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  1. I haven't seen NXT since February, who is Damon Kemp, or rather who was he prior to this, if he used a different name?
  2. Does it need to be a singles match? If not, then Diesel & HBK vs Razor & 1-2-3 Kid from '94 could be a contender! Or the KotR'94 match with Bret, if it has to be singles.
  3. Yeah, 4 workouts and a sports massage this week. Work week took a lot out of me as well and I don't feel that this week was as good as last one, though. Sunday evening was bench and EZ-bar curls. What I was going for was 4x8x253, but reality was not that. The first set was fine enough though getting uglier towards the end. The other 3 were worse. Theoretically, I did do 8 reps per set, but in reality a lot of them were only partials. I did a few sets with 220 as well and EZ-Bar curls with 60 lbs between each set. Monday was lat pull down and side delt day. I did something like a 10 set pyramid from 60 lbs to 143 lbs and back down to 60, with the rep range of mostly 10-12, but there were a couple of 15's and a 25 in there, too. I used a shovel handle and pulled to front, so towards the chest. A bunch of very light but long sets of side delts between sets. Tuesday was the sports massage to that was just another extra bike ride of maybe 7 miles there and back. Wednesday I decided to do mostly calves, but figured I'd get a few sets of squats on the machine before that. 260, 350 (12 reps each) and 3 sets of quarter reps at the bottom with 395. Then a few sets of calf raises with 395, then 350, 260 and then smaller. Yeah, those fuckers did do a number on my thighs as I was pretty much shot for last night's Trapbar and Shrugs. I started with the usual 12x140, then 6x240, 3x350 standing on the high platform. Then I failed 471 on both the high and lower platform, but I did get the weight off the ground on both attempts. So, off the floor I did 3,3 and 2x471, then 5x405. Shrugs I did two sets with 317 and two with 185 and lighter, long sets with the plates when taking them out, as usual. Each workout also included the ab work as well as resistance band training for the outer side of my thighs and glutes, hoping it will help with the stiff lower back. My weight has been dropping still and I even saw a number ever-so slightly under 80 kg (176 lbs) which is unacceptable at this time of the year. This must be remedied, but the weekend is here, so bring on the calories!
  4. I've hyped this one before, but there's a squash match on WWF Superstars in 1993, with 1-2-3 Kid and Pat Tanaka that features a sunsetflip powerbomb from the ring to the floor, where the back of Tanaka's head crashes into the railing. That was literally insane, especially for 1993 WWF.
  5. That's good work, if you can get it. It would be ideal for everyone if they could just wrestle because they want to, not because they need to make a living. Because it's just a really devastating way to make a living. If getting dropped on your head every now and again for peoples' viewing pleasure gets your rocks off, then by all means do it, but having to do that in order to make ends meet is rough. Miro is in a wonderful position. Great for him, indeed. Wish a lot more wrestlers were in a similar one.
  6. It goes to show you just can't govern those guys! Who knew?!?
  7. Coming Soon: "Wheeler Yuta, The Only One Who Makes Any Sense Around Here"
  8. Previously he had no scruples about using real tragic moments of his past to goad people into feeling sorry for him enough to let their guard down just so he can attack them or get an advantage otherwise. If this is one of those times, people in question should have known better from past experiences than to trust him. He's finding different ways of crying wolf and people keep falling for it and then it turns out he was the wolf, each time. This is super intriquing, but the consequences have to be pretty dire, if this time, it's the same endgame. Next time he tries to tug on someone's heartstrings, the ONLY course of action is to immediately kick him in the balls, attack him with no prejudice and leave him laying in a pool of his own blood, before he can do onto others.
  9. He has burned everyone who has made the mistake of believing him so far. Unless it was taking 10 powerbombs from Wardlow, nothing really has happened that should have brought any sort of fundamental change in his behaviour or character. If this turns out to be another one of his ruses, people will believe his bullshit about as much as they buy Kreml's bullshit at this point! ...So, about 50/50 (shit, that was not the point I was going for here).
