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  1. I will never understand how this move became a thing.
  2. The Danhausen thing is weird. I expected vignettes by this point for him. I think this is a case of Coach TK thinking everyone that follows AEW is an uber-indy fan... when that is so opposite from reality. Page's title run is almost non-existent for me. The Cole thing was "whatever", and one I had zero interest in... but who would you have programmed him with over the winter? Coach hasn't exactly built anyone up thats a legitimate threat. Instead he hotshotted a new signing that really had no business being there if AEW really takes W/L and rankings seriously. Scorpio Sky would have had a stronger case to feud with Page than Cole. They could have even worked a Miro PPV main event during this run.
  3. It seriously gave me Fuji-Vice vibes.
  4. Wow. This vignette is a throwback to the 80s and early 90s. Good job.
  5. Well you see them team up a bit in their social media
  6. I've seen a little bit of Morrissey in Impact and he's vastly improved from his WWE run. He's also leaned up and looks "ripped chiseled and jakked". If he ends up in AEW I think we wpuld sooner or later see nZo pop up.
  7. So when do they rebrand the TNT Title to the Box Office Championship?
  8. TBS was dead to me when WCW died and it was no longer The Braves Station. Then they got rid of the Beverley Hillbillies! What a pointless network TBS has been for 20+ years.
  9. Newcastle has the only Bruno that matters now.
  10. I really dont think it's going to work out. United has too much invested in the squad on ridiculous wages. The team needs to be blown up, and I doubt Ten Hag will be allowed to do that. United is already in debt somewhere in the range of 450-495£m.
  11. Uruguay would be special- but they'd probably group it as Argentina/Uruguay, and maybe Chile?
  12. Well they all kinda started dying off.
  13. Howay The Lads! WWWWWW in their last 6 at Saint James! Miggy with the brilliance today! Eddie Howe took a club without a win this campaign, sitting in 19th just 3 points above 20th place Norwich... and currently has them in 11th.
  14. Are you going to sit there and tell me Drew By God Gulak isn't a draw?!
  15. Even from a WWE perspective thst makes zero sense. FTR are too short, work too smart, not strong enough, and are too much of a tag team. You can't split them up as then you'd have 2 wasted salaries sitting in catering.
  16. Other than money- why would they? FTR are more concerned with their legacy at this point. I see them adding New Japan to their calendar more than I do them going back to Titan.
  17. Is that Bully Ray and Bron Breaker in the background?
  18. The Prototype looked a lot like Bob Holly in that old UPW era photo.
  19. Does Gresham use the octopus hold? A big waste of his Davey Jones inspired mask if he doesn't.
  20. Table for 3 was my favorite thing on the Network
  21. Put Yuta in gi pants... though he would totally look like Steve Blackman. That would be badass.
  22. Asides from being contracted by a major promotion- wasn't ROH always a feeder league for those with TV? Save for 'dem boys.... dem dirty dirty boys.
  23. .... Jim Cornette I knew that was you!
  24. They better not turn my beloved Jamie Hayter into Barry Horowitz.
  25. Knowing the guys he has in the back and their propensity for trying to WWE everything it would be Mark Henry. Although the lights isn't a WWE thing... I will always think of ECW when the lights go out. But ECW also knew to use it for big freaking deals... nothing will ever top Lawler. Goddamn that was a hot angle. Real Memphis heat in Philly. Damn, I just gave myself goosebumps thinking about it. And now rhat I think about Lawler... MJF isn't modern day Piper... Piper was threatening. MJF is modern day Lawler. TK isn't too far in the game to really know how to book heat.
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