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  1. So, watching this show, we could really do a lot worse then have Ali and Gable be a full time tag team. They both have that underdog baby face appeals. And Ali’s awesome story of trying to show that Muslim does not equal bad person could fit in with Gable’s “embrace who you are” shtick. Hell, it’s not like either guy is really doing anything of note right now anyway
  2. I get the talking point of “violence for the sake of violence” but wasn’t that part of the point of the match itself? That if Kahn and the AEW powers that be wouldn’t sanction the match for fear of the level of violence then Moxley was going to give them blood and guts and then some just as a fuck you? Sure, the match could have been ten minutes shorter but to me it never felt like some of the worst garbage brawls we have seen over the years.
  3. Sweet Jesus, 5 vs 5 vs 5 is just too much. I get having the title matches being triple threat but do we REALLY need this? If we are trying to be nice and get everybody on the show, can't we do a battle royal or something? Or can't we just do a few dream matches with assorted Raw/Smackdown guys vs NXT guys? Do we really need Captain Douchebag trying to recruit anybody from RAW to help him?
  4. I can't really add anything that hasn't been said already about the show. But I do want to admit that I was wrong about Cody Rhodes. Before AEW was a thing, dude always struck me as a guy who you could count on to hold your secondary championship, maybe main event a low level PPV but nothing above that. But he has honestly been one of the best parts of AEW since it started. Yes, all the EVPs have some schitzophrenic booking amongst themselves, but I'll be damned if Cody doesn't suck me in every time. The match vs Jericho was my favorite of the night, and dude is just killing it as the best babyface the company has. As much as we are all rightfully looking forward to MJF's total rat bastard promo that we know is coming, I'm looking forward to Cody's response even more and I never thought there would EVER be a day I would say that. Respect to you, Mr Rhodes
  5. In all honesty, not just with Scurll, but right now at this moment, why would anyone want to sign with WWE? Not to hate on WWE at all. There is already more talent there then they have room for. There's talent there that are just sitting on the shelf for petty reasons or just because the people holding the pencil have no idea where to slot you so that the senior citizen running the show will look at what you are doing and say "God damn, that's good shit!" Even if you do make TV, you might have to watch your wife make out with another dude and tell the world how much you suck or something else dumb. Sure, you could hold out hope you go to NXT and maybe not look stupid but even they have more talent then they know what to do with. Say what you will about AEW, but they managed to make fucking Jack Swagger interesting in the span of a few weeks. And by all accounts everyone is getting PAID. If you have the chance, why wouldn't you go to AEW? And the best part is, all of us wrestling nerds get to reap the rewards of all this. What a time to be alive, my friends
  6. How the hell is this even real? Is Lana now going to be held captive by Bob Lashley? Was she cheating on the guy she was cheating with? is SHE the sex addict? And who the hell knocked up Maria? *by the way, mr heyman, if this is you writing this shit, you got some issues you need working through
  7. I didn't know I needed this in my life until right now
  8. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around Cody Rhodes selling me on wanting to see his upcoming match with arguably the promo of the year but god damn if that's not where we are. Somehow the dude who made me instantly change the channel as Stardust has become one of the most over babyfaces in the sport and my hat is off to the guy. And the best part of this match is we have no idea who is going to win. Pure wrestling logic dictates that both guys HAVE to win. The outcome is so unpredictable and I love it. And even if Cody loses, it feels like they will find a way to get him back into the title picture down the road and not make us feel like idiots for buying into the stipulation here. No, the shows are not perfect. But the goodwill they have earned from the fanbase cant be overlooked. I don't feel like an idiot when I watch this show and I don't feel like the people running the show hate me. Cant say that for other programs
  9. This really just needs to be a thing from now on. Is there ONE person who attends Smackdown who would be sad if they don't see 205live? And that's not to knock the show, since more often then not they have the best matches of the week that no one is seeing. Put them in front of a crowd who actually cares and you may have something
  10. Did....did this motherfucker actually put #rahrah in his tweet? And mean it in a serious fashion? I mean shit, I feel stupider just typing that first sentence. What the hell is wrong with you, you thundering moron?
  11. If we have to have the stupid light,I can see it for the entrance. But did we learn nothing from early Kane and Sin Cara? Seriously, how can you see a damn thing if you are there live? If its a brawl around the arena match like Crown Jewel then how the fuck can you see what’s happening?
