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  1. Two nice heavyweight matches on this week, with Rampage vs Huxley and Coffey vs Wolfe! The successful German Suplex by Wolfe was awesome and very a propos. I do like Devlin's logic about having to actively defend the cruiserweight title in order to give creedence to his claims of being the rightful champion. I mean, he did sit on the title for months on end, but it's not like that was his fault. It would be kinda interesting to see Eddie Dennis and Damien Priest in the same ring, just to see how their size actually measures up to one another. Just a random observation. You can see Andrews and Webster know The Hunt really well, because the flow of the match seemed very effortless, like second nature to all four of them.
  2. If Ridge Holland didn't get hurt, and let's assume Pete Dunne was always in the cards, who would have the fourth man of Pat McAfee's gang been in that case? Any ideas?
  3. Didn't he sign a shorter deal than most at the behest of his father's lawyers? Purely speculation, but could this have something to do with it? Is his deal coming to an end or maybe he has already signed a new one, I have no idea? Maybe there's just too many bigger names on Dynamite right now, so they put him on the backburner, assuming he still has plenty of time to become the star they want him to be? Still, a bit sad. ...and maybe I should have read on a bit further before replying, but nice to hear Jungle Boy had his moments in the battle royal!
  4. Fuck yeah! You totally should! Everyone should!
  5. NXT time! Nice Tribute to Patterson. He looked like a black haired Johnny Rotten in one of the earliest pictures. Opening tag. Look how big both of Legado look in comparison to Ruff! And how tall Priest looks in comparison to them! Ok, I want Priest's tanktop, like NOW! The surprise tag by Ruff was hilarious! He's becoming quite the little shit, isn't he? There are so many masked men (well, people) out there, it's hard to keep track of anymore. And I don't mean the good kind of masks, either. Oh, so Io isn't part of Shotzi's team yet? Ok, I'll wait. Oh, look at the four little monkeys in suits, how cute! I'm pretty sure The Pat Pack will make you dance at WarGames! I can't believe, I'm rooting for Pat Goddamned McAfee! That's how much I like Pete Dunne! When Grimes is on, he's ON! When he's not too busy being distracted by zombies and such. That's quite a string of gimmick matches for these two! Wow, where the hell did Lumis come from? Jeez! Did Tony Nese just get a jobber (non-) intro? Poor guy! He really deserves better, but I guess he had his chance and could not get over in the slightest. For a heavy cruiserweight, he looks quite a bit smaller than another supposed cruiserweight in Atlas. Yeah, good win for Jake, but would have been bigger if they made Nese seem like he actually mattered. But this is how people who aren't being used, should be used. Not just sitting at home. I mean Nese is probably on 205 Live all the time, but I've barely watched it since Murphy, Ali and Cedric left! Did Pat F'n McAfee just refer to ME as a loser wrestling fan watching at home? Pete, leave right now, or that inheritence isn't coming your way after all! I hate this man! It was YOU under the mask last week, wasn't it? Douchebag! I'm SO conflicted. Ok, WITAF is this with Xia and Boa? Not political, but evil Kung-Fu? Big Trouble in Little China? GYV vs Imperium? Thanks, I'll have one please! But you cannot possibly suggest GYV be faces of any kind? Or Imperium? Billie Kay has 5 words for ya! I don't know, good match, weird dynamic! Now, Ciampa-Thatcher is a thing I want! I wondered when they'd pay the wrestling school skits off! Now we're getting somewhere! WarGames looks fine to me! Yeah, a ladder match against Gonzales sounds like an uphill battle for most anyone! Shotzi's got her work cut out for her! It's not like she'll back down, however! Real life intervenes, I need to finish/ edit this at a later date. Up to this point, very nice stuff, except for Pat calling me names. Ok, I'm back! OMG that reverse cannonball into the corner with the ladder! There's Io! Holy shit Shotzi wins? Is this a first? I mean the face team having the advantage? I mean even if it is, it had to happen sometime, right? Would be rather suspicious if it never, ever did. The women's WarGames match is absolutely stacked on both sides. I wonder if Team Candice figures out a way to cheat the faces out of the advantage, somehow?
  6. Look at the talent in that battle royal alone! And the card is F'n GAB'89, so they had plenty of talent left over to have one of the all time great PPV's!
