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  1. just watched the first three tournament matches from Day 10, feeling a bit tired and sun-boiled from a long ramble Yano-EVIL didn't go long and featured like 1 move and some shenanigans 1/2* Suzuki-Tonga just a long dumb listless brawl that I hated. Suzuki LVP for this G1 so far. DUD SANADA-Elgin roped me in eventually though the 'invite them back into ring' spot early in the match was a bit of a chore. when they started busting the movez out I was back in the room. ***1/2 hope the last two matches pull it back. will watch tomorrow night.
  2. He was in the Inoki thing that just closed. He was working the yakuzaish asshole gimmick to the hilt. Took over the IGF office. Would work matches in a suit and batter the young boys. He is still as great as when I last saw him regularly in Big Mouth Loud.
  3. in spoiler tags for people who haven't seen today or the G1 USA specials
  4. They're not really preludes and I found the show titles to be strange in retrospect. However there's a wealth of good stuff across the two nights. Kenny was in his element in front of his hardcore fans and Ishii really announced himself to the US market. There are ROH guys in there and CMLL guys too but I quite liked the mixture. Harsh on Goto upthread. What can he do with the hand he's been dealt? He's shown plenty of fire down the years but the company has never bought his reigns on the tags, the NEVER, or the IC. A tag team with Ishii would be something I'd like to see though. Would save Ishii's body from completely melting down.
  5. Day 9 live from Aichi! Makabe-Nagata continues the great run of grumpy brilliance from Nagata, he got even more irate and fiery here, Makabe held his end up well. **** Ibushi-Fale had shades of ECW in and around a good big-man/little-crazy-man dynamic. Fale was good, Ibushi great. ***3/4 Goto-Sabre was a good mesh of styles that didn't try and burn the house down but I liked it just fine. ***1/2 Tanahashi-YOSHIHASHI picked up steam near the end, Tanahashi acted as if Tacos wasn't in his league, which fed a cool dynamic of the lil guy trying to prove himself against the 1/100 Ace. ***1/4 Naito-Ishii was great, these two just deliver every single time, some new stuff that builds on their established patterns, a must-see ****1/2 good crowd for this one enhanced the whole thing.
  6. lol nearly, it was a sumo who got bounced out of the biz for smoking weed.
  7. treasured Twitter user Mr Lariattoooo has compiled this spreadsheet too https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZsZCBTpKjHzdbCpKZ1No1KAdpmOd2OcgSMfC1-oa7pI/edit#gid=0
  8. before I get into DAY 8 I notice that DAVE has weighed in on days 2-6 7.20 Korakuen Juice vs Kojima: 3.5 / Tama Tonga vs Elgin: 3.25 / SANADA vs Evil: 4.0 / Okada vs Yano: 3.25 / Suzuki vs Omega: 4.75 7.21 Korakuen Goto vs Nagata: 4.5 / Ishii vs Makabe: 4.5 / Ibushi vs Sabre Jr: 4.5 / Fale vs Tanahashi: 3.5 /Naito vs YOSHI-HASHI: 4.25 7.22 Korakuen Yano vs Kojima: 1.5 / EVIL vs Juice: 4.0 / Suzuki vs SANADA: 3.75 / Omega vs Tama Tonga: 3.5 / Okada vs Elgin: 4.75 7.23 Machida City Gymnasium Sabre vs YOSHI-HASHI: 3.5 / Nagata vs Tanahashi: 4.5 / Fale vs Naito: 2.5 / Ishii vs Ibushi: 4.5 / Goto vs Makabe: 4.0 7.25 Big Palette Fukushima Elgin vs Kojima: 3.75 / EVIL vs Tama Tonga: 2.75 / Suzuki vs Juice: 3.25 / Omega vs Yano: 1.0 / Okada vs SANADA: 4.25 few discrepancies for me, not that I'd harass him on Twitter or write a letter. can't see how Suzuki-Omega was that good. anyway great hot crowd in Nagaoka and a lovely building with a nice set-up with tiered seating that they don't often have in these big gyms. Tonga-Juice good little match here, Tama put together a really credible match working around Juice's continued leg issues. Juice sold great from entrance to exit. some nice details in this one and they kept it all in-ring. ***1/2 SANADA-Yano this flowed great, bits of misdirection with the water and the tape, great roll-ups and outsmarting from both, probably my favourite Yano outing of the G1 so far. ***1/2 Suzuki-EVIL think EVIL is gonna be great one day and working here basically as a babyface he looked at home. did the slightly lazy Suzukigun match layout with the arena floor brawl and the interference but everything else was good. ***1/4 Okada-Kojima Rainmaker worked as dominant dick heel to give Kojima some babyface shine, the crowd were hot for it too. Super solid with some good exchanges but maybe missing something. ***3/4 Kenny-Elgin they sure went straight for your MOTY list and I'd have to see this again. it was really good and dramatic, a clear best of the tournament for me, but perhaps - and I may be overcritical - they got greedy and overtold the story, like the modern action film that is unsure of itself so it keeps doing explosions and chases where dramaturgy would actually help. shades of AJPW in the 90s toward the very end. say no more. ****3/4
  9. umm why are they reusing old footage and pretending it's new? will TNA ever stop TNAing? goddam it I *WANT* you to be good.
