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  1. Shitty Hot take - AEW shouldn't have these all out bananas insane matches air unless they're pretaped and edited when running on tnt? Anything relying on say, wild spots, all out violence and carnage, should probably be edited to infinity to come across seamless?
  2. Kinda speechless but it doesn't surprise me
  3. Ryder making light of the news. I'd say he's being tone deaf with that comment but what do I know
  4. Mickie James and Sarita from last years purge are two of the women I'd like them to sign if they wanted to bring in vets that can go and be great player/coaches* like Deeb was doing before the injury Joe I'd bring in as a manager who occasionally gets in the ring to let him build this menacing aura on the mic and give him this Special feel when he does wrestle* every now and again. Maybe slot him in Dark to work off any ring rust? *IMHO [I'm just a scrub fantasy drafting free agents here]
  5. Paging Gordi.. Paging Gordi.. El Grant Gordi can you do a Haters Guide to Enjoying Dynamite next week with a comical reference to their ratings from this week?* Those Haters Guides were plenty fun and actually spot on *How they're a 1 trick pony or 1 hit wonder I'd guess but you're way more creative and I'm sure you'll knock it out the park
  6. I really wouldn't disagree, like complaining on a message board about people on message boards complaining about complaining has to be the top of the mountain there, the pinnacle if you will Thats the equivalent of sniffing your own farts then get getting on a message board to talk about sniffing your own farts Am I doing this right?
  7. My .02 is that doomsayers need to find a new hobby and quit hate watching anything they don't enjoy Like how long were there LOLTNA takes about the company dropping dead, or ROH not making it through the end of the calendar year. Watching and expecting things to change and improve i understand. I can understand hope, but I'm not talking about hopeful fans who may have a bone to pick with the product. like the way TNA and ROH each managed to outlive both ECW and WCW for example despite the constant braying about how the shows could be canceled because they were such shit, or dropped
  8. I don't see how thats any different from the Post Wrestlemania thread over in the wwe section Or any weekly show thread for Dynamite/Raw/Smackdown hahaha
  9. The open with Inner Circle all driving up separately, parking together and heading to the arena was the dope shit for a random cold open, id love MORE of those, keep it under a minute and I'm sold Casters line about the staircase had me laughing hard! Then that botch! But hey fuck it, for all the complaints about wrestling being choreographed and coordinated dancing or whatever i appreciate a real in the moment botch that sells the match as a competitive heated battle. Must've been a potato cart nearby Hangmans face post match looked like he must have snacked on one at some point
  10. This thread about Kenny in AEW seems to give his arc some sort of a storyline if you squint just so,, then this kinda almost makes sense? Dunno tbh, have some dynamite episodes to catch up on.
  11. Elizium I'm hoping, please , you can recommend a good movie showcasing John Candy as having a deep range with his acting. I'll be honest I'm way more familiar with him in comedy as say a costar or popping in for a quick scene. I'm intrigued and hope to see him chewing up scenery
  12. I hear you, like in other words you can slot Candy in the Chevy Chase role from the National Lampoon movies, or as Indiana Jones himself in the IJ series? Cause I'm not looking for better overall actor, I'm sure you're right about Candy playing anything (which now I'm begging for a deepfake edit with John Candy in the Devito role for Twins HAHAHAHAHAHA!) I was thinking more the clown/jester role specifically, like take any 80s or 90s comedy and if you can only pick one for the funny goofy sidekick that's loyal to the lead, would you want Candy or DeLuise? Hahahaha, now I'
  13. Following up on 70s 80s movies I missed out on, with Howling and American Werewolf in London being a recent two-for, I popped in Smokey and the Bandit back to back with Cannonball Run and it left me with two questions Does anyone else besides me think that Burt Reynolds and Pedro Pascal (aka The Mandalorian aka The badass guy from Game of Thrones) look alike? Maybe its a recent rewatch of Viper vs Mountain like a few days before the double Reynolds feature, but holy shit I'd swear if they're not father son they have to be uncle/nephew Which takes me to my next question: John
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