  7. As far inheritence goes, if I didn't have 4 godchildren (including a nephew) to take care of that (not too big of a) problem, I might consider leaving Pete Dunne a little something. It's fun to be able to really latch on to someone in your adult years (fan-wise) and he's been that guy for me for a few years. Also, if The Natural was the internet, there should actually BE an internet.
  8. The Road Dog question is really tough. I bet they'd team Billy up with someone else, but I don't see them getting as over as NAO with Road Dog did. Bradshaw could talk, they just hadn't figured that out yet. Maybe him? A few years later, K-Kwik! I see Ritchie with two different trajectories. Either getting as far as Harry Smith did in WWE or as far as Seth Rollins did. No Orton would mean way longer reigns for Cena, HHH, Undertaker, maybe HBK, Angle etc. They could have given his spot to Mark Jindrak or Sean O'Haire, but that would not have had the longevity of Orton's run near the top. I don't if it would have a drastic financial impact, or creative impact but the landscape would look quite different without Orton. Ken Kennedy and Kofi would probably have been bigger deals. Maybe Mick Foley stays retired...yeah, no.
  9. Was this around the time Adam Pierce took over the booking? I recall that being a pretty drastic change. It may have been later, I'm not sure. I only saw clips of ROH, but still around 2007-08 seemed pretty stellar to me. I was able to see some TNA on Eurosport around that time (I think), but that's obviously not quite the same thing, I understand that.
  10. And for your reading pleasure, surely as popular as the Hidden Gems section on the WWE Network with kids today: It's Shartnado's amazing workout week! 5 workouts, some heavy shit involved for a change. Monday and Tuesday were rather nondescipt, usual upperbody stuff. Used the actual lat pull-down machine, instead of the resistance bands. Pull-ups, Dips and reverse shrugs with 33lb extra weight. Wednesday I was supposed to do legs, and I did do some deadlifts using two 70lb kettlebells, but opted for bench instead. Doing sets of 5 starting from 132, adding 22lb each set until I got up to 267 and got 6 reps, tried for seventh but chickened out and only got half way down. Then 6 reps with 242, 5 with 231, 9 with 220, 12 with 198 and 20 with 132. I did other stuff too, but that's whatever. Thursday was supposed to have an off day, but ended up having that leg day instead. Remember when I said I wasn't about to find out how much the squat machine can hold up in weight? No? Well I found out. 396 lbs. No, it didn't break, it just couldn't fit any more weight on the rack. Along with the rack itself and the four resistance bands has to come up to around 450 lbs. This was the top of the pyramid. I started around 180 and kept adding first 110 and then twice 88 until there was no room for more weights. Did 2 squat sets with the 450 ( but this is more like a legpress than a squat, so don't be too impressed. Then two sets of standing calf raises. Then started doing more calves while I took the weights off and the odd squat set in between. Then some sitting calf raises with 110 and then, done. Today, Trapbar! First I did the standing overhead press. I got 8x110, 6x121, 5x132, 4x137 and 2x143. I don't think I've ever gotten heavier than that (maybe 154 once, a long time ago, but definitely no more than that). Warmed up the legs and lower back with the kettlebell deadlift I did almost every day this week at some point. Trapbar was 10×286, 8x352 then 4 sets of 6 with 451. Shrugs to finish off the week as usual. I have been eating like crazy all week. Baked sweet potatoes, chicken, pasta, rice, wok-veggies. Just took a plate full baked potato halves and chicken tenders in spinach and cream sauce. Weight has been hovering around 185. I know I should take some time off, too, but around the Holidays I'll have two weeks off from work, so I guess I try to make it until then. I hope to reach 200lbs during the holidays. Hopefully, not each of those 15 extra pounds end up on my gut, however. Work has been awful, but my workouts are on fire at this point. Feeling pretty damn good at this point!
  11. Please don't even put that out in the universe! But they did stop with the Hidden Gems due to lack of general interest, so peeps like us aren't in the target demographic. I still have tons of Mid Atlantic, Mid South, World Championship Wrestling (pre Saturday Night)and even ECW to go through, but I have made my preferences pretty clear over here. You know the shows I'm always waiting to see more of!