  10. I liked Okada-SANADA but I think what you say is largely true. SANADA is definitely a couple of years off being a major player. But the report card on him looks pretty much exactly the same as when Okada himself emerged: good-looking natural athlete who isn't off-the-charts charismatic but has something that keeps you hooked, while yes, needing to learn how to string it all together night on night. But to say he's not quite Okada, someone who has nearly had a HOF career already? Well sure. Not many are. Okada has had nearly 5 years working at the top of the card in the best 'pro-wrestling' around while SANADA hasn't had that luxury yet. Right now he's a weird mish-mash of Muta and various tropes picked up in a lesser version of AJPW, a poor W-1 and TNA. Considering what he's been through I think it's a miracle he hasn't turfed out of the business. He's now in a good spot. They'll no doubt take their time with him because he's not one of their dojo boys, but at least he hasn't been disloyal in the past like Shibata. Once he loses the hair (it is daft) and eases into a gimmick that works I think he'll cream the domestic market.
  11. they weren't great kicks but I thought it played nicely into the Tenryu/Kawada relationship what with Ishii doing Tenryu/Kawada's powerbomb pin. EDIT: for full transparency the ONLY wrestler I have ever had a photo with is Ishii.
  12. sure Ishii has a standard match layout for less important occasions (which I think is terrific) but his match with Ibushi was really good. plus he's not been in with Tana or Naito, he's not had his big rematch with Sabre Jr., and he always has good matches with Nagata. I gave their 2014 G1 bout ****3/4. it was a war!
  13. MB/K has worked - and failed to impress - in the four major promotions on the planet to date. next stop the Treasury.
  14. Inoki (S) has shuttered/frozen the IGF sideproject NEW as the top draw has left. shame, as it started well and it was getting pretty good. Inoki (A) project ISM still going. am completely unsure whether the IGF being liquidated thing is a work or not.
  15. another instant take on Day 7, feel free to tell me off if I'm posting too much for a newcomer. sound issues with the broadcast, commentary went wandering into pixellated mode and the crowd was clearly hot but mic'd poorly. this affects me as i love to hear the crowd as loud as possible. however still some good stuff! Ishii-YOSHIHASHI this got good when Tacos realised he had to get rude if he wanted to get anything but disdain out of the grumpy pitbull. nice use of a Kawada spot and a good contest that will be overlooked come tournament end but had me involved. ***1/2 Sabre Jr-Fale seen some raves about this and it is definitely a different vibe to anything gone before so I'll give it credit there - but my disbelief could not be upended. also his shoulder was up. ** Makabe-Ibushi don't know whether Ibushi is doing less mad stuff for the sake of the tournament or his health but it shows the quality of the man that I'm not missing it. brought the best out of Makabe as he always does and I thought the last few mins were good. ***3/4 Nagata-Naito a pleasure. pissed-off Nagata and cocky-provocateur Naito always a good mesh and two or three things here made me go woah. we all know he's great but i can't remember when Nagata was last this consistent. even in those tags with the big boy yung lions he's solid. **** Goto-Tanahashi only thing stopping Nagata from being G1 MVP right now is Tanahashi. it's in the established style of NJPW main events of the last 4 years but there's lots of great expressive drama and no overkill at all. Goto isn't just in there too but feels trite to say underrated. ****1/4
  16. A de-bearded Honma addressed the fans before the telecast started this evening. from the pic I saw on Twitter he was looking tanned and ripped and...well...like he used to.
  17. just checked out the fixtures for my boys (Wigan Ath) and the first home game is next Saturday. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit where has summer gone.
  18. definitely enjoying watching the shows from top to bottom where possible. there's a good mix of light and shade. as i indicated in my first post here, there were 4 matches in contention for MOTT that featured 8 different guys (now up to 6 matches featuring 9 different guys with loads of time left). some of the guys even know how to work 3.5-4 matches without taking months off their career. i have my qualms (restore intermission, maybe spread the G1 bouts over the evening? take yesterday for instance, I'd have had EVIL-Tama on before the tag with Tanahashi and Goto) but yes i agree with that basically. i also have a bootleg of bits of G1 2005 and what i have seen of that is good. Kawada guested and did some great stuff with Nagata and Suzuki.
