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  1. Waller looks a lot like my younger brother. I've noticed it before, but it's becoming clearer each time I see him. Now I can't unsee it. As far as New Year's Evil goes, in ring, this was still good stuff.
  2. Tempted, that's for sure! Ok, you've got it! Tomorrow is payday, so I'll be getting a year's worth of AEW Plus!
  3. Thanks to all this BS going on in NXT, I finally got around to getting the FITE.tv app. It may be time to switch over to AEW. Or at least keep all the options open.
  4. The larger dinosaurs were never that known for moving fast, so that would go with the territory.
  5. For once, something consequential happens on January 6th, as I just got my third covid shot this morning. Luckily enough, the vax center was like 5 minute walk from home, so this was even more convenient than the previous two.
  6. You are correct. However, two things real quick: 1) Who is this "Pam"? and 2) Why are you lying? (And yes, from the previous discussion, I do know who she is as pertaining to Sammy, but I don't know exactly WHO that is. I'm just trying figure out the logistics of how someone being more attractive than Tay would even work? Is that allowed, first and foremost?)
  7. Back to work and the gym as well, but it will be a short week on both fronts. Tomorrow, I'll be getting the third covid shot, so for once, something interesting and important happens on January 6th. Monday was the usual deal with the upper body. I managed to do a set of 5 pull ups with 22lb extra weight, so maybe I can start to ease those back in slowly. The pump afterwards was pretty cool. The lat on my right side seemed to take a beating, as it bothered me on Tuesday's trapbar. What also bothered me was the F'n snow. It took me more than an hour to get to work and my legs were toast by the time I got to the gym. I still tried to do something so I just did heavy singles. Before that I did manage 2x403 without Versas then a rep with 469 and two singles with 458. Did the usual shrug stuff, too, but did noticed that my right lat was pretty jammed, so I opted out from any further heavy lifts. The roads were still a mess when I rode home after work, so I was pretty beat despite the short sets. Was supposed to do bench today, but it's probably better that I didn't, as my chest and triceps are still sore from Monday due to the two weeks pretty much not doing anything, save for a couple of days. Next week, the new year starts for real, probably.
  8. I seem to register Kenny Omega's head and face in the upper portion, but it could be anyone else's, too!
  9. Obviously, not the point you were making, but DO they actually have a Chris at the moment? At least Jericho, Masters, Tian and that one guy are elsewhere right now. Am I missing someone else?
  10. They'll shake something, that's for sure! Hands, I cannot promise!
  11. Shane? Well, probably not. Funnily enough, Goldberg, then. No matter what, it won't be Ricochet, however!
  12. Should PETA freak out over those pictures? I mean it IS theoretically a photo of a bloody fluffy animal and a photo of a bloody sharp object in there! It ISN'T, but I'm sure that's the effect they are going for!
  13. Tay&Conti? Wouldn't that be more akin to Lex&Luger?
  14. Heenan also tells a similar story of Andre doing exactly that to Warrior who was being too stiff with his clotheslines. Supposedly, Warrior ran straight into an extended fist by Andre, and started doing the clothesline spot in basically slow motion after that.
  15. He also said to Lawler, who said Abe was a terrific pitcher, that he thought Abe was a catcher. Knowing it was Lombardi playing the role, I wondered if the whole point of the character was to make fun of the Baseball strike and get those jokes in on Lombardi. I was glad to read that the character actually used some baseball themed stuff in his matches, although I haven't gotten that far in the Superstars batch that I would have actually seen the match, yet.
  16. Or that App from that Google movie, The Interns, that asked you questions that decided whether you are sober enough to be sending any messages at all!
  17. This is so true. I concur, wholeheartedly. Same here.
  18. That's right, they said that about the bodybuilding! But yeah, gymnasts are hell of an athletes, so I'm not doubting her strength at all, I was just a bit surprised at her general style of wrestling.
  19. Did he sign a "Legends Deal" back when he got into the HOF, then soon after shat on WWE (and the deal) and tried selling or auctioning off the HOF ring? Maybe he's trying to keep his narrative in line and act as if this deal is more suitable for him, by calling it a different name? Who knows with this guy? He's up there with Warrior, Foley and Flair as far as falling in and out of love with Vince.
  20. I'm kind of shocked that we live in (wrestling) world where there are people who are not familiar with Mercedes Martinez, but of course, I had never even heard her name before the first Mae Young Classic and she was an 18-20(?) year veteran at that point. So yeah.
  21. Yeah, not much to report at all. Yesterday I did short resistance band exercise along with a few sets of push-ups (had to be more than 100 overall). Then I went to town on a 1.3 lb rare flank steak and a large baked sweet potato (split into two separate meals, though). This morning, I weighed in at 190. Today, I'm fixing to go for a 90(ish) minute walk, but there will be food and drinks at my destination, so that number is not going down, and I'm fine with that. While I have rested a great deal over the holidays, my quality of sleep at nights has been terrible for the most part. Well, I've had naps during the day, but it is rather obvious that my body requires clean living in order to get the rest it needs and right now I'm definitely NOT giving it that! But hey, that's what the beginning of a new year is for. The rest that I'm giving myself is mostly mental, at this point. Trying to get my stress levels down to a minimum, before starting again. I hope everyone contributing to this thread (and everyone else, for that matter) has had the chance to do the same. Oh, and btw, I got a whole box of protein bars and a bunch of creatine from my friend for Christmas, so I'll be well prepared with extra snacks at work in January and will be fine for creatine until the spring, at least.
  22. Ok, I can see how you would think that, but Jade has had every bit of her success so far by taking advantage of a lucky opportunity presenting itself. She's young and hungry, trying to make a name for herself, she'll take any opportunity she can get. If this was a 4-way match, then sure, but she was just trying to win for her team. She may have been a bit inconsiderate here, but I'm sure it was a heat of the moment thing and her heart was in the right place. Not that Raquel will buy that for a second, though.
  23. She proved both Dakota Kai and Mandy Rose right on that one! Dakota was warning Jade that Raquel was only leeching on Jade's recent success in order to take all the glory! Raquel was like "Um, no, bitch!" And yet, here she was, exposing her true colors! Not a good look on her. If it leads to '96 Diesel-ish heel turn for her, then it will be all good, however. Stratton seems like a weird mix of Lacey Evans, Ivy Nyle and Franky Monet. For a gymnast, she showed quite a bit of raw strength, not so much flipping, as I would have expected. Well, she's supposed to be a heel, so I guess that is just as well.
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