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  1. I think the people who rejected WWE for staleness did so a long time ago. Those who left for moral reasons probably did so before Blood Money 2.
  2. Can you explain this statement a little more? I think there were conflicting ideas on what it was going to be.
  3. I don't agree with everything you said, but I love that you said it.
  4. You better hope New England loses a game or two. If not, Belichick is going to win Coach of the Year and MVP.
  5. So, after a month of TV, I think creatively and aesthetically, it's a success. I watched 2 episodes live, and although I didn't always enjoy the wrestling, I enjoyed the TV show. So easy to watch. I know JR gets criticized, but it's so refreshing hearing announcers who aren't talking in corporate Vince-speak. I like how they are searching for their groove. Sometimes, they are a little too wrestling heavy but everything feels exciting. The angles and promos they have pulled off are top notch. The big concern, maybe, is that they haven't been able to retain viewers. They need a rebound week. Every week, the numbers have been lower than the week before. No World Series, no more excuses. Gain viewers, don't lose them. I'm still excited for this company but I want the world to be excited too.
  6. So crazy. I know it's early but the Spurs are 1 of only 2 undefeated teams.
  7. Moxley has been great. If WWE does this match, it would be basked in an orange light, have "exploding" video game consoles, and a finish involving some sort of prosthetic limb. With AEW, I expect copious amounts of blood.
  8. Another great episode. I loved the NWA/WCW throwbacks... the jet intro, the powerbomb off the stage, the limo interview and the smashed hand in car door. All awesome and all perfectly logical. AEW does tributes really well. The woman's match may be the best one they have had so far. The rest of the matches were entertaining. My least favorite match for the show was the 6 man tag. The main event was entertaining but I wanted the Lucha Bros to win. I may be entering the AEW bubble.
  9. Fuuuuccckkkk This dude's an asshole... but Be A Star!!!!
  10. No, it's not too soon. I think when a guy is hot, you run with it. Iron Shiek had the title for a whopping 3 weeks before Hulk Hogan took it away. Created a boom. Steve Austin won the title when he was supposed to. Created a boom. Cody is over. He needs to be the champion. Jericho can come up with devious ways to make Cody's life miserable for the next year. Jericho was the perfect first champ to run with as TV was debuting. His reign served its purpose. Adam Page can turn heel and make runs for the title. Moxley, Omega, Pac (I guess), MJF after he betrays Cody, whatever guy ends up jumping from WWE. You can get 2 or 3 years worth of main event programs with Cody as popular champ. I will always side with the main babyface being the champion because it is a proven successful formula. I'm not saying Cody needs to be the champ for 3 years... only that he should be the focal point of the championship until someone more charismatic comes along to run with.
  11. Cody is the super face of the company... you have him win at Full Gear without tomfoolery and ride that horse.
  12. You can't call yourself the GOAT if you can't manage your hair. MJ knew better.
  13. I'm really sad nobody has mentioned LeBron's hair yet. It gave me a good laugh. https://twitter.com/pinheadsbrain/status/1187958079847043072?s=20
  14. I think Pittsburgh will be a nice guage. Has there ever been a hot Pittsburgh crowd? Pitt stands out because I remember watching a RAW, live from Pittsburgh, and it was one of the quietest, non studio, non Japan shows i had ever heard.
  15. If AEW wanted JR to stop saying Jungle Jack Perry, he would have stopped by now. Honestly, I think it sounds better than Jungle Boy anyway. It has a Rowdy Roddy Piper vibe to it. JR is doing him a solid.
  16. This is the first show I have watched on TV and it is jarring how different the presentation is from WWE. I enjoyed the announce team and have no problem with JR calling matches. I love how they just go from match to match and keep the storytelling in the ring. I think it was a little too tag heavy but the show was so easy to watch. Wrestler observations... Riho is so charismatic. The match sucked but i wanted to see her pull out the win. Britt Baker needs to be phased out as the face of the women's division asap. I enjoyed the Lucha Brothers match and Marko Stunt as a projectile is the perfect use for him. I really enjoyed the main event. Jericho doesn't rush things and wrestles differently from every one else on the show. Can't wait for him vs. Cody. Darby Allin is pretty awesome and loved the use of tape in the match. Overall thumbs up and i may have to go out of my way to watch again next week.
  17. The last couple of movies I have seen have had AEW on TNT commercials before the trailers began. I think AEW/TNT have been pretty smart about getting the word out.
  18. I didn't watch the women's match but the other 3 matches were fun. However, the Backstabber needs to be put on hiatus. All three matches used it liberally. They need to decide who gets the move. Isn't it one of Jericho's signature moves?
  19. No, we can move this to the Land of Confusion thread and keep this thread wrestling related.
  20. If you're a school administrator, yes.
  21. In the individual classrooms, agreed.
  22. How old are you? What you described would have happened at my high school as well... in the early 1990s. Let's look at some demographics... the last high school I taught at was 85% Hispanic, 5% Black and 10% White. All of them were referring to each other using the N word. I think it was more of a product of the social media and music these kids are consuming. I am not saying it wouldn't be different in a school that was predominantly black.
  23. About use of the N word... I taught high school students for the past 15 years. In the last 5 years or so, it has almost become as common as calling someone Dude or Bro. White kids and Mexican kids and black kids all go around saying it to each other. I am not excusing Randy Orton since he is a 40 year old man but it has become common for teenagers to use casually with no racial implications.
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