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  1. Not saying you are wrong, just genuinely curious about this. Leaving ROH and WWF out of the equation, why would you say he failed creatively at OVW? As someone who was a big fan of OVW in that time period, I thought they had very well booked, old school style story telling that worked well for a regional developmental group. Yes, if you put the exact same style of TV on a Raw or Smackdown it would die a flaming death but for what it was I loved it. How did he fail there? *I don't want to derail an AEW thread with Jim Cornette debate so if this discussion needs to be held elsewhere I apologize
  2. Is this the interview where Hogan mentions roughly 586 times that Horace's dad(I hear he might be Hogan's brother)is dead? I swear I remember these two doing a promo together where Hulk keeps mentioning, "Your father, my brother, who is dead....." over and over again and Horace looks like he's about to cry on live tv
  3. so, will each match be an hour? is the PPV going to be 2 hrs long?(actually that would be a nice change of pace)
  4. Knew it was going to happen. Hell, I can even get behind the idea of Cain vs Brock. But it still just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Couldn't Kofi have at least hit one move? Get Brock wobbly with Trouble in Paradise before he gets caught in the F5? I'm not against Brock being around. I think he should be. I'm just so fucking tired of him as the champion. I love Heyman but I can't hear anymore "THE REIGNING, DEFENDING UNDISPUTED...." interviews anymore. Just something, anything different and I'm on board. The show looks great and the presentation is great. But at the end of the day, it's still the same show. And that's more troubling then anything
  5. Would have been a hell of a lot more interesting then what we did get
  6. Im still gobsmacked that the dude who was Boris Alexia(sp?) murdering dudes left and right in OVW became lovable goofball Santino in the WWE. And made it work. He was a fucking MACHINE down here and then was able to get that stupid Cobra shit over. Hat's off to him
  7. If word is getting out there that Murphy and Bliss ain't together anymore, I can only pray that woman has every single form of direct communication blocked on social media. The dudes trying to quench their thirst are going to be coming out of the woodwork and then some. Now if you'll excuse me while I go to Instagram and like 30-40 new pictures of Bayley
  8. if there was ever a time to bring back that BAD ASS CROWN, this is the time. the cape is already magnificent, and I've been waiting for the return of the crown since he came to wwe
  9. Honestly this isn't a bad idea. Bray really doesn't need to be wrestling long matches right now and it could finally create a new monster if he just kills Seth dead in the cell. We can argue whether or not its too soon to throw the Fiend in this type of feud(and I'm one of those who say it is), but if you're going to do it, go ALL IN on this.
  10. This is where I chime in just to say SCREW YOU SINEMIA
  11. Besides all the reasons everyone listed as to why the Owens/Shane stuff is The Stupid, why do we have to keep seeing storyline after storyline about how all these wrestlers are beholden to the almighty McMahons for their jobs and have to grovel. Hulk Hogan was such a big star with so much money he gladly paid the fines when Kevin Nash was powerbombing bitches left and right back in the day on Nitro. Kevin Owens is a god damn WWE Superstar. Do they pay these guys so little that if Owens gets a $100k fine his kid can't go to college? WWE is supposed to be The Big Time. Poor schmucks like you and me are supposed to be living paycheck to paycheck, not the top of the card in the biggest wrestling company in the world(as they will gladly tell you). AAAAAAH, it's all so dumb
  12. If that belt doesn't have the big barking dog from Roman's titantron on it then they doing it ALL WRONG
  13. this. Keeping the dude off TV when its well know he wants out only gets people behind him and actively wanting him to go to AEW so "they can use him right". If you are Vince McMahon and you see so little value in the guy, why are you wasting your money on paying the guy, even if it is a drop in the bucket? If you want to make him look stupid for asking for his release on Twitter, have the dude doing 30 second jobs to Mojo Rawley. Kevin Owens is under a multi year contract, wants to work there, they(one would assume)see value in him, and he is made to look like a thundering bitch on Smackdown before being fired. I don't get the old lunatic's line of thinking!
  14. If there was to be a main roster big gun to come to NXT that the fans wouldn't shit on, Kevin Owens or AJ Styles are about the only ones I could see. Nakamura or Zayn could also fit the bill but I don't think the top brass sees them as big guns. Owens definitely could use major rehabbing after that....well, you all saw Smackdown. Styles could have some great matches with Undisputed Era. Thinking out loud, I personally would send Finn back to NXT. Feels like he's hit his ceiling on Raw/Smackdown.
