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  1. The stadium they're moving to is a dome. So no weather issues. Just a large cavernous 40,000 seat empty dome filled will 100,000 video screens. ETA: Oh shit this was about AEW not the Thunderdome. My bad. Your point makes a lot more sense now.
  2. Not sure if serious? lol A cleaner is a hitman. When people say go full cleaner they want him to go back to his full on heel gimmick when he was the hitman for the Bullet Club. Dark shades, leather jackets, jet black dyed hair (that part isnt gonna happen), more serious and shit. He's kinda been this aww shucks silly babyface in AEW. Still presented as a threat in the ring obviously, but people want his more focused New Japan presentation.
  3. Oh and since @TheVileOnedidn't know why the Tyson match was dropped, he signed on for a big money boxing exhibition vs Roy Jones Jr. He was originally going to work a match with Jericho at All Out but had to back out to go into training for the November 28th fight.
  4. Obvious troll is obvious. lol just kidding. Yeah I think he backed out because WWE was adamant he'd have to fully train like a full time wrestler for a few months and put all his time and effort into it. WWE can be pretty stubborn about doing things their way. I'm fairly certain AEW takes the opposite approach with him. Hey dude just show up and we'll work around any limitations you have. We'll put you with Cody, he can create motion around you and make it easier. No training requirements, just a match and a payday. Ah yes, let's not forget the gold standard of celebrity appearances, Mike Tyson in 1998. The first appearance of which had Mike Tyson in a sky box at The Royal Rumble talking about his favorite wrestler "Cold Stone". It was later on that he had that sweet pull apart. You'll get no argument out of me, that segment sucked ass last night. Jade's promo is one of the worst promos ever in wrestling. But that doesn't spell doom for the whole idea of it. Comparing PacMan Jones to Shaq is like comparing The Barbarian to The Rock (but they both have THE in their name!). Comparing TNA to AEW is also real dumb. AEW is profitable. AEW has professionals in a marketing capacity. AEW is connected to a national sports franchise. TNA was connected to a barn in Nashville with no professionals working PR. I loved the Brandi promo. It's not my place to comment on code switching. I understand that complaint and would agree with anyone that feels that way. But I did like her coming out 0 to 60 tearing into Jade. That was the only fucking pulse that lame ass segment had lol.
  5. Yes. But allow me to suggest one tweak: What if there were 3 or 4 moves per commentator that made a talking head pop up like the TOASTY thing in Mortal Kombat? Hit a Superkick and Excalibur's head pops into frame yelling Superkick Party. Falcon Arrows Excalibur yells she's / he's done the deal. Give all of them a few. Even Taz. You get a little bit of that flavor from TV, but like you said, we don't need full on commentary and it usually takes away from the game. Just a nod to video gaming history while doing something innovative for a wrestling game. I so want the character screen to be like Revenge where everyone is placed under their faction. The Dark Order. The Inner Circle. Being The Elite. The Nightmare Family. Kingston & The Fam. Also give me the announcers as playable characters. And managers. And randoms. Like an updated AKI Man, The Jaguars Mascot, Kenny's Cleaner girls, Tony Kahn, Conrad Thompson, The Rock n Roll Express, Gangrel, Hurricane. The more like No Mercy this is, the more IN I am lol.
  6. I would think since they said this game is still very early in development, not to expect it until at least Q4 2021 or even 2022. So the roster cut off wouldn't be until probably spring or early summer of 2021 if that's the case.
  7. They showed the brief 2 second clip of the Meltzer Driver in the create a wrestler looking mode. Just imagine the No Mercy engine being Rey Fenix (and this should only be Fenix) being on the turnbuckle and being able to run across the top rope and intercept Nick Jackson with a Cutter. But only if you time it right. Or being able to counter FTR doing The Shatter Machine with a running grapple Reverse Rana. Or giving Darby a unique reversal system like they gave the MMA guys because he's so quick. So much potential. The n64 engine is by far the best engine and nothing in the last 20 years comes close. Just picturing what could be. Doing Unsanctioned matches with ridiculous weapons. The ridiculously high steel cage they used on Dynamite. Doing Casino Battle Royals (like the battle royal / royal rumble modes). Stadium Stampede matches. The Jaguars mascot as a playable character. Having the Hardy compound as a playable arena. lol I'm sure I need to temper my expectations, but it's pretty exciting.
  8. This frustrates me to no end. Golden Tate has been the ultimate gator arms receiver all season. On a majority of the catches he does have, he immediately gives himself up and doesn't try to get more yards. He's not getting the ball because he's mailing it in. He won't reach out if he senses a defender. He won't fight for yards. He's basically a waste of a roster spot and I can't wait until he's gone.
  9. Approximately zero dollars and zero cents. You Tube took professional wrestling off of the monetization list. I assume WWE & AEW still get monetization, but independent wrestling promotions don't. The change happened about 2 years ago. I remember seeing AIW talk about what a large chunk of money they were missing out on due to the new classification.