  12. Up until like 2005, when I had been biking to work for about a year, I had Rick Rude-skinny legs and it was totally "upperbody business" for me! When I got back into working out I did focus on my legs a lot, since they had plenty of newfound power due to biking and pushing heavy things around at work. I did plenty of squats (3×430lbs is a record, I've never tried 1 rep max) and heavy legpress (moving 990lbs at the heaviest, but the range of motion was rather pathetic, not like going anywhere near knees to the chest, I could barely get that deep with an empty rack). This obviously took its toll on my joints, but I escaped injury-free, until the lower back started giving me trouble when I started doing deadlift with absolutely terrible form and technique. I know, really smart! The shift over to trapbar helped a lot, but any nonsense about it taking all of the pressure off your lower back is BS. If you have shitty enough technique, as I do, you'll find a way! I'm really not good at that stuff, albeit careful. Weird combination, I know! As a matter of convenience, I started to use the gym at work exclusively around 2019, and almost exclusively since 2017 (when it was first opened) and that shifted my workouts towards volume rather than heavy duty stuff, simply for the fact that it was not possible at the time. The trapbar I use at work is 11 lbs lighter than the one at the gym I did my records in and it only holds up to 450lbs safely (bar included) so I can go nowhere near my max with it. I enjoy writing about this stuff so much RFA (your name change is super awesome, btw) so thank you for commenting. I know I have plenty of stuff that I should work on, but my problem is I'm not 23 anymore, even though I think I am... no, sorry... the problem is that anything feels like work and I'm not getting paid, I lose interest in, even if I loved it before. I work like a madman for a very average pay, because I get paid for it. But following a strict plan for a workout and probably pay for the privilege, sounds like a bad day for me. I have some freaky genetics without being overly athletic (and the consensus in my family seems to be I'm unathletic, because I'm shit at team sports, legit!) but muscles and gymnastics have been my forte from since before puberty. Now, I have been, am and always will be a skinny kid with muscles. Not a skinny kid, nor the buff jock, but something in between. Loving wrestling made me an ectomorph-mesomorph hybrid who thinks he's a full on mesomorph and I got a lot of shit due to that (because c'mon) when I was an adolecent/teen. I will never be a big guy, I know my limits. But I know(now) you can be in the best shape of your life in your forties and I stand corrected when I called Ron Simmons and Jim Powers out on it at the time (yeah, totally to their face...no). But I've managed to transform myself into something resembling an action figure. I look like a 5'7" Rick Rude with slightly thicker thighs, so at 43, I'd say I'm ahead of the game at this point. Sorry for oversharing like a mofo, but I like to talk about this shaa...! Thanks for reading *blows a rasperry*
  13. I've lifted 561 and 3x550 back in late 2018, with the trapbar. Bad tehnique was doing a number on my lower back when doing barbell deadlift, so I opted out. I'm also missing a half and inch of the tip on my right index finger, so that did a number on my grip, so I use versa grips and find trapbar handles better in that regard. I have been working on my core more, so OHP should improve, if I continue to do it more often. I have had a clavicle injury last year, so OHP was out for a good while, among other things. You are absolutely correct on me winging it. I have become accustomed to a centain set of moves, but which moves I do within a given workout, depends on how things are going once I get there. My plans have a tendency to change. I have always had trouble sticking to a program or even following one to begin with. But I have found the routine of actually getting my ass to the gym and following that for many years, so at least that's good. I used to give up as soon as newbie gains or muscle memory stopped giving fast gains. Now I've been doing this for 8 years without interruption. The squat machine in question is this weird standing legpress type of a deal, and if you face forward, it works like a hack machine. We do have a squat rack at work, but I haven't been arsed to use it for a while. I did do box squats on it earlier this year, however.
  14. Great episode this week! WTF, Toni? Well, there's the heel turn I was suspecting! Anyway, considering how last time went, I'm pretty sure Candice will make sure that Dakota Kai is the FIRST one to enter for her team. Great build up for this one, throughout the show. I want to see Thatcher vs Ciampa! Thatcher-Kushida was splendid mat wrestling, however! Man, Pat took a few hits and kicks last week and decided to sit this one out! What a magnificent douche! Pete Dunne looks F'N amazing. The weight he lost was apparently found by Jordan Devlin on NXT UK, and he failed to return it. The main event was something else ( which is to say, exactly what you would expect), I wonder who THIS masked man was? Not Pat, obviously? Speaking of NXT UK, the GYV are back! Weird that they would attack Ever Rise, but point made, regardless! Leon Ruff story is interesting, I wonder if he'll be taking the spot Leo Rush left open? Heh, even their names are similar. They say War Games is a PPV, or am I imagining things? Grimes vs Atlas was a match, but the Lumis thing isn't blown off yet, apparently. I'd be shocked if Stallion is the one to beat Escobar, but it's a fresh match, that's for sure! Regal saying two teams of 4, you know how this goes, was funny, true and awesome! This made me almost forget the shitty work week, but not quite. Need to watch some of it again!
