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  1. Heels & Faces are an archaic trope. That's not all encompassing. But pro wrestling could be well served to dip it's toe in the real world more often. Was Punk really a heel at MITB 2011 in Chicago? Nope. To that audience he was the face. I don't see an issue with guys being real live three dimensional human beings instead of one dimensional characters. As far as audience participation and investment, to me at least, that's how you hook and engage people. Is it really that hard to keep a consistent character motivation while their moods ebb & flow from week to week / opponent to opponent?
  2. I've said this a couple times, but current day WWE is a turn off for me. The presentation has no life. As others have said, over produced super sterile. Perfection is boring. It's the same overly scripted format, with the commentators shouting the same overly repeated specialized Vince language. I grew up on 80s & 90s WWF & WCW. If you showed me the current product back then it would have bored me to tears. The pulse is in the moments of reality that show through. 80s & 90s promos, while yes being directed to tell the story the promoter booked, were largely dudes who created their own characters riffing on the story in their own words. Hulk Hogan didn't say 'sufferin succotash'. Macho Man didn't say 'WWE Universe' 100 times. Ric Flair didn't talk about 'championship opportunities'. Yes wrestling is worked, but it was still real people saying real things that came to their brain. Same with ring work. You'd have agents that just passed on what type of finish to go with, and make sure finishes weren't repeated back then. Now a days you legit have agents scripting what camera to be facing for each big spot, & calling spots through IFBs to the refs who make the wrestlers do those spots whether they want to or not. Now don't get me wrong WWE is making record breaking profits, I get that. But the quality of the shows are the worst of all time. It's cookie cutter guys doing cookie cutter scripted promos, rinse & repeat. Until they drastically overhaul the process they use and the format they force, this is just what WWE is. It's a show at a theme park. The script never changes. Just the employee saying the lines & doing the stunts that day. 6 shows a day. Same thing every time. No life. No art. No pulse.
  3. Cody owns the Bash At The Beach trademark and Dynamite already ran a Bash At The Beach episode. I think Capital Combat The Return Of Robocop is available tho. Let's burn through every WCW name during the quarantine era lol.
  4. I'm a die hard Giant's fan (as you can probably tell by my avatar lol) and... I have no idea what you're on dude. Dak is good. Real good. Is he going to get paid? Absolutely. The Giants haven't been relevant in a minute so maybe it's just residual heat for a division rival. But Dak should get paid, will get paid, and I have no idea what you're even arguing about. Jerry Jones is a dumpster fire of an owner & GM, but I'd take him any day of the week over Gettleman. How you pay your number one player big money then trade him away immediately is beyond me. Gettleman legit said he didn't think he could draft as well this year because he couldn't physically be close enough to smell the players due to the virus. Uh whuuut? The Giants have their own shit to worry about instead of accepting Dak is getting paid and probably going to kick our ass 7 out of 8 games ever 4 years.
  5. Fair point. I did read on one of the news sites somewhere that Impact was still paying all talent through the pandemic. But it's never come from anyone official so it could be BS. Another fair point. I agree, they should not have given her the title. But I've had plenty of jobs where the boss asked me for things I didn't see the utility in doing it, but I still had to do it lol. Yes, ultimately kind of pointless to promote a match she knew she wasn't going to do. But again takes only 30 seconds to film a mailed in BS promo. She could have worded it however she wanted and not specifically promoted the match. Just cut a generic deal putting herself over just to comply and help them fill air time like they asked. I don't think that's asking too much. Especially for a company that had her back during a scandal (which again I don't agree with them doing).
  6. I get the thought process here. But she's under contract. She's still (as far as we know) getting paid a downside guarantee while not working tapings. If your boss asks you to send a video since it's not feasible to be in person, is that really such an over reach? Like it's your job, they're paying you, and you can't film a 30 second cell phone promo? It literally couldn't be easier to shoot your own content these days. Plus it sounds like they already had Josh Mathews film the wrap arounds throwing it to her promo, so they had to redo all the wrap arounds. That has got to be super annoying that your stuck up racist champ can't take 30 seconds out of her day and talk into her phone. And you have to re-tape a bunch of stuff because of it. They both look bad here. Impact should have called an audible when her racism allegations came out. But they stuck their head in the sand like they always do on behavior issues. It's 2020, Impact is at best the number 5ish national wrestling brand... and they're still pulling TNAs everywhere.
  7. I'm not getting the uneasyness of the crowd brawl or the pull apart spots. AEW tests everyone for Covid before they go in. Everyone in the building is confirmed to be negative. If none of them have the virus, lumberjack matches, pull aparts, crowd brawls... it's all relatively safe and unassuming. I'd get it if they were just doing temp checks like WWE had been. But everyone gets legit tested. So where is the danger?
  8. That's never going to happen. The merch tables are where workers make the majority of their pay. There's been nights where I made 600% of what my pay was at the merch table, and I'm a nobody. The bigger name guys, the people that make indy wrestling an actual living, need that merch money to survive. If a promoter takes away merch tables, guys will take other bookings over you. It's no longer economically viable to work somewhere that gets rid of merch tables.
