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  1. Anyone not putting Tim Wiese in goal is missing their free space.
  2. Britt Baker tweeted that she was on the All In show. The All In twitter account quote-RTed, and said that "the road to September 1st includes a lot of Cracker Barrel stops." Things went weird from there. Twitter is both the best and worst social media platform.
  3. About twice a decade I get nostalgic about pancake restaurants I went to as a kid and I go to IHOP. Then I eat an IHOP pancake and I remember I never went to IHOP as a kid, I went to Walker Bros in Wilmette, IL. That generally keeps me away from IHOP for another five years.
  4. Are you not supposed to put those on the waffles? (I'm kidding I swear)
  5. underwear, sock, sock, shoe, shoe, pants, shirt, jacket. Boom.
  6. My brain goes to the most macabre black humor when this comes up, and I concoct a joke like "Hey be positive, maybe you'll fuck up your attempt?" and I have no idea if that's helpful or even the least bit funny to anyone else. It is to me cuz 9 years ago when I attempted, I did, and I'm still here. I chose a method that it turns out has a low success rate cuz I wanted a peaceful out, and since that didn't work, the path of least resistance shifted and I ended up putting my life back together. Best advice I have is just keep a dialogue going with someone you can talk with, whether that's a friend, a family member, or a paid professional, (having all three available is a big help IMO.) Gives you a chance to talk anything out before you do anything.
  7. Not to be too recursive here but if the topic of the thread becomes threads getting locked I think the thread will be locked. I guess another question is whether or not this also applies to talent. Obviously if a wrestler were themself to tweet a bunch of awful shit they'd likely get canned, but of their not-in-the-business spouse did?
  8. The #1 reason people go on Twitter is for political engagement, and a significant portion of that is arguing with/bitching at/shouting at people they disagree with. If Twitter gets rid of that they'd be just another place to post cat pictures.
  9. So here's a weird one. I'm putting it here rather than the general thread on Rippa's advice cuz there's a higher than average chance this thread gets locked basically in four minutes and I would like that not to be the case so if all the usual suspects for posting politically (which I'm fully aware includes me) would refrain, there's some WWE-specific stuff I wanted to ask about. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/anti-muslim-twitter-troll-amy-mek-mekelburg_us_5b0d9e40e4b0802d69cf0264?7z tl;dr: A HuffPost reporter outed (arguably doxed) a popular twitter account (220K) followers that posted a lot of negative stuff about Islam. The account belonged to the wife of a WWE SrVP, (Salvatore Siino, which I'm shocked to learn is a real name and not a Pat Patterson-created gimmick name) and apparently WWE canned him after the reporter started inquiring. Stuff I'd like to talk about: When WWE does a high-value deal like GRR with a government, does that effectively give that government a say in how WWE runs its business? (I'm sure WWE fired the guy on their own without any prompting from the KSA, but would they have if WWE hadn't had such a valuable deal signed in the region?) Is that actually a bad thing? Is WWE basically the same as any other corporate entity at this point as far as firing people who say stupid shit in public? We all look at Vince and the wrestling side of things a lot, but how much is WWE a wrestling promotion at this point, as opposed to a largeish corporation that's core business is wrestling? Stuff we should all probably avoid: The tweets themselves. Typical politically incendiary stuff. Anything whatsoever to do with Trump. At all. C'mon let this be the last time his name is mentioned in this thread. Comparisons to the whole Roseanne/Samantha Bee situations. They're valid topics of conversation but pretty overtly political. Anything about any religions. C'mon.... Hrmmmmmmm I dunno: Linda being Small Business Administrator. Probably she's not likely to say anything as she has no role in the company right now and this wouldn't really touch on anything SBA is in charge of. It's such a WWE thing to have a conflict of interest like this and somehow be unable to really profit from it, though.
  10. Two things I believe are true: 1) We would all be less bothered by Big Cass if he wasn't feuding with Daniel Bryan instead of any of the myriad highly talented SmackDown wrestlers. 2) Big Cass is a bad wrestler.
  11. Yeah but it was the shitty half anyway.
  12. 7) The result of half-assed stop-start booking of a character they barely remember to care about when Total Divas isn't a thing who isn't a good enough wrestler to actually interest people and is therefore doomed to failure because WWE Creative is the worst?
  13. More of that Daniel Bryan please. I get that the humble, quirky guy is who he is 98% of the time but fiery ass-kicking underdog babyface is what won everyone over in the first place.
  14. So, like others, I'm fine with Bryan not partaking in any multi-man ladder spot clusterfuck matches again, but Rusev Day getting consistent babyface pops for months and them finally giving Rusev a win over Bryan is peak WWE.
  15. The two shows referenced: I mean watch what you want but I'm definitely judging you.
  16. They also had like an hour or two of TV a week and could fill most of that with jobber squashes and promos for angles that would get 10 minutes of airtime over a 3 month period so you could slow burn it forever. I'm not saying I love current WWE writing but comparing what they need to do now with what they needed to do with the 80s is comparing an F1 race to a trip to the 7-Eleven.
  17. *shrug* I mean there's no shortage of English language songs written by native English speakers that barely make any sense. I mean Lemmy was clearly some combination of drunk/high af when he wrote Evolution's theme.
  18. Makes sense, seeing as he's the last man to foil a Brendan Rodgers title bid.
  19. 1. Captain America: Civil War 2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 3. Black Panther 4. The Avengers 5. Thor: Ragnarok 6. Spider-Man: Homecoming 7. Iron Man 8. The Avengers: Infinity War 9. Captain America: Winter Soldier 10. Guardians of the Galaxy 11. Captain America: The First Avenger 12. Ant-Man 13. Doctor Strange 14. Iron Man 2 15. The Avengers: Age of Ultron 16. The Incredible Hulk 17. Iron Man 3 18. Thor 19. Thor: The Dark World
  20. Even when he was young, Pete Townshend just looked like your college roommate that needed to level up in grooming.
  21. My mother used to take me with her to that temple sometimes. As a kid I didn't realize what an amazing and unique building it is.
  22. I mean they were going for "Cass was putting on his jacket and watch after having viciously attacked Daniel Bryan from behind". But without the Bryan attack being known until later, it just looked like "Cass coming out to zero reaction, putting on shit Men's Wearhouse just finished altering".
  23. The notion that "sympathetic backstory" somehow precludes heel heat is kinda disproven by like ALL OF WRESTLING HISTORY.
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