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  1. All the insulting of the people of Cleveland that you and Burgundy have done over the last three years, you got what you deserved, you worthless asshole.
  2. Last night's RAW just sickened me. Those idiot fans chanting "YES! YES! YES!" for a lumbering stiff like The Big Show instead of deafening "WE WANT DANIEL BRYAN! WE WANT DANIEL BRYAN!" and "CM PUNK! CM PUNK!" chants. If you took every wrestling fan in the Western world and offered them the choice between watching Low Ki vs. Naomichi Marufuji in a 45-minute match, or Kane vs. Big Show in a "battle of the choke slams," 99% would choose Kane vs. Show which just demonstrates how brainless most wrestling fans are. Mindless zombie sheep dancing to Vince McMahon's tune. I used to console myself with the belief that things would improve once Vince McMahon died. But when you have Triple H pushing Big Show, a fat fuck who couldn't do a moonsault if his life depended on it, instead of phasing out the big men entirely and only pushing guys based on their workrate and ability to have 4 star matches on a nightly basis, it convinces me that the WWE deserves to burn to the ground in Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy and all their workers spending the rest of their lives living on welfare in a ghetto trailer park in Pinellas Park, Florida (Tampa's white trash neighborhood). And I understand that things are only going to get worse, from my point of view, before they get better. WWE will be awash in cash with the next TV contract, but I take solace in the fact that house show attendance continues to decline as does PPV revenue. It will probably be another 15 years, and require Vince croaking, but Triple H and Steph will eventually drive the WWE out of business. And that will be a glorious day for me when that finally happens.
  3. Fuck you (and anyone else for that matter) for bringing a bunch of tikes to a PG-13 movie. If your kids are too young to not understand that they shouldn't be blabbering during an entire film, then they're too young for that film in the first place. Isn't that why they release shit like Free Birds for? Antacular is a socko account for Hoarkak?
  4. http://www.avclub.com/articles/paul-williams-will-also-be-on-community,105351/ I like how, depending on when you were born, you know Paul Williams either from his songwriting, Smokey & The Bandit, or Batman: The Animated Series.
  5. What the heck was the All Japan ring announcer saying back in the 1990s during his introductions when he would say the phrases "iponcho mas drivas" and he would also say a word that sounded like "lao kona"?
  6. The guy was a screwup behind the scenes, drinking heavily and popping pills since pretty much the day he debuted in Memphis. He died of a heart attack related to all the drugs he took back in 2002. His size was also an issue.
  7. Did Brian Ong's family ever actually collect any money out or Roland? I remember complaints that he was dodging them circa 2007. Be curious to see if the Pro Wrestling IRON guys show up, given the acrimonious split in 2002.
  8. When are we going to get to post-Wedding stuff with the Mother part of "the gang" and drinking at McLaren's and getting involved in different wacky schemes?
  9. Air Paris comes to mind. Hasn't AJ Styles EVER tried to get his tag team partner a job in ROH or TNA?
  10. That was really fun watching the Philadelphia press gang-up on Andrew Bynum this afternoon. Bynum looked so thrilled to be out there and trying to defend his stealing of $16 million from the Sixers while never playing a game for them last year, all because he was a fucking dumb ass and decided to go bowling while recovering from knee surgery. And he definitely comes across as a guy who'll end up on 30 for 30's "Broke 3" documentary in five years, so even then he won't have the last laugh.
  11. 11 years. I don't think she was in it though. You're right, I was thinking of Shannon Sossamyn (sp?). I only know Saffron Burrows from Deep Blue Sea and that horrid live-action adaptation of Wing Commander that I only saw because the Episode 1 trailer was attached to it.
  12. Read the Thor 2 plot synopsis on Wikipedia and VERY disappointed with the twist ending with I was really hoping that Thor 3 would focus on Beta Ray Bill and and Walt Simonson's Surtur Saga or the Midgard Serpent and have Kate Upton or some other melon-breasted blonde as The Enchantress or Lorelei. If they want to have Loki in it as a supporting character, fine, but not what I was hoping for.
  13. http://www.f4wonline.com/component/content/article/110-wrestling-observer-newsletter/33764-nov-4-2013-wrestling-observer-newsletter-hell-in-a-cell-results-no-db-as-champion-bellator-ppv-canceled-ufc-numbers-new-japan-ippv-tons-more
  14. So, I'm the only one playing this? ANhyways, turns out a bug lets you access the developers' "free camera mode" and you can see CGI nudity on Ellen Page, so she's getting ready to sue.
  15. Good 'ole J.R. killing time while waiting for someone (Joel Watts?) to finish putting together a highlight video he needs to narrate.
  16. Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy is an option. I'm sure I don't need to remind any of you of the following "highlights" from TNA's long and storied history: - Midgets jerking off in trash cans - Providing continued employment to (alleged) White Supremacists Ron & Don Harris (and also Brian Lee if you believe those rumors) - The guys who would become "Gymini" as wrestling dildos. - Preventing ROH from doing a hair match between Raven & CM Punk. - Jimmy Yang as a Flying Elvis - Giving a three year push to Sonny Siaki - Vince Russo's S.E.X. stable - Booker T with an "African" accent - Jenna Morasca: Pro Wrestler - Everything involving Karen Angle's on-camera role - Brooke Hogan as an on-screen character - Sting vs. a drugged out Jeff Hardy in a 30 second PPV main event - The "epic" and "enthralling" Main Event Mafia vs. TNA Front Line feud - Cheerleader Melissa as a Middle Eastern terrorist - Samoa Joe: Overweight midcarder - Sonjay Dutt and "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal feuding over So Cal Val - Jeff Jarrett constantly pushing himself as World Champion even though he openly acknowledged that the fans were sick of him on top and wanted anyone else as the company's "ace" - The Six Sided ring ------------------ There is nothing to save. Let TNA die and join XPW and Herb Abram's UWF in the annals of shitty companies that need to be laughed at.
  17. Michael Cole: "My God, Pat Patterson is just DESTROYING AJ Styles here. With one arm tied behind his back, no less." JBL: "Styles had better watch out here, if Patterson gets him in a rear mount, it'll be AJ's worst nightmare come true." Jerry Lawler: "Look! Here comes Titus Young with a kendo stick!" Michael Cole: "AJ Styles is just getting destroyed by every openly gay employee in the WWE."
  18. Your ongoing three year vendetta against the city of Cleveland is, bizarre, to say the least. Was a friend of yours sexually assaulted within the city limits or something?
  19. That's really sad how "Little Pete" has just let himself go like that.
  20. Five weeks now since the "fraud incident" at the 80th Anniversary show, and still no announcement from CMLL on when they'll actually do the match and appease the fans they screwed over. What the fuck.
  21. Why the hell was AJ in the main event? I thought they were doing Hogan vs. Bully Ray.
  22. Good to see UCF come back and win after that move at the start of the game where the Louisville CB hit J.J. Worton helmet-to-helmet and then stood over him and posed like a punk ass bitch. What the fuck was the Louisville player thinking?
  23. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2013/10/16/veteran-character-actor-ed-lauter-dies/2997877/
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