  15. No, the Twitter thing wasn't a smart move. But this is just so stupid and so petty on WWE's part. Let's ignore the fact there are a lot of ways you could use Harper(don't you want to see him on NXT?). But why in the hell are you going to throw money away paying a dude to sit at home? Shit, who tried to kill Roman is already off the charts stupid. Instead of a Rowan look alike, what if that was Harper under the hood? What if Daniel Bryan had no idea Rowan had reached out to his old partner to try to kill the guy they have had issues with going back to the Shield days? Roman is so damn BIG DOG STRONG he challenges them both to a match and beats the shit out of Harper before pulling out the win, and you can segue into Bryan wanting to right Harper because YOU AND ROWAN ARE LYING LIARS WHO LIE and Bryan can beat Harper. Granted I am not saying any of that is a good idea but you can at least get a few weeks of tv out of it, Vince can "bury" Harper with some high profile losses and we the fans at least get some good matches out of the deal. Its all so dumb
  16. If dude wants to be a MEGA HEEL, screw the crown. Keep that hat. Rock it, you magnificent douchebag
  17. I want to see it go the other way. Nikki snaps and goes ape shit kicking Alexa's ass. There's a babyface run to be had with Alexa, and I just miss crazy Nikki
  19. I know this will never happen, but I wish we could go back to an era where no one knew who wrote/booked/scripted/whatever any and all wrestling programs. Sure, it's an interesting useless fact when you know who came up with something, but I just want an entertaining program. I don't care who came up with it. I don't care who is writing the show. If Paul Heyman writes a show that is absolute ass it really shouldn't matter more then if Vince McMahon comes up with THE BEST SHIT EVER, PAL on his own. Just give me a good program with characters that make sense and a good match here and there. That's all I really want
  20. jesus Christ this movie WRECKED ME. I mean, it's technically a well made movie and all but I just remember curling in a ball and crying after it was over
  21. I really wish there was more time in the week to keep up with NXT UK but there's just SO MUCH WRESTLING(I know, first world problems) -WALTER vs Bate was long but damnit I was engrossed from start to finish and was screaming for Bate to put the big son of a bitch down. Bate threw everything he had and then some and came so close but in the end WALTER was just too much. Count me in on the crowd wanting a BSS/Imperium Wargames -Tag match was great and people taking their shoes off because they hate Gibson never gets old to me. -Women's match was too short and felt like it just...ended but I liked what we did get. -Since we all know he's not going to do anything on Raw or Smackdown can we just let Cesaro stay and tear it up like he did tonight? and give me Cesaro vs WALTER!!!
  22. YouTube has let me down as far as seeing the whole show, but just based on what I did see: -Yes, the young bucks vs the lucha bros was an insane spotfest as expected. Several times I thought Nick and Matt were both seriously hurt as a few falls(especially Nick to the outside where he barely made it to one table when I assume he was supposed to hit both)looked UGLY. But I would be ok with the ladder match getting put on the shelf for a while across the board. After a while they all start to blend together, and while there's rarely a bad one, there's a sameness to them in setting up big spot---big spot---sell---attempt to climb---climb is stopped---setting up big spot. Give it a breather and give us time to appreciate it again. -Shawn Spears vs Cody was better then I expected but I wouldn't call it great. There's a lot of hate for Spears round the interwebs, but AEW is going to need someone like him. Moxley/Omega/Jericho/Cody/PAC etc. all feel like they are on the same level. Someone needs to be a step below them to work with guys who need to be bumped up a notch. Spears is the guy who is never going to be a world champion, but can give you 15-20 good minutes on your TNT show to help make someone a bigger star. I liked Arn's cameo and Tully's subsequent "What the hell, man?" reaction. And maybe next time don't try to be out a terrified dog after fireworks spook him? Just saying. -Jericho vs Page was just ok. Chris winning was the right answer, as now you can have this arrogant prick show up on the first show taking credit for everything, putting down everyone and DEMANDING HIS THANK YOU, DAMNIT. And in the long run it gives Page more of a story. I know they want me to believe he's the next guy, but he's not there just yet. They set up that he "has to win" and now he didn't. So what happens next? -Speaking of Jericho, can we get him to ease up on the booze a little bit? I ain't even ragging on his physique, since he's 11 years older then me and looks better, but he just looks like someone woke him up after a three day bender and told him it was time to go wrestle most of his AEW appearances. When Flair was on his podcast doing a Harley Race tribute, Jericho let it slipped that a lot of guys are calling him the new Flair. That ain't a good look, dude.
  23. see, that would actually be fun. Delusional heel Bo Dallas was fun as all hell, and him being dragged out of the arena by security is one of my personal favorite NXT moments.
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