  10. And if I'll get that PPV early enough, I'll have enough FITE credits to get AEW Revolution 2023 for free!
  11. Yeah, I saw that and was like, "well, if it wasn't for the camera capturing all of it, that was very smooth and clever!"
  12. Where was this? I need to see this if possible.
  13. Ok, so a few things: Rampage was excellent, but the thread was closed before I could comment. Onto Dynamite. Lots of angles advancing here, which is good. The things that take priority: 1) I hope the injury finish was totally planned. From what I saw, Page landed relatively safely, for a flip bump. Nothing like Ruby landing on her neck courtesy of Sammy or anything. (Shit, it appears to be legit. That's a real bummer). 2) Dalton Castle, holy shit! That is all. 3) The 2 MJF promos, featuring Regal and Mox literally made me purchase the PPV early, just so I can say MJF made me spend more money on AEW. Other stuff: So Britt vs Saraya at All Out? Storm vs Hayter and Jade vs Nyla, too? Will Death Triangle implode soon? Well, Swerve In Our Glory sure will. There's something going on with Yuta. Danielson may end up with 2 proteges turning on his ass yet. The Acclaimed does the right thing and instead of litigation, they will wrestle for their trademark. Good. If only more people took the reasonable approach. Should I sue or wrestle them for the term "Shart Mark"?!? Remains to be seen. Rampage will be loaded once more, as will next week's Dynamite. Damn.
  14. "Why yes, I am, thanks for asking, but this shirt doesn't actually have anything to do with it, though!"
  15. Maybe he's gonna choke the life back into you?!?
  16. I sort of promised a better week this time around and I think I came through. 4 workouts, Tuesday to Friday, while also working a bit later than usual on most of those days before the workouts. Tuesday's bench was 4x8x242 plus 2x6x242, with 3,10 and 4x220 around those sets. There was a bunch of other upper body stuff in there, too. Wednesday I tried to avoid training same parts again, so I did a bunch of calf raises with 260 and some light curls and push-downs between sets. Thursday I was in a bit of a hurry, so I did the dip, pull-up, reverse shrug combo with 66 lbs for three rounds and one with 44 lbs, then a bunch of abs and abductors with a short resistance band. Today I went apeshit on Trapbar and shrugs. Started with 10x140, then while standing on the higher platform 6x262, 5x350, 3x405 and 2x460 (which is a record), then 1x471 on the lower platform. After that 4x493 off the floor and them placing the bar on top of 33lb plates (about twice as high as the 5,5's last week, so 2-3 inches?) and did 4, 3, 3, 3 and 4x504. Then, shrug time! First, some 10+ reps with 416, 20ish reps with 372, then long sets with 306, 196 and the pairs of 55's. Ab work and abductors to finish the day. I'm supposed to be bulking up now, but I'm actually getting back to being pretty ripped at this point, but I'm not going to complain. I will, however, stuff everything in sight into my mouth this weekend.
  17. Wow, those people are dicks! A real slime-ball move by Sterling, too! But seeing how things seem to go for him, I think he's about to be served once more pretty soon!
  18. Man, AEW needed to hit it out of the park debuting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and boy did they ever! Goddamn Christian Cage helped Luchasaurus beat Jungle Boy in a great fucking match! Jungle Perry needs to regroup and maybe find someone to level the playing field for a bit! I was thinking I want to see Tyler Bate vs Hangman Adam Page, but I think I'd want Jungle Boy and Tyler Bate as a tag team even more! It's funny and awesome that Billy Gunn is still in the same shape he was at his peak, still wrestles about the same (just a bit slower) and is MORE over than any other point of his career, save for very peak of New Age Outlaws. How in the F did Sterling get the rights to The Acclaimed's gimmick? On what grounds? WarJoe squashed The Factory and FTR and Embassy get to show up and set up a match on Rampage, later so do Nyla and Anna J-A-S! Toronto being the one place booing Bryan Danielson sure was something. Match was another notch in Jericho's belt! Garcia had to make a decision and boy did he ever. There was a women's tag match and Shida got the win. And it leads to a match with Toni Storm. Mox-Hangman promo was good enough, but I wasn't sure if Page was about to burst into tears for accidentally punching himself too hard in the face. Hey, men cry too. Especially when punched in the face. I liked the MJF promo, after he was done with Stockley. He may not be a generational talent he says he is, but I do like his commitment a lot. This had to be OC's night, no matter how much of a PAC-guy I may be (or, to paraphrase Hangman earlier, I'm a PAC-Man!!!) The match was great and the DDT sells by PAC defy so many laws of biology, physics, sanity, space-time that I can't even begin. His neck must be supernatural, because he SHOULD be dead after those! Finally, OC gets some justice, but the hammer didn't exactly blow-up in PAC's face like I expected it would. Even with a bunch of key talent not being present, this was one hell of a show, once again.
