) , so featuring some Kokina matches wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility! Also, I misspoke when calling that feature with Yokozuna a Timeline episode, it was just a best of compilation. Given the material they have, I was almost expecting something like a Kokina match in there.
  14. I wonder if this one comes with a warranty? If it doesn't work, can one return it for a refund? Well, if it does work, good luck trying to return it, then!
  15. Yeah, really! When something really sucks, I sometimes say "It's such a fucking Wednesday" regardless of what day it is. This time, it seems very appropriate! Getting hit with a Kyle O'Reilly really IS like getting hit with an object the size of a baseball bat!
  16. Well, this week has been a mixed bag. It's night shift week, so I've been tired save for one night in the middle there. On the other hand, I'm already 4 workouts deep into this week with one night to go. On yet another hand work has sucked the last two nights and I still have deadlift to do, despite already having an actual leg day on Tuesday(?). Night shift has a way of messing up your weekdays, but yeah, it was Tuesday evening, so for me that was the start of Wednesday. Still definitely feeling that one. I have been eating way more than usual this week, so it has kept my energy levels up, but the idea of going heavy on the trapbar this evening does sound rather daunting. We'll see how that goes. It went rather well, actually! 6x407 lbs and then 5, 4 and 5 with 450 lbs. So, that's like actual progress, on a night shift week! I'll be damned!
  17. Oh no! I saw him wrestle at WrestleRama in Dublin back in 2017! He lost the OTT title in the main event that also included Marty Scurll and someone who ended up with the title. He was mockingly painted up like Demon Balor and the crowd was chanting "you're not Balor" at him. Seemed very over as a heel to me, despite never seeing him wrestle before. His match is actually the last match I've seen live. This is really sad news. 30 is horribly young, but depression doesn't see age. RIP
  18. "We'll get you clean piss!" -MJF on that MLW episode
  19. Network has added Timeline episode featuring Yokozuna. Sadly, the matches are exactly what you'd expect, with no surprises. It just got me thinking (again) that it really took me a good while to appreciate him as a worker and this was mostly due to the presentation. The whole character probably would have worked a great deal worse without them, but for a teen-age Shartnado the sumo gear, hairdo and lame theme music were poison. If he had say black trunks, the beard and hair he had in '95 (and in NJPW), a heavier, more threatning version of his theme and stayed in his '92 weight and mobility, it would not have taken me well into the 2000's to appreciate his obvious talent. He probably would not have been nearly as over, and most likely never been the WWF champion that way. But hey, appeasing one particular Finnish wrestling fan's sense of aesthetics instead, would probably been a worthy trade-off.
  20. WWE Network has been adding nice amounts of PROGRESS stuff into the independents-section. Since I don't know where to start, I've been watching best of NXT in PROGRESS and best of Walter in Progress (damn all those caps) and they seem pretty damn impressive! I'm having trouble keeping up with all the stuff I should be watching with Netflix, reading, working out and work (in that particular order, I guess) cutting into my wrestling-time. But it seems when I get around to it, this is stuff definitely worth getting into.
  21. Thanks! Disenchantment has been taken care of and the two others you mentioned show up each time I try to look for comedies. I'll be sure to check them out at some point.
  22. Thank you for reminding me that I should add Fever Ray into my Spotify! The Wolf mostly, but need to explore more of it. The list looks very promising, albeit has PLENTY of material I'm not at all familiar with, but that's obviously the whole point of this endevour.
  23. Yeah, and that wasn't exactly a PC show in and of itself! I mean, I'm not complaining, I'm having a great time watching it, but I just wonder how the hell they get away with all that absolute grossness? They have pretty much literally touched everything at this point and I'm only a few episodes into Season 2!
  24. I'm not sure if this is the thread I'm supposed to put this in, but I stumbled upon Paradise PD on Netflix and holy shit! Now, I'm all about intelligent, high-brow humor like this, but I'd assume a whole bunch of people are going to have a problem with this show! Every time you think they simply cannot get more gross, they lower the bar effortlessly. This is really something. Maybe first 3 episodes were like, "um, I'm not sure about this", but by the time Carla showed up, I was all in. I did watch some episodes of Brickleberry (sp?), but this makes that seem tame in comparison. The imagination on some people...jeez!
  25. And if you job to Koko on TV, you are most definitely on your way out. To this day I'm always surprised when I see him win anything above a jobber match beyond 1987 (and even then the wins must have been few and far between).
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