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  1. Yeah, well if AJ could do for Omos what Candido did for Khali that day, then I guess it would be as good as it could get with those two. Great effort by Candido.
  2. Octagon. No, wait he wasn't one of the options. A double knock out, then.
  3. The editing was much smoother than the Weird Al interviews, but the total insanity of Musk's answers, even if he would have been trolling, had me thinking "There's no way this really happened, right? RIGHT?"
  4. Have Cole and O'Reilly patched things up in a promo or a skit, to tie up the end of their previous employer's story, yet? Seems like a thing they would/should acknowledge, because AEW is good at storytelling that pays off.
  5. Is this real, or is Musk troll-lol-lolling Bernie on purpose, or is he certifiably, clinically insane? Did somebody just edit Musk's answers in, out of context, like in those Weird Al skits? I found this deeply, deeply disturbing.
  6. I honestly don't know what level of a match they can have together, at this point, but I don't know what the hell was the management expecting out of them, realistically? The re-enactment of Chris Candido vs The Great Khali from Japan would be the best-case scenario, I suppose?
  7. Yeah, I don't even know what a Brood-like substance would be, but apparently something black.
  8. "Do you guys ever go on strike?" "No way, man! Never" Too bad the clip ended before Macho was able to explain to the kid that "We don't have a union, so we couldn't really 'go on strike' if we wanted to!" but that's a whole another story.
  9. Wait, Electra Lopez faces Io? Yeah. That's like an OK deal with me!
  10. Speaking of that Sid vs Bryan Clarke match, if they would have had a rematch somewhere around '95 to '98, it would have had a potential to be a half decent big man match.
  11. Are there any legit CDs and DVDs out there that you wouldn't already own?
  12. Is it magical or does he use so much different hair products on it that it's like a cushion or a crash helmet?
  13. Hope everyone is safe and having a good time. The abrupt and heavy snow fall gave us a few anxious moments on the road back home yesterday and our yard looked like we had been gone a month. I'm about to go out and continue and shovel and plow some more. Luckily this snow is about as light as it gets, since it's still somewhat cold outside.
  14. Spent Christmas in a small coastal town in Southern Finland with my wife. Nice and quiet. Hotel had an adjacent Spa and overall there's not that many other guests. Food was really good. We are heading back home today, but it's a long-ass drive home (by Finnish standards, anyway) and it's been snowing back home, so I know what I'll be doing this evening.
  15. And a new one coming each year, so you're going to have to give a ride per year anyway, if you want to keep the list finished.
  16. At least the Cruiserweight Classic was awesome! Anyway, Neville, Cedric, Murphy and Nese were my favorite champions. You may notice a pattern if you look closely enough...
  17. I appreciate it, but I think I'll live, even if I end up not seeing any of his matches. I mean it's pretty unlikely that his style is that much different from the typical Lombardi/ Brooklyn Brawler matches, right?
  18. Let's see, I have witnessed not that many matches live, but Rey & Edge vs Benoit & Angle, AJ Styles vs Jonny Storm, Shane Douglas vs Steve Corino and British Strong Style vs War Machine & Jeff Cobb would probably be the only realistic possibilities.
  19. If you go back this thread a little bit, I believe there was a hint towards NXT Takeovers, so that could be a possibility...
  20. Yeah, it has not been great! Neither was last year. It should start to get better someday soon, goddammit!
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