  9. As an aside, this is an issue for both the men and women... if you work last, you also gotta be prepared to be changing in front of the fans at a moment's notice. Tear down will start taking the curtains down pretty much right when the show ends. I've had that happen to me so many times in buildings where the locker room is just partitioned off by curtains. A lot of times the people working tear down dont think to check if everyone is decent (or don't care because they just wanna get it done). So any fans sticking around buying merch or taking pictures end up being able to see you changing sometimes.
  10. Out of all the shows I've ever worked, maybe 20 of them had a legitimate locker room. 95% of the time it's just whatever room is adjacent to the room the event is held in. Or in some cases the same room the event is in, just separated by curtains. Zero times in 17 years have I been on a show with a separate female locker room. The general rule of thumb for the female workers is they change into their ring gear in the female bathrooms before doors open. Its shitty that they have a different set of standards and have to worry about getting into gear before doors open & in bathrooms that are sometimes gross, unlike the men. But only companies big enough to run actual arenas like WWE, WCW, and probably AEW have the luxury of separate female locker rooms.
  11. Idk, seems like Jaxon Ryker or whatever his WWE name is, is a top candidate. When you get pulled from TV because you're so far up Trump's ass, being a flat-earther or Covid denier can't be far behind.
  12. Respectfully I gotta disagree on that one. Sid main evented two Wrestlemainias. One with Hogan & one with Undertaker. Two runs as WWE Champion. Two runs as WCW Champion. Was always a major deal in WWE. Survivor Series 96 is a good example. And that run started with him being a replacement when Ultimate Warrior flaked. So they basically promoted him as a guy equal to Warrior. He had that hot but short ECW run. Every run he had in WCW he was tippy top of the card. He did way better than you're giving him credit for. His push and accomplishments are probably up in the top 20% of all time. I get that he was never a mega star during a boom period, but not many were. If you compare him to similarly pushed guys like Nash (0 WM main events) or Kane (0 WM main events), you start to see that he did more than people remember.
  13. Well should have seen the bait and switch coming. The execution was a little muddy. Like why did Flair have to be involved? But I do like the path the psycho Orton character is on. He's done psycho before, but it feels fresh with him showing remorse and stuff. I also love that Christian technically got to have a final match, and that it was with his biggest singles rival. It was an angle more than a match, but this narrative provides much better closure for a very under rated performer. This was the first full Raw I've watched in real time during the lock down era. It dragged real real bad and I don't quite understand why some people are used for two or three segments when you got dudes like Ricochet and Cedric not even making TV at all. But hey, cheesy out dated ninja stuff makes up for that right?
  14. To post something positive today to balance out my earlier doo-doo posts lol, I'm actually going to tune into Raw tonight. A vague spoiler making the rounds has me pumped.
  15. Remix draws 800-1000 to every show they run. AAW draws around 500 every show, Revenge close to that too. I'm just straight up done responding to you. The goal posts move every time you post. It went from he only works two places to you wouldn't drive 3 hours to see him. You have no credibility. Your creepy hatred of Britt Baker is off-putting, and name dropping that you work for tax time wrestling (sorry 5 Star Wrestling) doesn't impress anyone. Have a great day totally rational man.
  16. False. As posted here 4 Retweets, 1 Comment, 30 Likes. Also false. Just because you can't keep up with his schedule doesn't mean he isn't busy as fuck. Just off the top of my head I've seen him promoting GCW, Remix Pro, RSW, Bizarro Lucha, Revenge, Beyond, Limitless, OWA, AAW, MEGA, ESW, Freelance, Conquest, and the aforementioned PCW & IWC that you spoke of on Twitter.... just in the last 6 months alone... during a pandemic. **Paging some credibility, has anyone seen any credibility?**
  17. I know Justin Plummer just fine. He's a good dude. And IWC is a great place to work. But if he decides to let Cogar go, it's not going to be that big of a hurdle for Cogar's career. He'll just have more free dates to take GCW shots, and other further away bookings that will help him grow as a performer. Again WWE, Impact, New Japan, ROH, AEW, MLW, NWA... all of them employ people on the reg that have done much worse than what Cogar's done. It's irrelevant. It's a sticker. The owner of WWE allegedly helped cover up a murder for one of his performers for christ's sake lol. You think a mean sticker is gonna make anyone there blink?
  18. Dude, no. Just no. For one, Cogar's gimmick is straight up anti authority cult murderer that wears people's faces. Secondly, his finger is on the pulse. That's how an entire generation feels right now. Guess you haven't seen any twitter trends, news articles, or protesting in the past two weeks? Weird. If anything more people are going to be searching out his stuff now. And lastly, Cogar is really fucking good. And quality is more important than anything in the wrestling business. For fuck's sake man there's people that have done real life criminal and immoral things that national wrestling companies have no issues looking past. A "fuck pigs" sticker is legit like the least offensive thing I've ever seen anyone clutch their pearls over on this board lol.
