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  1. Gonna be a hell of a tournament final there against Hard Work Bobby Walker
  2. From now on I'm just going to assume everyone on the board has commentary experience because I was way off lol. Currently you have the most extensive on air broadcast resume that I know of. So you are now on the hook every time I have a broadcasting question lol. If I'm being honest there's really no way to disagree with this. No one else would get away with a lot of the things he gets away with. But I just have to keep harping on the respect factor and the blow back. You're totally right. But even being right, it would upset a lot of people in the company to take Ross out of that spot against his wishes. So I suspect TK is going to allow him to stay in the saddle until he doesn't wanna ride anymore. I bet there's also a bit of hero worship wrapped up in this. How many of us would have benched the legends of our youth if we were thrust into being there boss later on in their career? Ain't no way I'm benching Bobby Henan if I'm running 2000 WCW ya know.
  3. I'm just over here wondering where the tipping point is. Like at what point do the biggest and most die hard WWE fans start to question why they still give WWE their time and money? At a certain point I would think enough is enough when it comes to treating the performers like interchangeable cogs with no value. But I also would have thought it would have happened long before now. Is there a pro WWE office spin on what the fuck the purpose was of drafting a faction and firing them all in less than a month? If you didn't like thier work why waste that TV equity? Draft 4 other people that you do like. I just don't get it. Has Vince been around so long and made so much money that he really just doesn't care anymore? These are all just random nameless crayons he uses on a coloring book he knows will always sell? Who gives a fuck about the crayons, people pay for "my art". I donno man, just don't get the timing for Hit Row especially.
  4. I think Tony is so highly praised right now because he's not the play by play guy. He doesn't have any pressure on him. He cracks a few jokes. Throws in a shitload of excitement and just picks his spots. Like a more knowledgeable David Crockett. But if he were to be put in the head play by play spot I think that praise would drop like a rock. He is awesome at what he's doing now. But he's not the best when it comes to driving the car. Being the hard sell storytelling guy is not his strength. His strength is giving the viewer a voice. Showing excitement. Saying what fans are thinking.
  5. Damnit, sorry @Gordberglol. I know there are a couple previous commentators on the board but Goreman is the only one I knew of for sure to name drop. (Because whether he knows it or not he's called a few of my matches lol). I do lean towards agreeing with your overall point. JR nails it 15-20% of the time with a great call. 30% of the time he's just mailing it in. 50% of the time or so he's actively detracting from the show. (Your percentages may vary). But I still just don't see how you take him out back old yeller style without any blow back. I feel like for all his contributions, he's earned the right to go out when he wants. With a cancer diagnosis and radiation on the table I think he's going to realize there's more important places to spend the time he has left. I hope at least. It may just be the OCD in me, but it would be so much less messy if the he makes the decision for himself. This is speculation on my part mixed with recollections of what he's talked about on his podcast. I'm fairly sure his first 3 year deal was already up. I think he was signed in fall of 2018, before the company officially launched, as a way to lock him in and show TNT they had him on board. On his podcast he spoke about his deal being up a few months ago, and the renegotiating process a bit. He said he's only doing one year contracts from now on because he doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep up with the travel pace at his age. So I believe he is actually signed until Fall of 2022 currently. At least if we take what he said at it's word.
  6. I understand that you feel that way. So my follow up question is are you okay with disrespecting JR and firing him and ending his career on such negative terms? Do you think he deserves to go out on better terms for all he's done for wrestling? I mean it's an opinion question so it's okay if your opinion is no. Just trying to put it in context what everyone is asking for. For what you want to happen, you have to burn a bridge with a legend and fire him. That's the reality of the situation. So maybe it'll be a little more clear why they don't make a change that a lot of us think is so obvious. It would be a bad look, PR wise and locker room morale wise. There's a lot of respected veterans in AEW that respect JR very highly. And firing him against his wishes would not be viewed as a total positive by those people... even if the on air product improved a bit for it.
  7. The JR talking point gets tedious. There's merit there for sure for a lot of the complaints. But me personally I have only commentated two professional wrestling matches in my life. And with the exception of Goreman, no one else here has any real experience or knowledge to our opinions. We're just talking about what we like and what we don't like. I wish it was framed as such. I think people stating their opinions of what they like or don't like, instead of coming from a position of your opinion as fact, would help the discourse a bit. JR is a hardworking and prideful guy. He's 70 and been overcoming a disability for 20 years now. It's not 100% fair to compare 70 year old slightly disabled and riddled with tragedy JR to young prime JR during his peak. It's not apples to apples. He adds value to AEW. He also makes mistakes and takes away value sometimes. Be open and honest with your opinions, but please can we dial it back and do it with a bit more respect? Whether current day JR is your cup of tea or not, he was the best play by play guy in the history of American wrestling at one point in time. And to answer a few suggestion that have been floated, JR himself has said many times he wants to be a full time announcer or nothing at all. He hated being the one match at Wrestlemania guy. He is unwilling to "just work big matches" or "do the main events" or be "sit down interview guy". So it's a little like screaming into the void hoping for that outcome. He also has zero interest in producing commentary or being a part of the office or anything else. Lead play by play guy or nothing are the current potential options. For the record, my opinion is that a Taz, Tony, Excalabur booth would be the best suited for this product. But my opinion is also JR was the best to ever do it at one point, and it's more important to the history of the business to let him go out on his own term than it is to force that change right this second. It wouldn't be such a drastic improvement that it's worth disrespecting a legend at the end of his career.
