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  1. Hulk Hogan had prior experience. Ric Flair had prior experience. The Undertaker had prior experience. Steve Austin had prior experience. John Cena had prior experience. Mick Foley had prior experience. Triple H had prior experience. Big Show had prior experience. Kane had prior experience. Batista had prior experience. Edge had prior experience. Becky Lynch had prior experience. Sasha Banks had prior experience. Bayley had prior experience. Gonna miss out on a lot of potential great additions to their roster with this stupid new plan. I get that they have had some hits on training people from the ground up. I'm sure they count The Rock but that isn't fair because he's 2nd generation and learned a ton before they trained him. Same with Randy Orton. Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar count but had a solid amateur wrestling base before WWE, so they already had half the physical part down. Even if you count all 4 of these guys, that was about 2 decades ago. OVW isn't a thing anymore. The only two big stars that come to mind from the NXT system that had no prior experience are... Charlotte & Reigns. Both of which... are second generation stars who absorbed a shit ton growing up. Can anyone point to a legitimate instance of someone "moving the needle" having only been trained by NXT? Specifically someone that isn't a second or third generation athlete? Like seriously. Who are they trying to create? If it's Brocks & Angles... uhh okay you'll two or three shots with freak amateur athletes. if it's Charlotte & Reigns... uhh okay you'll have 5-10 chances on pro wrestler's offspring. But who the fuck did they ever make that didn't have any wrestling experience? Who is the biggest ground up name they produced through NXT? Big E? How many random athletes off the street have that personality and charisma? Of all the others like him, how many can be on Big E's level? 1 in 10? 1 in 100? 1 in 1,000? This is stupid fucking policy and I will love watching it fail. -Signed a wrestler with previous experience.
  2. Hate to be the Debbie Downer, but won't it just be in a studio ala TNA? I don't think it will be outdoors as an attraction like the Nitros they did. Will probably be like Worldwide inside with the rotating ring.
  3. I have no idea what the capabilities are as far as AEW's production truck / having a recording room available. But it's also possible they can record the commentary on Dynamite & Rampage days in their down time. Call time is like 1PM and Taz & Excalibur have plenty of time to voice the next week's Dark episode / Tony & Show for Elevation before Dynamite goes live. Would save them a travel day / off day doing it that way. Not quite as good as doing it live and being able to feel the emotion. But it's Dark & Elevation, these are mostly enhancement matches. So that's probably not a big concern.
  4. Love Sopp is about the worst possible shoot name in the history of humanity, so maybe that's why lol.
  5. Harsh. I didn't intend it to come out snarky or condescending so if it came across that way my bad. Can I at least get some ranch to dip the dicks in? WWE doesn't pay for any trans or any hotels, even for Mania week. They just designate the hotel the guys have to stay at that week so there isn't as much commingling with fans. Like a team hotel for an away team in the NFL. They don't foot the bill for it. Independent contractors and all. They only pay for the plane tickets. A hotel is like $250 a day. You do that x 14 (two weeks) $3,500 per talent. So it's way less expensive to fly them in & out, even if they are there the next two weeks, than it is to foot the bill and put them up in a "team hotel". Plus these people have families. They don't wanna have to be on the road for two weeks away from loved ones and not even working. Just based on location. But regardless sorry that first post came across condescending. Didn't intend it, and tried to make sure this one wasn't as roughly worded.
  6. You know that's not how it works right? Talent don't stay in a city for weeks with nothing to do. They fly in for the event. Then they fly home the next day. Everyone that worked Rampage flew out on Saturday. And generally they fly in just about everyone to Dynamite, even if they aren't booked. That way they have them there to film promotional stuff in their downtime / in case something comes up and they need to use people that weren't originally written into the show. Do you know how much money the boys would lose paying for their own hotel rooms for two weeks straight waiting for All Out weekend?? lol
  7. Yeah I think you're right. My brain blocked everything with potential and only remembered Wingmen / Factory guys lol. That match should be solid.