  12. This dude came around way too late. If he was around from 1991-1995 this guy would have been main eventing around the horn with the Undertaker. Dude can't wrestle to save his life, but I wish more people were all in on their characters like this guy. I don't believe a word that comes out of Seth Rollins mouth as being genuine, but I can totally buy that this nutbag would go around with worms in this mouth
  13. A large part of the problem is that across the board there are too many old white dudes in charge not only of the wwe, but wrestling as a whole. Before AEW became a thing, I honestly can’t remember hearing about a person in power in American wrestling who wasn’t either a middle aged white guy or married to one. We are long overdue for a different kind of voice running the show or at least contributing on a high level
  14. This is my entire issue with this. He's getting better reactions. Like was brought up, guy gets more tv time, more reactions. Gable is also a charismatic son of a bitch who can wrestle his ass off. And the IDEA of the shorty bullshit is a good one that people can get behind. That it doesn't matter what people say about you. It doesn't matter what people perceive as a flaw in you. Embrace who you are. Be you and don't let people get you down. Holy shit, it's a Be a Star gimmick. Now that we got that out of the way:WHY THE HELL DOES THIS GROWN MAN CALL HIMSELF SHORTY G. Why the hell is he wearing that outfit? Kassius Ohno looks at him and says "Bro, you look stupid". If we absolutely HAVE to talk about how "short" he is(I'll be damned if he's not the same height as Ali in that picture), why can't he just be Chad Gable? It's not like that's not an easy name to chant! What fucking person is going to wweshop and saying "By golly, I want to purchase that new Shorty G shirt".
  15. See, the "shorty" bullshit might have had a point in exactly one match. When he fought Baron after this shit all started, he did a quick promo where he said "Call me whatever you want, and at the end you will be calling me the winner of the match" Then he beats Corbin. Cole could throw out something like "King Corbin mocked Gable's height, but we have just seen he has giant sized ability in the ring" . We move on from there. Google says that Gable is 5'8" and Daniel Bryan is 5'10". Nobody points out Bryan's height. His ability? Determination? Skill? All the time. And if they do make reference to his size it's something like "Bryan is taking it to the much larger(insert name here)" WHY THE FUCK CAN'T YOU DO THAT WITH GABLE? The man is a god damn Olympic level wrestler. He's even got the goofy personality that can pull off the comedy shit Vince loves. He made Jason Jordan interesting in NXT, a mighty achievement. I'm not saying have him win the god damn WWE title, but if this is the best they can do for him then I don't even know what we are going anymore. Why stop at Shorty Gable? Why not call Otis Fatty Mcfatass? I don't get it.
  16. Holy shitballs Jim went off the rails this episode. The deeper we get into his podcast with Conrad, there is A LOT of repressed anger coming out. And like Mr Fowler brought up, this is a man who has been an on air talent for longer then some of the AEW guys have been alive. Some dude on twitter throws shade and you go off like that? Yikes
  17. it was silly as all hell, but I laughed my ass off at Ciampa beating up Garza's pants. As much of a shameless UE mark as I am(and assuming that injury report is exaggerated), it feels like they should run with Keith Lee as the North American champion next week. A dude that big and as talented as he is shouldn't be just....there for as long as he has been. Give the big bastard something to do. Rhea/Tegan/Dakota vs the Horsewomen? I'm down. I loved Pete Dunne snapping Killian's fingers and then just shrugging his shoulders. Once Dunne and Priest wrap up their issue, I could be all in on Dunne vs Killian. Speaking of Mr Priest, this was the best I've seen him look in NXT. Feels like he's slowly turning a corner, but the archer stuff really feels like a disconnect from the rest of the gimmick
  18. Can we get a revival of this since we are rebooting everything else these days? please?
  19. So, the thing with Dream and Strong. This is the kind of thing we would see on RAW. If we have to have Dream taunting Strong and saying he's got a small dick, can we leave the stupid picture that would have come off of a 1999 episode of RAW out of it? Rock's charisma and sheer force of will could(almost)always make those kinds of segments tolerable. I love Roddy and Dream, but they ain't there yet. And Ciampa punching Garza and not knowing what he said is another page from the RAW playbook. I accept we are going to be going through some changes with the Wednesday Night Wars. But can we please leave this kind of stuff off the show that literally advertises itself as "NO B.S"
  20. I mean, shit. I'm not asking for a big elaborate monologue about his feelings. But for him to not have some kind of venting about last week? No "he got me, but I'll be back?" The man just lost the biggest title in the god damn company and we are back to pancakes? Xavier Woods said it was his professional goal to make Kofi the world champion. Is HE upset about this? It's this kind of stuff that just makes me feel like an idiot for getting emotionally invested in anything this company puts out. "Hey, remember how much you all got behind this guy and there was that amazing feel good moment at WrestleMania? FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID MARK. Now go buy Crown Jewel while we send this pancake tossing geek back to the midcard where he belongs." God damn this show. Except heel Bayley. More of this please
  21. This is a point that can’t be overlooked. Alvarez made the point about Riho vs Rose that the crowds willed this into being a great match with their reaction. AEW at this point has a huge level of goodwill that is well earned and the crowds are responding in kind by going batshit nuts with their reactions. AEW doesn’t make you feel stupid or like they hate you for watching their product and the crowds are responding in kind
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