  19. Chris Hamrick wore the baggy pleather pants with a sleeveless pleather shirt in his ECW run. First I remember seeing it. 98ish. Maybe 99. But it's pleather, not trash bags lol. I feel like so many indy guys went that way because of Tajiri getting that sick sound off his kicks, slapping the pleather. Annnddddd one of the most influential wrestlers of all time... Rey Mysterio started wearing them in his WWE run. And most everyone on the indys wanted to be Rey when they started.
  20. RIP cinematic matches 2020 - 2020 It looks like I'm in the minority but I thought the MITB was no bueno. Brother Love taking a shit? An indy quality Doink? A food fight for no reason? I did not like much of that at all. I loved both the boneyard match & the fun house match. But both of those had a story to them. This was just throwing a ton of shit at the wall with no purpose. With a 480p cameo from Stephanie that was clearly filmed on a zoom call and edited in. No sir I didn't like it. Maybe I need to take a break during the empty arena era. I'm just not connecting with anything they're doing. Yes I realize that's most likely a me problem and not a them problem. Sounds like most people here enjoyed it, so I don't wanna poo poo on your parade. It was some of the most cringey stuff I've seen in awhile. The Undertaker doc after it was amazing. Will definitely keep up with the rest of the series.
  21. This is a bad hot take. Especially since it centers around Miz, who almost certainly is in the seven figures for total earnings in WWE. Even his downside is upper six figures. So even if they got pissed at him and sat him down at home, dude's gonna clear like $600K a year at least. You're telling me him doing onlyfans and cameo and a PWT store is going to replace a million dollars a year? Or even $600K? No. Not even close. Not even adding that to indy bookings. Would Miz even work indy's? He's a strictly WWE guy. He's a full on lifer that loves that place. Doing the media, doing the cheesy commercials. I would think he doesn't have much of a shot at an AEW because of the WWE lifer stink. Impact would take him, but the pay there is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than AEW. Plus he doesn't own "The Miz". It's far more believable that if he got let go he goes back to MTV and just hosts Challenge shows. And that isn't paying $600K. And how does a promo create instant $$$? I need you to show your work on that. Because in generalities it sounds good. But if you examine it with any kind of specifics it falls apart immediately.
  22. I'm not trying to talk you out of your opinion. It's a valid opinion. That's the way your brain works. It made that connection. My only point in posting that explanation was to say that not everyone's brain works like yours or @LoneWolf&Subs or Meltzer's. You are allowed to be offended by it. I'm just pointing out that my brain didn't make that connection. I'm sure a lot of other people's brains didn't make that connection. I fully believe no one involved made the connection. I attribute that to the equipment and scene not looking anything like a dude hanging himself from a lat pull down machine. (Keep in mind Edge wasn't being hung at all, because choking & hanging are banned actions in the Mattel action figure agreement. See Bryan, Daniel and his firing for more on that one). Edge was dangling by the armpit on elbow straps. It's not at all the same scenario. It seems like you guys are trying to attribute it to malice. Like they did this horrible shout out on purpose with nefarious intentions. All I'm saying is I don't feel that way. I can see why people are turned off by it if their brain made that connection. But it was not done intentionally.
  23. Dawg let it go. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if that's your opinion that's perfectly okay, but you can't force your opinion on everyone else. You must not be a gym guy. Benoit made a make-shift noose out of the steel cable on his lat pull down machine. A machine that the steel cord automatically pulls up once you let go. The thing Edge was dangling on were fabric sleeves you put your elbows in so you can do crunches while hanging in the air. It's not even close to the realm of the machine Benoit used. My point with that is, while you see it as a Benoit homage or easter egg... people that work out frequently (like Edge, Orton, and probably everyone else producing that match) would never make that connection. Because a lat pull down machine and elbow straps for crunches could not be more different. That's why it didn't get edited out. Because people who are familiar with the equipment didn't make a connection. And I can say with absolute certainty those involved didn't do it as a shout out. They did it by accident.
  24. ...Controversial post alert... In the Saudi thread there was a lot of grief for Goldberg's Jackhammer to Bray. Also the bad one Undertaker took last year. Both were not Goldberg's fault. Taker & Bray both didn't post AT ALL. When you go up for a vertical suplex you're supposed to post on your opponent's hip and make your arm stiff as a board to support some of your own weight. Watch both of those Jackhammers. Both guys go to post low down on Goldberg's leg, near his knee, and keep their arms bent. Thus not supporting any of their own weight. Almost like they were taking a normal suplex instead of a vertical suplex. Every one Dolph took at Summerslam looked fine. Because he posted. And 53 year old Goldberg just isn't strong enough to muscle 300 pound dudes who don't help him. In Taker's case Goldberg wasn't expecting that to happen and made a poor decision to spike him straight down. With Bray it's almost like he expected it, because he was already twisting into the slam right away. There's a lot of stuff you can dog on Goldberg for but those two bad Jackhammers specifically, he's getting a lot of shit for when it wasn't his fault. ...Controversial post concluded...
  25. I thought the finish to the women's cage match was great. Creative, and a great visual being trapped between the mesh. I hope they get out of Full Sail soon. Something is just not connecting with me for their TV even though I really enjoy all the Takeovers.
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