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  1. I hate musicals so the post credits scene was torture I kept hoping there’d be a fun payoff, like they’d cut to the audience and we’d get Old Couple Steve and Peggy with disgusted looks on their faces.
  2. “Unstoppable” is close enough to “undisputed” that Vince just rushed to the roof and fired up the McDevitt signal.
  3. It’s easy to pick on garbage jobbber shit/bad indies for worst matches. It’s also easy to pick classics for best matches. In person, I’ve seen early 80s WWF house show jobber vs jobber broadways and the whole 1991 Bash as the worst, and I’ve seen Flair in his prime as the best. So ruling out those low hanging fruit, I’ll say my best and worst of the rest are two matches I’ve mentioned here. Worst was Dusty/Tully in a Bash match, maybe 86 or 87 in Baltimore. It was a barbed wire match where the whole card went long and these carnies announced that, have no fear, the curfew had been lifted and we’d get our main event! Well the match was 30 seconds long, so they totally bullshitted us marks. Obviously arena management told them to do it fast and gtfo. Best was a ROH show with board favorite DAVEY RICHARDS vs Eddie Edwards which was just unrelenting insane spot porn. The perfect match for that night where even one non fan miserable shithead with us got caught up in it. Fuck yeah. DAVEY will always get a pass with me, fuck it.
  4. I’d be fine with Cody beating Sammy to regain the belt. I don’t love Cody’s meandering angle that may not be an angle at all but at least he’d be somewhat interesting with the title, which is more than I can say for Sammy’s “it takes me a few minutes to remember who’s the champ” reign. Cody needs to win the title and dial up the arrogant shithead act about 175%.
  5. Some dude made this tweet in August as a snarky joke: And PWG just announced "Phillip Five Skulls" for BOLA this year
  6. Happy Holidays, whichever one you celebrate! If you don't celebrate any, like my Jehovah's Witness friends or whatever else, well enjoy your time anyway! I'll echo @The Natural's sentiments that this is a good place to hang and I'm thankful for all you knuckleheads. Been here (under a different name) since probably 1999 or something, when we had the green board that didn't even need a login. Season's greetings and warmest wishes from mine to yours, buds.
  7. Ruby vs her jacket was the match of the night. Real babyface fire against a dominant heel. Finish was in doubt until the very end.
  8. That Simpson clip Botchamania always uses, “Don’t worry guys, he’ll get the help he needs.”
  9. Well keep in mind Vince didn’t want to sign Gail Kim because he couldn’t comprehend anyone finding Asian women attractive. Who knows what’s going on in his head in this regard? I remember one magazine going very in depth about the spirits that inhabited the Mississippi Delta and how Honkey Tonk Man may have communed with these spirits to gain the power to win and keep the IC title. To be fair, it may not have been an Apter mag. It may have been in one of those weird second tier rags like Main Event or Wrestling Eye.
  10. Shit yeah, man. Look at most early-mid 80s WWF house shows and the maybe the top three matches are bigger names, while the rest are jobber/JTTS bouts. Nothing like seeing two job guys go to a 20 minute draw to really heat up a crowd. This is the first show I ever went to, with 7 out of 8 participants in the first four matches firmly entrenched in the jobber ranks and HOLY SHIT Scott McGhee & Tiger Chung Lee going to a draw before the main: WWF @ Baltimore, MD - Civic Center - January 5, 1986 (13,000) Pedro Morales defeated Moondog Spot Jose Luis Rivera defeated Rene Goulet Hercules defeated Lanny Poffo Scott McGhee fought Tiger Chung Lee to a draw WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Brutus Beefcake The Junkyard Dog defeated Greg Valentine via count-out Cpl. Kirchner & King Tonga fought Nikolai Volkoff & the Iron Sheik to a no contest Hogan got the biggest pop because everybody was asleep when his music hit.
  11. My (vaccinated six year old) daughter's school system has had more Covid cases this month than September through November combined. Including a kid in her own class that, luckily, she didn't have really close contact with. The county school system is updating its policies so that if whatever they qualify as an "outbreak" happens, they'll go full virtual. Jesus Christ what a shitshow. Now we're going into year three of this shit, in a large part because these antivax fucknuts. And we have the president on TV begging people to get vaccinated and I'm thinking, "if they haven't gotten a vaccine that's been out for A YEAR NOW, they ain't getting it, Joe my man." At his rate, we're just waiting it out. I'm not totally against Darwinism doing its thing and thinning the herd w/r/t dumb people like that guy in Texas who died from Omicron because he was antivax AND had complications from a previous bout with Covid, but it's also taking people who aren't antivax morons. Fuuuuck. Stay healthy and safe, my dudes.
  12. Holy shit I totally forgot about Vladimir Petrov. Thanks!
  13. I was just thinking the other day how the Gunn Club's theme sounds like a Moroder ripoff, exactly like something they'd play in that Scarface montage if they somehow lost the rights to "Push It To The Limit."
  14. Did you realize the titles of S2 episodes 1, 4, 10, & 13 add up to "737 down over ABQ?" Also, as someone watching the show for the first time, how do you feel about Walter White now? The show tried to pull off a neat trick where Walter gets more detestable as time goes on, essentially going from protagonist to antagonist, and his motivations change ("I need to take care of my family" became "I'm a sad little man who defeated himself at every turn in life, but I finally found something I'm the best at and I don't want to stop because it feeds my ego") but I'm not sure how many people really got that because they got so wrapped up in antihero false badassery.
  15. Oh shit I forgot about him. Google yields nothing except it seems he retired. He once teamed with Jay Lethal against the Briscoes. So we had 3 “Jays” in one match.
  16. YES! Gonna subscribe to Showtime for a free trial and then cancel!
  17. Attitude Era or not, you KNOW there had to be a team of trusted staff talking Vince out of that every single day all the way up to the event. Like they'd shoot it down all day long and explain over and over why it couldn't be called that, and then he'd wake up the next day and fight for it again.
  18. I always laugh to myself when they do the promo copy for Mox's book and end with "for sale wherever books are sold." Because it's Mox and my weird mind takes it literally, like someone said to Mox, "hey man, where can I buy this book?" And he answered, "I dunno man, wherever books are sold" like he has no idea where to get a book. And true to the Mox aesthetic, the tagline should actually be "the new John Moxley book: get some coke and go read it at your local library today!"
  19. Let's call Wrestlemania 30 "The 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania" because words and numbers mean whatever the fuck we want them to mean and fuck you.
  20. A coworker in another department I've known for 13 years (not really friends friends, but I knew him and he was a cool guy) died over the weekend. Non-Covid...but he was ill for a long time and refused to go to a doctor. He left behind a wife (who is also super cool and used to work at our company) and two young kids. No sad face or likes or whatever to this...just please please if you have a health issue and it's starting to look serious, go to a doctor. It could have been avoided and he could have still been alive for his family today. RIP brother.
  21. I like it well enough. The interface is a little weirder than other cable-replacement services I’ve used (Sling and Fubo) but you get used to it. You need to pay extra to have their library stuff be commercial free, which is lame. The DVR also has maybe 2:30 of unskippable commercials every 2nd or 3rd break unless you pay extra and that’s kinda shitty but I DVR so little I don’t sweat it too much. Their channel lineup is good except no AMC. Their library is decent. Feel free to reach out if you have any other specific questions! Also, by ditching YouTube TV, you give a little less personal data to Google!
  22. Austin understanding Tajiri and having a deep conversation with him, to (I think) Regal’s consternation, was great. “Thank you TIE-jeery, you’re a very wise man!”
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