  8. Survivor Series already has a hook, the 5 on 5 matches. It doesn't need brand vs brand shit. Do a full show of the elimination matches like it used to be. Let teams be intermingled between brands. You know, tell stories with them. They're always looking for hooks to separate and make the PPVs stand out from each other. Use the Champion vs Champions hook for Night of Champions or something. Make that PPV stand out. Especially with the draft 4 weeks before this PPV every year it makes zero sense for anyone to have brand loyalty. For fuck's sake the same people run both shows on screen. Just so fucking lame.
  9. That would be a wild twist. There's definitely some backstory to unravel with whoever Iris is that they keep referencing. But for the sake of simplicity I'm fairly sure Kurt Caldwell is going to be the big bad. Unless when you zoom in on Angela's eye it looks like an older man in his 60s lol. Going further out on a limb, I think the sketchbook they found in his backpack filled with drawings of people are all people he has killed.
  10. I'm not sure the lake thing actually happened. They definitely show it, but if I'm remembering it right when he stuffs the body in the water, Deb comes out of the water, then a creature / personification of his dark passenger pulls her under. So I think that was more a manifestation of his inner monologue more so than a real action that happened. There was another instance of that in this episode. Him sitting in the truck where Deb is just going off on him and he screams his head off. The he notices the girl looking at him. So did he actually scream with the girl seeing him do it, or did him seeing the girl just pull him out of his inner monologue (and he didn't actually scream)? Seems like they are using these visions as a purposeful misdirect in a few instances. I too love Deb being so aggressive. It really reflects the change in Dexter's view of himself. Harry was helpful, his conscious trying to protect him because he was following a code. Deb is haunting, because his conscious is more worried with hurting the people he loves than protecting himself anymore.
  11. I'm digging the vibe of this season a lot. It's slow moving, but they are putting the pieces in place to make shit mean something. We find out Hannah died from pancreatic cancer a few years back. Harrison also seems super well adjusted and able to interact with the kids his own age with no hesitancy or awkwardness like Dexter had at that age. I do find it interesting when they offered him weed he says no because he just got clean. Probably jumping to conclusions here, but I have a feeling he got clean from killing and not drugs. Also think he actually killed Hannah. But we shall see. The end of the episode pan down below his fire pit actually made me say what the fuck out loud lol. Episode 2 gives a better insight into this and it doesn't appear to be related to Harrison. But we'll see how it unfolds, could certainly be a swerve here. This is already better than Season 8 to me. So I'm all in for the ride. Probably won't reach the highs of Season 4. But with Clyde Philips back as the show runner, this train is definitely back on the tracks.
  12. Logical if they offered ANY kind of health insurance to their "independent contractors". But they don't. So this isn't a possible explanation. If Keith Lee has any kind of medical insurance, he pays for it out of his own pocket. So it honestly could just be a semantics thing here. I consider health insurance bills as "medical bills". Maybe WWE doesn't. But even if WWE paid whatever treatment cost that his individual health insurance didn't cover, he still had to pay his own medical bills (his insurance premiums).
  13. I had sensed he did the phantom elbow so the ref would think he hit a move on OC too. But it's a lumberjack match. He cant get DQed. Also it looked fucking stupid dropping an elbow two inches away from the dude's face. If you're going to do that, actually hit the guy. Don't think it was a fake twist of fate because he would have went through the motions to do the whole twist part and spoon fed the audience. He was big time over thinking here tho. Should have just covered him because it actively took away from the finish, not added to it. Looked ridiculous.
  14. Those are some of he rosiest rose colored glasses I've ever seen my man lol. Can you cite an example in recent memory of them bringing someone back that was utterly incompetent in the ring as a means to put someone over a monster? They bring in older stars that once had value. Eva was a failed experiment. You would then assume that her coming back in was to give her a second shot to get over and become a star... not use that failed run as a rub for someone else. Someone else named Doudrop by the way. Ain't no killer ever gonna get over with the name Doudrop. Also also, if this were a case of them bringing in an old wrestler as a way to introduce Doudrop, why was she on a contract? Like generally any old stars that come back to give someone the rub (think Dibiase in NXT for Cameron Grimes) they are on a per night deal. Because once the story ends they don't need them anymore. So why would they need to release Eva if that's all they brought her in for? Sorry, doesn't pass the sniff test.
