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  1. I don't know if you heard today's WOR, but he and Alvarez basically discussed this topic wrestler by wrestler with the information he had at the time. Quackenbush was not mentioned but Cornette, Guevara, Ospreay, Scurlii, Ryan, and more were discussed. Doesn't seem like he is avoiding specific wrestlers. Maybe he didn't react quick enough?
  2. It is absolutely the one place they have dropped the ball. Tully has been great since the contract signing and they have done nothing with him. Part of that is because Spears simply hasn't gotten over in the ring. I don't know why they haven't moved him to someone else yet.
  3. Tully Blanchard is still the greatest...
  4. The 1st buildup hype video made me excited for a Jake Hager match.. I am looking forward to Hager-Moxley. Hager's wife was perfect "You win or you don't come home" I can't wait for Jericho to retire and he and Tony become the best announcing duo ever behind Lance Russell & Dave Brown. My favorite Jericho line for the entire night: "She went from Ace Frehley to Gene Simmons in one match" Chris Jericho made me not care that this was an empty arena show.
  5. I honestly thought that was a Rhyno clip. Then I rewatched and realized it was from tonight. As an aside, Jeff Cobb is so good and a really nice guy in person. At least the one time I met him.
  6. Great show and I'm kicking myself for not going. Britt Baker wants heel heat? Talk shit about Whataburger!!!
  7. I enjoyed last night's show. I'll add onto my dislike for Brandi Rhodes and her faction. everyone knows she is Cody's wife. She should be a face and being the Jack Tunney of the women's division, not the Stephanie McMahon. The entire Nightmare Collective is making me dislike the women's division as a whole. This is sad because I think they have some great talent in the division.
  8. They could give rematches to the SCU. I think if the Butcher and Blade start racking up wins, there is a program there. I wouldn't be opposed to a Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy mini-feud.
  9. I think putting the titles on the Bucks gets the fans excited for what's coming after the New Year and ends the show on a high. I was against them putting the belts on SCU in the first place so that's just a personal preference.
  10. I saw something in the rankings that really disturbed me. A ton of people have 3-2 or 4-3 records. It's not quite 50/50 booking but it's close. I want to see some of these teams/wrestlers create some distance from the rest of the pack. I am not opposed to drawing out the Page-Omega dissension but they need to lose the match.
  11. This looks like an exciting week of television. I am more interested in the booking decisions. Do they finally end the SCU reign and start pushing the Bucks? Do they end the Baker experiment and run with Statlander? I want them to let Butcher & Blade get the win but I don't want them to sacrifice Darby in order to do it. It's way too early to let them lose also. This actually feels like the right time to introduce their first DQ. Jungle Boy should go ten minutes with Jericho... or 9:50 before tapping out. Lucha Bros should defeat Omega and Page. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  12. I couldn't stand lemon-lime Kool-aid. That means it's bad and I'm right.
  13. I was talking about Dynamite. I haven't seen Dark since the 2nd week. I'll take your word for it.
  14. I watched the show, enjoyed it for what it was but I want to address the production complaints. I will take flubs, miscues, audio issues all day long if I never have to sit through another over-produced, stale WWE production again. Production flubs make the show feel more "real" to me. It's refreshing.
  15. Ha! The original statement wasn't perverted at all. Then it slowly went downhill from there.
  16. This really reminds me of the early idea of letting Moxley becoming the new Roddy Piper who is unhinged and brawls all the time. It never happened but, now more than ever, you can see it would have worked in a different company with a different vision.
  17. Agreed! I think when the company was formed, they thought Omega was going to be the #1 babyface but Cody has taken over and screwed up their plans.
  18. I am speculating on the February date but it would make sense... Double Or Nothing - May All Out/In - August Full Gear - November ??? - February
  19. Well... when you edit it that way... fuck it, I'll own it. I love thick women.
  20. I thought they were doing a PPV every 3 months. February would be next on the schedule. Also, I had no idea who Shanna or Hayter were last week. Just random women. It absolutely wouldn't hurt to give them a quick profile. Same thing for any wrestler or team that pops up... even the jobbers. They are doing this with Wardlow. Cut 3 or 4 minutes from each match (including a no dive outside rule for any match in the first hour) and mix in some vignettes/short interviews.
  21. I have seen 3 episodes and this was my least favorite overall episode even if it had some of my favorite AEW moments. There were moments I felt like changing the channel and I haven't felt that way with AEW yet. The Cody-Jericho feud is carrying this company and that's ok. It's the best thing going in wrestling today. I think Cody needs to win asap. My buddy thinks it is too soon for Jericho to lose. Imagine arguing over the finish of a match in 2019 where the outcome has actual implications. Amazing! I really enjoyed the PAC match up until he hit the brainbuster on the floor and it didn't result in a countout and EMTs. The ending ruined this for me. Really enjoyed Beretta in this one. I also thought the woman's tag was great. Aesthetically, I'll take 3 thick women and the little engine that could over the entire WWE women's roster. Tully Blanchard is being wasted on Shawn Spears. He needs to be with someone else asap. More than anything, these wrestlers that are unfamiliar to the people at home need personality profiles. 30 seconds to a minute explaining why I should give a shit. The ending brawl was awesome. It needs to lead to a War Games match. Let this boil until the February PPV.
  22. I just binged both seasons this past week. What an awesome show.
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