  19. Big night for PAC, but he's really lived up to the Bastard moniker recently. Trent match was crazy. Willow with a wonderful showing, but losing for the third time to Jade is kinda eh! Well, at least Nyla made her move! Actually, I was surprised that this was the move she chose! Rush mixing up with BCC is always welcome. The bacne marks on Rush's back were a bit disturbing, though! Anna JAS and Tay Melo were really leaning on the entertainment aspect, which is interesting when you remember what they were doing less than a year ago against Superbad Bunny! Death Triangle vs Dark Order was action packed as all hell, but the amount of cheating PAC has needed recently is a bit concerning. This has to blow up in his face sooner or later! In his next match with OC, right? Forgot to hype The Gates of Agony! They dominated the shit out FTR and eventually it took 4 faces to turn the tide against the Embassy. The match got kinda weird at the end there, but these guys were definitely made to look really strong despite the loss.
  20. Last week was exhausting and last weekend was amazing, as I saw my cousin for the first time in a few years and we had a wonderful 80's nostalgia evening that stretched well into the night. The effects took me most of the week to get over, however. Anyway, work week was also quite brutal this week and I have slept badly, every night. So, only two workouts this week, but I liked how they went, eventually. Thursday, I tried to cram in a bunch of light upperbody pump stuff between bench sets. I did 5 sets of 8x231, then 3 sets of 5x231, then 7x220 and 12x176. The usual ab work at the end. Today, it was Trapbar day against all odds warming up with 12x140 standing on a low platform, then moving onto a higher platform for 8x240, 5x350, then failing 447 off the higher platform, so moved the lower one back in (about half the height of the first one) and got one. Then another single with 458 off it, and a single with 447 off the floor. I was like, Ok, this shit is hard today and placed 5,5lb plates under both sides to get the weight an inch (and a half?) off the ground and proceeded to do 4x4x447 and 3x5x447. Then shrugs, first some 12 reps with 405, then 20+ with 295, with a couple of long sets with the pairs of 55 plates while unloading them off the bar, then one more long set with 183 and one for the road with the 55's. Then abs and that's it. I think both days made for a nice bunch of volume training. The workday afterwards was rather punishing, but I got a lot of shit done, so I was happy with it. Let's see, if I can recover enough over the weekend and do better (well, more times in the gym, anyway)?
  21. It would have been nice if Eddie Kingston would have walked up to Andrade, hit him with an Uriken, said "I don't like bullies!", then said "Don't you give me that look!" to Sammy and walked away.
  22. I guess another one that read "and if you already did that, don't have them both go down the way!" wouldn't hurt, either? Because even that track record isn't stellar! Anyway, good matches this week, as usual. But Fuego is back to a losing record and Rush is now even 5-5. In his case, this is what happens when basically all your matches are against top level talent!
  23. Shit! That makes the end of this month the 25th Anniversary of my mother passing as well. Quarter of a F'n century ago. That's just, I don't even know what To call it, exactly. Long time ago and still just yesterday! Man! Just wow.
  24. Yeah, this only for a week or two, but that was still a bunch of generic names to familiarize in a short while with no emotional attachment to basically any of them at the time.
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