  10. Yikes. Talk about a bad hot take. Name one Miz match that was as good as Punk vs Cena at Money In The Bank. The Miz is near the top of list of the most bland boring characters in a company full of them. And his ring work is even more bland. He's had almost no character progression in 10 years now. He's the poster boy for why today's WWE is ice cold. Punk was over with live crowds. Punk could work. Punk could talk. Punk had an aura. Miz is great at outside media. He's a pretty good promo when he's allowed to talk for himself (The Bryan stuff). But he's not good in the ring at all and he has ZERO aura. Could you imagine Iron Sheik vs Hogan being on top in 1994? Or Andre vs Hogan on top in 1997? Yikes. Can we rename The Thunderdome to The Hamster Wheel? Fits current WWE much better. Because they put these guys on a hamster wheel where no one progresses or gets hot and we end up in the same place over and over again. Case in point, Survivor Series this year is in the exact same building on the same exact date where Miz cashed in on Orton the first time. Riveting.
  11. I liked Roman vs Jey last month a lot. I liked the end segment with the elders blessing Roman as the chief and really like the overall direction of his character and this story. But the match was basically the same exact thing as last month. Someone in an interview said last month was planned as a one and done, and it shows. Why just run the exact same match with basically the exact same ending? I liked the end result of the story. But you can tell WWE is already struggling with a long form story when story beats 2 & 3 are exactly the same thing. Hopefully they have something new for the character trajectory after tonight. Liked the Women's Hell In A Cell and thought it should have been the main event. Bayley vs Sasha always delivers. The rest of the show was short and boring as fuck. Miz & Morrison have Bossman heat with me. Otis has Bossman heat with me. Retribution have Bossman heat with me. Orton & McIntyre feuding have Bossman heat with me. Basically the whole show was a microcosm of why I'm so checked out on WWE these days. If I have the book, I'm sending Miz to NXT to cash in MITB on Finn Balor who is too injured to compete and forfits the title. The heat would be off the charts in the vein of Foley's anti hardcore run in ECW. Then when Finn is cleared he squashes the shit out of Miz and takes the belt back. Otherwise, we're just in a time warp to 2010 waiting for Miz to cash in on Randy god damn Orton again. NO THANKS.
  12. WWE had Wardlow in the sense they got a real good look at him and passed.... for some reason. He filmed a segment for the WWE Undercover Boss where he taught "Stephanie" to wrestle, but they cut it from the show. He still got a performance center tryout out of the deal. But they didnt sign him. A huge miss on their end in my opinion.
  13. Cody definitely comes off smug like a rich kid sometimes lol. But no, that would be WWE from my perspective. Cody grew up idolizing Dusty. WWE mostly shit on him, until his passing. Even when Dusty was a part of their team. They spent two decades mostly laughing at Dusty gimmicks and booking decisions in their documentaries. So Cody, who has so much pride for Dusty, is just a motivated kid trying to prove the ideas his dad originated are not as shitty as the big rich corporation has been telling you for 20 years.
  14. They let the majority of those names sit around collecting dust for 20 years. It's gonna be a hard task for you to get me to believe something you show no attention to for 20 years is something you give a shit about. Hell they didn't even use those trademarks when Dusty was still alive and heavily involved in NXT & the performance center. It's like WWE has this big toy box full of toys. None of them excite them anymore so they collect dust and don't get used. But the second someone else gets excited by them and wants to use them, all of a sudden those are their favorite toys and no one can have them and they always cared about these toys so so much. Sorry dude, but the rich kid toy box theory is gonna be hard for you to dispute lol.
  15. Wrestlemania is a once a year specific name. Just like Starrcade or The World Series or The Super Bowl. I don't have a problem with them numbering Wrestlemanias because it's a once a year show. The point is moot because they don't even number them now. But the side of the argument you are fighting for is much closer to In Your House. When they started they were numbered, In Your House 2,3, 4, ect. Then they went to naming them, In Your House Canadian Stampede, In Your House Final 4, ect. Which is backwards from what NXT has done. They started by naming them, Takeover Revolution, Takeover Brooklyn, Takeover War Games, ect. Now they went to numbering them. And it's bland AF. And they happen like 6-8 times a year. Far different than a once a year Wrestlemania. Can you specifically recall what made Takeover 30 different from Takeover 31? Nope. They happened two months apart and bleed together because they have no identity. While I can specifically recall what made Takeover Revolution different from Takeover War Games. But to my original point, even the average fan that doesn't pay as much attention as us, could *definitely* identify the difference between Great American Bash & Halloween Havoc. The trademarks don't mean anything to them. They're using them for spite.