  19. instant day six reaction, take it with a pinch of salt if you prefer your opinions with a bit more distance and reflection Kojima-Elgin Cozy is killing the opening spot and am not sure why he gets the Nagata job spot (could be a booked slow start), he can obviously put together good matches with this crop of young tyros. MIKE~ is very much in his element here with Baseball Elgin a dot in the rear view mirror. Brought the crowd, who probably needed an intermission after a 5 match opening half, back well. Kojima sold the hell out of all those bombs at the end. ***1/2 Tama-EVIL pet peeve of mine, even in worked contests, is ineffectual officials. This brawl went all over the city of Fukushima, more-or-less, with loads of cheating and the ref getting hit and enough room for 6 count-outs. I'm not saying every match should be a UWF style in-ring classic. I'd just like to see refs call it more like a shoot. Anyway, when they got it back in the ring it was alright. Tama's doing great at getting the change in his character over and I'm ok with them taking tournament matches as character dev. real estate as long as they don't mind me marking them down. End tease and final sequence was good. **3/4 Juice-Suzuki when Juice limped out to the ring I rubbed my hands together as who better to work over a crocked limb than Suzuki? unfortunately instead of being 10-12 mins of grim limbwork this followed the same pattern as the previous match, except it looked rougher and wilder bcs Suzuki. A much-more one-sided contest than we're used to and probably more interesting for it: Juice had some fire spots but Suzuki just soaked up the strikes, ground Juice into paste, and finished him. I know Minoru is old and takes half a G1 off so I cut him some slack. Interesting but not necessarily 'good'. **3/4 Kenny-Yano comedy match that was mostly pretty inventive. best unspoiled but it's one of the matches where Yano has stuff planned out. *** Okada-SANADA strong main event match that had me buying into a couple of the lines it was trying to sell me on. crowd clearly bought into the threat of SANADA too which made for a stronger contest. Sad thing is this was really good but in Okada's year it will be forgotten about. But if they have any plans on this being a long-term feud then I'm sold on its potential. ****1/4
  20. I think NJPW could eventually do with a Dragon Gate style amelioration of all known factions and and cliques. Shake things up a bit. They're good at rebooting things that get a bit tired. A fourth BC leader is a bit overkill if the damn thing is for life. CHAOS hasn't got the same energy without that Nakamura-Okada tension at the top. It was meant to feel like a bunch of guys who actually hung out. Now Goto and Will Ospreay are in there it's just...not that. LIJ are in their salad days right now so I can accept them staying where they are. Suzukigun...I mean I love Minoru but their takeover freelance invader thing nearly flatlined NOAH and isn't getting anywhere here anymore. Whisper it quietly but I enjoy Taguchi Japan more than most actual factions.
  21. loved Juice-EVIL too. the STO tease near the end was great, EVIL's best 30 seconds of pure ringcraft. also just watched the Simpsons episode with The Iron Yuppie in. strange.
  22. bitter inspirational-slogan touting non-rapping rappers is a good look for the Usos.
  23. Long time listener, first time poster here. Up to the start of night five I'd say there was no one single "best match" and instead a lot of contenders that I'd accept arguments for (Ibushi-Naito, Kojima-Juice, Goto-Nagata, Okada-Elgin). DAVE said he thinks this G1 has started the best out of any. Looking over scores I'd give in the past (starting with G1 23) compared to what I was giving this year seems to suggest that there is a little compression between top and bottom - I have nothing from G1 27 above 4.25, but nothing has been below decent - but I think over the years I've become less inclined to say something is great whilst being kinder on flaws. Anyway for me night five continued that journey ZSJr-YOSHIHASHI my Twitter crew, comprising a lot of shoot-style fans, is deep in ZSJr hate. My natural inclination is to like people and when it comes to Zack I can state the following: i. I've seen him work twice before he got to super-indy status and he was always the best on every show ii. we used to chat on Twitter and exchange book recommendations and iii. I enjoyed his run in NOAH with Ogawa as jr tag champs. But in NJPW as a heavyweight working a style that is closer to vaudeville than real? It is difficult to suspend my disbelief that long. What I did here is pretend it was a jr match as Tacos is small. The timing and deployment of that lariat of Tacos is always spectacular, like Okada before he started spamming dropkicks. ***1/2 Nagata-Tanahashi heel Tanahashi is one of my favourite things and grumpy Nagata kicks are another so put them together with a bit of blood and a great bit of professionalism from Nagata going out on his back like this? chef finger kiss **** Fale-Naito this didn't click for me like Fale-Tanahashi did (whoever upthread gave it 4...I agree!) but over the course of some 90 tourney matches there's gonna be some that clunk. I still sort of think Fale could be great. Is that stupid? They're still protecting him... **1/2 Ishii-Ibushi what I liked about this, apart from that they're two of the best itw right now and the bit where Ibushi went all straight-faced and started stepping on Ishii's head, is that it ended in the right spot with a secondary finisher but left you in no doubt they could have ramped it up and taken it to MOTY level. it preserves the integrity of the tournament if you cut some matches off mid-flight. ****1/4 Goto-Makabe i love that Makabe is so over in his home town that he can justifiably headline this show. i'm sure it pissed a lot of people off. Goto worked his ass off but this one wasn't for me really. can't put a finger on it. maybe i was tired and it deserves a rewatch. under time pressures, it won't get one. ***
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