  15. Looking at it from the perspective of a player, this emphasis on taunting sucks. Players are full of emotion and energy and playing their hearts out. It's only natural to celebrate when they do something good. For 20 years firing up and woo'ing in a guy's face has been legal. Now it's not. So they have to erase 20 years of learned behavior while working their ass off and draining their emotion tanks? No sir, I don't like it. Looking at a sideline 15 yards away after you get a sack is taunting? He didn't speak. He didn't pose. He stared onto their side of the field. Someone explain to me how every time a receiver or RB gets a first down and gets to do the taunting point thing isn't taunting, but looking a certain way is. I get their thought process with it. But they are over thinking it. This isn't a scholarly endeavor where you want to project an air of class. It's fucking football. It's jacked up dudes running around hitting each other. Quit trying to be something you're not. Football isn't about projecting class. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun, for both the viewers and the participants. Get off your high horses and let football be football.
  16. Can you direct me to any other posters who post this way? I haven't noticed any, but I don't visit every thread. But also is murder wrong, or is murder only wrong when you tell that other guy to stop murdering first? You don't have to whataboutism this. You can just agree that shit posting should probably stop. I personally don't want to put him on ignore because he does post good news and insights a lot. I don't want him banned or removed or anything like that. I just want him to stop posting like a four year old to pop himself.
  17. Love this idea. Can do it with the men and the women. Would really add some structure to Nov / Dec / Jan all flowing into each other with a purpose.
  18. It has nothing about views aligning. It has to do with posting like a petulant fucking child. That goes for everyone, no matter if your preferred promotion is WWE, AEW, Impact, or Ra-ka-king. If the whole point of your post is equivalent to sticking your hands in your ears and going nah-nah nah-nah no thanks, go do that shit on reddit or twitter.
  19. It's shocking how often this inaccurate talking point is repeated as fact lol. (Love yours posts JT so this isn't a shot at you). Two things broke WCW. And neither were related to money / contracts at all. 1. WCW went PG. Wording it like that may be confusing. But once AOL & Time Warner started the merger process, it was handed down to WCW creative to be more family friendly. They had to deal with standards and practices toning down the show. There's no way you can creatively compete with Attitude Era WWE with those kind of handcuffs on. Especially since WCW thrived on the more reality based stuff. Like the nWo. But they had to pivot to dumb Ric Flair somehow becomes WCW president after visiting an insane asylum junk. 2. AOL / Time Warner didn't want wrestling on their books. It was not successful when they pulled the plug on it. But they still would have pulled the plug on it even if it was successful. The landscape changed. Wrestling at the time went from inoffensive lowbrow tv, to full on toxic for advertisers. WWE going full on Attitude era brought on so much negative press for wrestling as a whole. So while yes WCW did lose an insane amount of money in 2000, that's not really a factor in why they pulled the plug. You also have to understand the way the books worked at Turner to see how WCW took on more losses than they should have. Like all their home video releases ended up in the ledger for Turner Home Entertainment, not WCW. And how WCW had to pay all production costs for Thunder & Nitro from their books, even tho it should have been coming from the networks they aired on's books. Shit like that.
  20. Season 9 starts tonight. They already through it up on the app this morning. I will spoiler my thoughts since it hasn't aired on linear TV yet. (Didn't know if this warranted a whole new thread. I sense the demand for this isn't as big as it was during the show's initial run).
  21. I get the sentiment. One of these is far far worse than the other, but the Rodgers stuff is getting way more coverage. But there isn't much to talk about in regards to the DUI murder. It's no longer an NFL issue. The player who did it is going to jail for a very long time. Exponentially more important and more sad than the Rodgers thing. But Ruggs' situation doesn't allow a lot of room for opinions and talking heads. He fucked up as badly as a human can. No one is gonna "yeah but" his decision. It's sad as hell. And we're all in universal agreement that a man just ruined his own life, and worse took the life of another innocent person because he was too stupid to make the right decision not to drive. I can't hate on ESPN & other networks not wanting to dwell on something so sad and horrible.
  22. On the Fox pregame show Glazer said suspension is not even on the table as a possible punishment for Rodgers. Only fines for him and The Packers. But doesn't that set a bad precedent? It gives all the players incentive to lie about their status and try to get around the protocols. Because even if they get caught (and Rodgers only did because he caught covid after 8 weeks of getting away with it), the worst that will happen is they will take what amounts to like .5% of your paycheck away. So where is the downside to lying? I'm well aware stars get different treatment. But for as strict and serious as the NFL has taken the pandemic, this is a bad look.
  23. Nah @D.ZI'm serious. You've had a bunch of posts in the last few weeks where I've bit my lip because you're posting like a full on fucking troll. I mean I could have replied saying another episode of Smackdown where they sold 300 less tickets than Rampage. Yumola. But I didn't. Because that's fucking dumb. Dial it back a bit. Just trying to force some drama into these threads for no reason man.
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