  8. Don't get why they're mailing in this episode. This is Punk's first advertised appearance and they're swinging for the fences with... The Factory, The Wingmen, The Gunn Club, and Brock Anderson all having matches? If they wanted to dial it back and not use a lot of the big names for whatever reason, they could have at least showcased the young dudes Punk has put over. Have a Hobbs match, have a Varsity Blonds match, have a Ricky Starks match. At least thematically that would make sense. It'll also be interesting to see how Rampage does this week. I believe it's being taped tonight after Dynamite (they don't have a Friday live event listed anywhere). Let's see if the audience tunes in when spoilers are out there for it. Maybe they stack Rampage with the big names hoping that's how you counter the spoilers? I don't know, after how awesome Punk's debut was last week, this week seems like a big step back.
  9. The person throwing in this spot is responsible for grabbing behind the person's head and tucking it for them on the throw. Goldberg just put his hand on Lashley's throat and never tucked his head for him. That's why he didn't get that tight flip like Flair always got and instead lawn darts on to his shoulder. Has nothing to do with size of the guy taking nor giving, it's all about the proper technique. Goldberg didn't do his end properly. And I doubt that's a spot Lashley takes often, so he may not have known the correct way it's done either. The blame is probably on the agent that suggested they use that spot and then didn't get across the proper way to do it.
  10. I like seeing @Burgundy LaRueposts. They don't always line up with my opinions. But that's good to see. Sometimes a group think thing happens and we're all worse off for it. Plus putting more positivity out into the world is never a bad thing. I'm one voice in a sea of many. But I want to throw my support to the like what you like movement as well. Just don't expect others to have to like what you like too. That's where the disconnect is (at least from what I'm gleaning). Pro WWE people are allowed to like whatever they like. Anti WWE people are allowed to dislike whatever they dislike. Beating up on a pro WWE opinion is just as bad as beating up on an anti WWE opinion. I'm honestly jealous of the pro WWE fans and wish I still enjoyed most of what's on my screen like they do. But bashing people for their opinions (being anti WWE) is literally the same thing you are rallying against. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. I don't wanna feel like I have to bite my tongue if my opinion isn't over the top sugary sweet praise. So I empathize with how you feel on the other end of the spectrum (feeling the need to bite your tongue for praising the stuff you like). I think we'd all be better off if we just accept that no one here has more power in their opinion than anyone else. They're all equal. And everyone should feel free to post what they want to post and stop complaining about the opinions of their opinions. My only request is for us all is to move past this meta opinions of opions talking point. I love seeing Burgundy posts. So please keep posting your true opinions. Let's all just agree to stop dissecting our opinions of other poster's opinions and all that. Thank you for coming to me TED talk.
  11. I know this is a typo, but time traveling Edge going back in time 200 years is a hell of a story pitch. I'm in lol.
  12. Reading through this sparked a few hot takes to formulate in my mind. -Something Gregg said stuck with me. Charlotte is great. She almost always has killer matches. But the majority of us don't care and are sick of her. I mean he's right. She's an awesome worker. But WWE just over expose even the best of the best and grind down our desire to see them because they're always fucking around. Makes me realize if any of our favorites from bygone eras were in this era, we'd probably get annoyed by them too. It's a real problem hindering my enjoyment of these shows. -WCW 1999 & 2000. Once the general opinion becomes your show is shitty to watch and we don't care, it's very hard to work that stink off. Sure WWE sold 46,000 tickets last night. But how many of them actually enjoyed what they saw? Using drew's example, they just lost someone that was hardcore into the product to the point of flying out to see a Sasha vs Bianca rematch. With a real true alternative giving the crowd exactly what they want, the wheels of momentum are already turning. And it's going to take A LOT of work to re-write the (mostly accurate) narrative of how bad WWE has gotten. -History repeating it's self. Moxley / Jericho in the Hogan & Savage roles. Jumped in 1994 and made them a legitimate national promotion that can make toy deals and what not. No longer a regional thing (or a just startup). Now Hogan & Savage jumping didn't win the war. But they were the first steps on the momentum train. 1995 Nitro / Dynamite starts. 1996 Hall & Nash (Punk & Bryan) jump. Two legitimately over current era dudes. If they get a spark like the Hogan turn & nWo formation, WWE is in trouble. Cringe drip stick segments = Hog Pen Matches. Just running the most cartoonish uncool shit possible vs the real living breathing pulse the other guys have. -Sasha. I get the jump to Rona takes. It's where my head went too. But her out dining in public kind of puts a nail in that. So the last few female performers that had weird medical flags come up, what were they? We Charlotte had a false positive pregnancy medically disqualify her for a bit. Becky legit found out she was pregnant. So that's where my mind is at. She also posted a tweet about it being a great day the other day. Baseless speculation? Yup. But makes more sense than the Rona stuff to me. -Bianca burial. No excuse for that shit man. I get that Becky was a last minute replacement and she probably didn't have the confidence to work a full match coming back with a month or two less prep time than she planned for. But do better than that. Let Bianca work a short match with Carmela. Let Becky come out and face off and all that as your make good surprise. Just such a tone def decision. -Edge. Loved The Brood entrance. But wish he would have kept the persona and not shed it half way through his entrance. This return for Edge has been a total miss for me. He was never super a intense monster man before. So why is he that now? I don't want Edge doing Benoit cosplay. I want Edge working like Edge. Dial back the crazy eyes and intense "tough guy" shit my dude. Go back to being the laid back slime ball opportunist. Just a total disconnect for me. Funny. Laid back. Chill. That's the Edge that got over. Not heavy breathing grunting lumberjack Benoit variant.