  16. Ah. So it's about protecting trademarks they didn't give a shit about for 20 years until someone else showed interest by buying up the dormant ones. Takeover 31 is a lame name for a PPV. If they want to put those names back into circulation do it for the PPVs so the names mean something. Instead they just happen to use them as tv "specials" when going head to head with the guy that tried to buy most of them? Just coincidence? Nah. Shooting themselves in the foot in my opinion. Had they skipped doing Takeover 31 and instead did the PPV in October and titled it Halloween Havoc, don't you think the PPV would have a better identity / bigger feel? Or is Takeover 31 a name that gets you hyped? This is a matter of preference so I don't have any issue with what you're enjoying. My comment wasn't about October of last year's NXT tv. I was talking about NXT tv before they went to 2 hours. When it was on the network. It had a way different pacing and better story telling. That's my preference and what I preferred. Sasha vs Bailey's story. Cesaro vs Zayne and Sami's long run up the ladder to the title. Stuff like that.
  17. I hear ya, I'm not a fan of the ring announcer announcing time remaining over the house mic either. But to be fair they do it for every title match. Opening tag title match had them calling out every 10 minutes too. Generally I think they've done it for all title matches since the beginning tho. It's just not every title match hits 10mins. I also believe TNT Title matches are only 20 min time limits. So its more frequent in those matches. I think every 5 minutes they announce time gone by. It's 2020 tho and ya gotta think there's maybe a more efficient way to do it. All the national TV companies have big screens. Why can't they do a 10 minutes gone by graphic on the big screen instead? The fans live would surely see it, the production truck could cue up a quick shot of it. The announcers could then acknowledge it. The guys in the ring can just get the time ques from the ref instead of waiting on the ring announcer. It's one of those territory hold overs that is ripe for an update.
  18. Why do Takeovers have generic names now and random episodes of the TV have PPV names? Oh right, because NXT's sole purpose now is to take petty shots at Cody Rhodes via using all of Dusty's gimmicks against AEW head to head. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy some parts of NXT. But it's definitely fallen off since the Wednesday Night Wars started. The great pacing and storytelling that they originally had is mostly gone. I know they've had a string of really bad luck with injuries at the top of the card, so I'm trying not to be too hard on them. But NXT TV is becoming almost as much of a slog to get through as main roster TV. Anyone else feel that way, or am I alone on this island?
  19. Yikes. I can admit when I am wrong and I was way off. They didn't do the same old drop the belt deal, but what they did was farrrrrr far far worse. Jesus. For a company that really pushes title reign numbers, and lengths of reigns, that's such a strange booking choice. And lazy. I think beyond the normal gripes my main issue with current day WWE is the lack of structure. It's all about moments and ADHD randomness with no logic. Why would Raw only draft 2 of the 3 New Day with one pick when they could get all 3?? Why would Raw select a set of champions and just be okay with the title they selected being given back to the other guys?? Nothing makes sense. There's no internal logic or structure to anything. Why are Women's tag champs tri brand belts and the Men's aren't? Maybe I'm too OCD and that's clouding my opinion or something. But all I'm asking for is a little logic & structure. Annoying OCD fantasy booking / brand realigning in spoilers because no one probably cares lol but...
  20. One thing I don't get about how WWE handles these situations, the roster is soooo bloated. Even if you think Lars or Riddle or Dream has a decent chance of being a good player for you, why even take the risk? And the bad PR. The company these days just use the talent like replaceable ingredients to a hamburger. So when you have legitimate behavior issues with sufficient proof, and even multiple incidents with most of these guys, what's the point of sticking by them? Would the Lars Sullivan story really be ANY different if they just swapped in some other developmental monster and did the exact same story?
  21. Yes, this is entirely possible too. But I think they're saving that story for Bailey. She gets drafted to Raw on Monday, and keeps the SD Women's Title until she drops it to Sasha at Hell in A Cell.
  22. That's totally a possibility, them moving with her. But not with the tag belts. They're just gonna have the red belts and be Raw Tag Team Champions on Smackdown? What kinda sense does that make? 90% chance New Day lose them to a team being drafted to Smackdown. 10% chance they unify the tag titles and make them just like the Women's Tag Team Titles (All brands). But you'd really have to merge with NXT's tag titles too to make that work. Honestly NXT UK's tag titles too in a perfect world. One set of Men's Tag Titles for all brands, one set of Women's Tag Titles for all brands. 0% chance they just swap belts and keep them mis-matched.
  23. They do this every year lol. New Day will drop them on Raw to a team that gets drafted to Smackdown immediately afterwards. (Or directly before the match).
  24. Weird. I had a back and forth here a month or two ago with a poster who swore Atticus Cogar's career was over. Are you sure you aren't mistaken? /sarcasm I'm a petty man lol.
  25. This one's pretty solid. I was trying to make another top face with DDP, but he was already a top face. The Diamond Cutter was more over than the title at this point anyways. Goldberg at like 250-0 vs Booker T built up organically with big wins spread out through the year is much more efficient at making a new top star.
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