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  1. Only if they can also make her invisible in real life.
  2. I would hope after everything with Brie Larson, Marvel would be smarter than to cast Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. Knew Cesaro wasn’t winning when he cut a smart, succinct promo on the preshow, which was then promptly shit on by the entire talking head panel. They’ve almost built Roman up TOO much, to the point where the only person who can believably unseat him in storyline is Moxley. Don’t think that’s where they wanna be.
  4. Yeah, it’s tough, because once they introduce a policy like this, I’d imagine they have to be careful about selectively enforcing it. Big can of worms. It can become very easy to let these things take away from the enjoyment of just watching wrestling. I try to remind myself that somewhere out there in the multiverse, Michael Cole is talking about how much Minoru Suzuki loves having fun with the WWE Universe. That usually makes me feel better about our timeline.
  5. Matt Striker quoted someone on No Surrender this weekend (in reference to Eric Young & Cody Deaner), “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” This immediately made me think of Vince. A seemingly large percentage of current WWE wrestlers were huge WWE fans as kids, and this has been their dream job forever. They’re now there, making great (?) money, doing the only thing they’ve ever wanted to do (and in some cases, maybe the only job they’d really be qualified for at this point). I can’t imagine the mental gymnastics it would take to convince yourself to quit that job, and go work for a “lesser” company. I think it highlights the difference between current wrestlers, and ones from say, the 70s, who didn’t grow up watching it, only stumbled into it by being recruited from their job as a bouncer or whatever, and viewed it as a business/way to make money ONLY. I could be wrong, but just can’t imagine Race, Brody, Funk, Hansen, etc. being told they can’t side hustle, and actually being ok with that.
  6. They pretty much had no choice but to run the GameStop angle with Grimes. His catchphrase has been “To the Moon” for his whole run, which was the Reddit battle cry for GameStop stock. It would have made no sense if they DIDN’T run with it.
  7. LOL, totally this. Worst thing is she already got away with it once, after the “beep boop” pronoun tweet not that long ago. You’d think she’d lay low after that, quit while she was ahead and let the gravy train roll on. But no—she went all in on the Jews, of all people! Can’t imagine a faster way to get blackballed from Hollywood.
  8. @christopher.annino are you watching on YouTube TV by any chance? I gave up after 10 minutes and changed to NXT. Thought it was just me, all my channels seemed to be working but TNT.
  9. Haven’t watched Raw in years because I was living overseas, and since coming back I refuse to pay for cable. My brother just got YouTube TV recently and shared the login with me. I watched tonight. Don’t think I’ll watch again for another few years. It was seriously CRINGE from start to finish. Smackdown has the exact same presentation (which is tired in itself) but at least it resembles pro wrestling.
  10. The 4K Fire Stick is like $25 when it goes on sale.
  11. The Bucks/Good Brothers swerve is a great example that “predictable” doesn’t have to equal “bad.” They hinted at it, without making it extremely obvious, but the delivery by Callis and the commentators made it feel organic. Tay Conti has room to grow but man it’s night and day from her NXT run to now, much improved. Forgot about TK starting to license tunes until Jurassic Express came out. Props to that, music licensing is STUPID expensive.
  12. This fits. There’s a lot of misunderstanding & misinformation about isolation and quarantine. ”Isolation” is for people who’ve tested positive, and is for 10 days. ”Quarantine” is for direct contact or symptomatic people who have NOT had a positive test, and is 14 days.
  13. Answers will vary according to your taste, but for me the first three to spring to mind are Austin, Onita, and Jericho. Would rather watch their later work any day.
  14. I watch on Fite as well (no cable=no TNT). Those breaks w/the song and graphic seem to go on forEVER, LOL
  15. Re: the references to last night being a taped show, how much of a difference does this really make to you guys? I would never have known the difference, and it doesn’t decrease my enjoyment any knowing it was taped vs live. Unless you get hit w/spoilers, does it matter?
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