  13. Fair play, easy money is easy money. I get the sense even for the crazy Saudi money, grumpy ass old Goldberg wouldn't wanna work an extra shot. He seems like he hates everything to do with wrestling. So the bare minimum to get his contracted number is his jam. I did look it up and since he signed that deal it's been 2 matches a year only, no added extra ones. 2019 was the Saudi Taker match and the singles vs Ziggler. 2020 was beating Bray in Saudi then dropping the belt to Strowman at Mania. 2021 is McIntyre at Rumble, Lashley at Summerslam. It seems like an awful lot of trouble for virtually zero gain. But I do believe that has replaced "Anything can happen in the WWF" as the company motto now lol.
  14. I don't have a problem with picture in picture in theory. I have a problem with it in execution. A 2 hour wrestling show only being able to fit one match in complete without a commercial is a little strange. Just asking to tweak the structure a bit. Dont get rid of picture in picture. But can we at least scale it back to only half of the matches stretching out long enough to need a break? It's literally 5 out of 6 matches getting commercials in the middle consistently for at least the last 6 months. A strict rigid formula just gets old to me.
  15. Dynamite has a very rigid structure they adhere to. Every episode has either 5 or 6 matches. I had to look up old Nitro results, because it feels like they try to emulated early / good Nitro with a lot of their structure. But Nitro would normally have anywhere from 8 - 12 matches routinely. And that's during the 2 hour era. I think AEW could get a bit more mileage out of things if they make the format a little more fluid. Scale back the amount of promos. Stick in a quick match or two. And for the love of god structure things a bit better in regards to commercials. All but the opening match usually has a picture in picture break. It's a scripted show, you can script matches to end before commercials sometimes. I really love what AEW is doing, so I hope this doesn't come off too harsh. But sticking to such a rigid formula gets old even when it's people and segments you like. Mix it up a little.
  16. Why is everyone assuming Goldberg is going to win? Isn't he deal structured for two matches per year? So this is his second match of 2021. You guys think they're going to put the world title on Goldberg and let it sit dormant until 2022? He has two matches left on the deal, but none left for this year after the Lashley match. I guess they could have Big E cash in Saturday if Goldberg agreed to that as all part of the one match. But I don't see that as very likely at all.
  17. It'll definitely be interesting to see how they handle it. Because there are schools of thought to go either way. Last week they put the biggest thing on first like a Saturday's Night Main Event. So I'm just gonna guess they start the show off with whatever Punk's deal is. But because Moxley's on last against someone he will beat fairly quickly (not a shot at Garcia, he's the man), I got a feeling they got a second surprise coming. Whatever NJPW guy he is working at All Out surely shows up to confront him, no? It's the biggest crowd they've had yet. Tons of people are already watching for Punk's return. Hit them with a live Tanhashi and it'll blow their minds.
  18. Thanks @tbarrie, that was a great post. I was definitely a bit off in my assumptions. Although I was a bit off the mark, I still stand by there being better technology to go from reasonably confident to factually accurate. And I'd be very interested to see how much of a variance there is between accurate digital readings vs the Nielsen model.