  15. High handle. I have serious trouble maintaining balance on any significant weight on the low handle. Sometimes I stand on a small platform during lighter lifts, so I can get deeper. So, yeah last workout this week went alright. Trapbar maxed out at 430 lbs, with 3 sets of 5, 5 and 3 with sets of 5x352 before and after those three. Alternating one set of bench and one set of trapbar, I did sets of 10 with 132, 176 and 198, then 14 reps (ok, 13 and half) with 220, which may be a record for me. Then 7 and 6 with 231 then 6 more with 220 and back down to 132 with the same drops. Plenty of shrugs with all the weights while unloading them and putting them back into the rack. Now I'm back home after night shift and trying to cram calories into my face before I go to bed. Then, weekend!
  16. Holy hell how work keeps kicking my ass week in week out. Nonetheless, I'm 3 workouts in this week with one more to go in a few hours. Apparently, weight is trending seriously downward, but that has much to do with having to run between floors at work and other unnecessary BS. Workouts themselves haven't been anything out of the ordinary, but they do serve as important opportunity to vent, before the nightly 8 hours of mental torture called work. Let's see if I can actually do bench and trapbar deadlift on the same night? I seriously doubt I'm going anything resembling heavy.
  17. Ok, so it's real. I wasn't questioning that, actually. I can't stand pickels myself. Fresh cucumber, however, is great on a rye bread, for example! Combined with fresh tomatoes, even better!
  18. Since the Undertaker hating cucumbers (and hey, I don't want them in my Gin and Tonic, either, but otherwise I'm really dumbfounded by this) is becoming common knowledge, I bet plenty of his former WrestleMania opponents are kicking themselves for not scouting this weakness out before their opportunity the break the streak!
  19. They explicitly told you NOT to do that!
  20. Total shit week at work, but I managed 5 workouts this week regardless, so it's not all for naught. Nothing super heavy and yesterday's Trapbar deadlift topped out at 352lbs, but I did 5 sets in 5-7 range with it. Thursday's bench day was decent. A pyramid workout starting from 132 and peaking at 265. Tried to look for a spotter for 265, but since nobody was around I did it without one and therefore only got 3 and one partial, because I wasn't going to risk anything. On the way down, one of the sets was 15x198, which I think may be some sort of personal best for that particular weight (I'll take small victories where ever I can). Nothing else out of the ordinary. Wednesday was a leg day and I'm trying to go heavier each time on the squat machine, but still it's more for the pump than anything else. I don't know how much weight it can safely withstand and I probably won't try to find out. Monday and Tuesday were both different kinds of upperbody workouts with all the usual stuff I do. Only difference was the standing overhead press which I did for the first time in a pretty good while. I went from 88 to 121 and back down to 88. Got something like 12 reps with 88 both times, and 5 or 6 with 121. That's not quite where I've been before, but all things considered it was ok. Also, my bike malfunctioned on my way home Thursday evening, but I got it back today and now it's geared for the upcoming winter, since Winter Is Coming. My weight is hovering around 185 despite my best efforts to eat everything in sight. The horrible work days have something to do with the lack of weight gain, I'm sure.
  21. I don't actually know these things, but considering some of the comments regarding the NXT UK rosters hair/ facial-hairstyles, isn't that a bit alt.right for someone like DB? Not that anyone should be allowed to claim a certain hair/beard style for themselves. More modern, no question.
  22. Yeah, he probably just said that to make Foley feel better. He knew that it's more like " It's unlikely that anything good happens when you go out!" But if he said that, Foley would still feel bummed out.
  23. There's a Superstars squash with Steiners (before SummerSlam'93) where Scott does this to Glenn Ruth (Headbanger Thrasher in a few years time)! This was the first time I ever saw this. And I used rewind this spot over and over. That was insane and it was probably pretty close that Headbanger Mosh wound up having to look for someone else to become his partner. I heard that Rick did it in ECW and was even more reckless with it (imagine that!)
  24. I nearly spat out my snack banana on that one! The family is about to have a new one next year!
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