  19. This is one of those things that's kind of nerdy but really interests me. We've been told for decades that the way Nielsen does it's ratings are insanely accurate. But in my mind there's no way that's possible. The average Nielsen viewer counts for 10,000 people. You're going to tell me they have enough data to be confident that customer number 242 watches the exact same TV shows as 10,000 other people from his demographic? There's absolutely no way it can be accurate. Beyond that tho, we are in the year 2021. How have cable & satellite providers not baked in some kind of digital viewership counter?? I know there are parts of the country that still run old school cable without a digital set top box. But they have surely been eclipsed by now. Why doesn't DirecTV, Spetrum, Comcast ect just put digital technology into the boxes that are part of the user agreement that track viewing? That's the crazy part to me. It's certainly possible. And fairly easy to implement compared all the other technologies we have. Yet we still bank on good old customer 242 to have 10,000 friends that watch the same shit he does all day every day.
  20. Would WWE even want him? He's not much in the ring yet being so inexperienced. And he certainly doesn't have the size we're hearing they are requiring again. He's all gimmick, and a gimmick that doesn't work on PG TV.
  21. I have the same feeling. But as they've said sometimes Rampage will have to be taped on the same night as Dynamite with the way they are mapping out the touring right now. So there's no logistical way to switch out the set between tapings. I'm sure as steam picks up and they dedicate a live Friday show every week they will switch it up to distinguish. But for now it's best to err on the side of what makes the most sense logistically. I think this is the most level headed take. Yes if all things were equal an Impact guy should have been put over. But things aren't equal. It takes Impact 11 episodes to hit 1.1 million views vs what Dynamite averages every week now. Impact is lucky to be shown as an equal on such a big state. At this point, despite having a very talented roster, they are basically just an indy with a really good video library. They don't try adn draw more than 300. Only about 100k people watch them a week. So them getting Christian back to possibly do the putting over of an Impact guy is still a major win fall for them. I was on team no way in hell they run Christian vs Omega too. But after Rampage I'm all in on them still running it. They theoretically could take Christian out on Dynamite this week. But I think the story beats of having Christian heat up the fued proving he can pin Omega makes it a virtual lock to have a rematch at All Out. Last night's match was phenomenal even with them not getting it out of 3rd gear. So I'm all for it. And the same crowd that booed the match announcement went fucking bananas for that title change. Talk about some damn good fucking professional wrestlers. 100%... way too many. It did get better once Henry left after the title match. That'd not a knock on him. Just too many people talking over each other. I wish Jericho would dial back his announcer voice just a notch or two. He makes some really good points and interjects some really good psychology. But if he was a bit more reserved I think it would benefit the show. This crowd was fucking on fire. Even better than Wednesday. This hit my sweet spot. Just about the perfect one hour wrestling show. Killer opener with a big title change. A great squash that lead into a genuinely good feel good moment. And while I think Britt & Velvet was a bit off, they really had the crowd invested and felt bigger than most AEW's women's matches. Can not fucking wait for Cult of Personality to hit next week.
  22. Yes, counting in the Fox stations that showed preseason football instead of Smackdown. Should drop a bit around 2.1 mil for the final number. I liked Cena & Reigns promo. But even for a good promo 26 minutes at the top of the show is just too much for my tastes.
  23. They taped a Joe Gacy vs Josh Briggs match for this week's 205 Live. Those two hosses sure don't scream cruiserweight to me lol. I think it's pretty obvious they will transition 205 Live into just another enhancement show like Main Event. There's really no benefit to keeping it cruiserweight branded. The Cruiserweight Classic was awesome. But with anything that gets over, it got tinkered with until it was watered down and not the original idea anymore. WWE is best at being WWE. Not much else survives there. Alternative brands (ECW, WWECW, NXT, 205 Live) that don't fit Vince's vision are destined to fizzle out.
  24. I disagree. He talks about wrestlers like a sports announcer. MMA commentators talk about body changes in relation to fighting. NFL commentators talk about body changes in relation to football. JR is just doing a natural extension of calling a worked sport as if it's a shoot. He's commentating about body changes in relation to wrestling. And there are way too many people that are projecting it to be something unsavory. And it's not. I'm not here to be the defend JR guy. I too think AEW would be better off rotating him in only for sit downs and big matches. I know that's not what he wants but that would benefit the over all product. But we need a little balancing of the opinions here. Because he's done nothing wrong in regards to his comments on Statlander last night.
  25. I just googled it and the phrase is actually toe the line. So maybe that whole post should be disregarded as the ramblings of an idiot
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