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  1. You mean the fans who chanted "thank you Vince" and bowed to him the first time this happened?
  2. Is it too cynical to look at that Bryan quote and guys like Cena, Rock, and Austin backing Vince when they don't have to, and just fall back on this catch-all explanation by our patron saint Big Damo?
  3. "Hi it's Donald, just calling to see if Vince is okay." I always laugh at the story of Wall Street dropping WWE's price due to not understanding that Trump taking over was just a storyline, as well. Because of the implication that Wall Street wouldn't trust this guy to run a fake fighting company, and then a good deal of our country elected this goof president.
  4. Yeah, apparently NDAs can't cover illegal activities like sex trafficking. So maybe McDevitt should be disbarred as well.
  5. I mean I'd hope TKO would just clean house of anyone who might have known, but seeing how their first words on the subject were essentially, "well this all predates us so we have nothing to do with it yayyy," I don't have high hopes.
  6. Oh I'm sure Dwayne and his team are furiously working out messaging to protect his brand even as we speak. Fuuuuck, every time I hear "brand" in reference to a person, even one as fake and manufactured as Dwayne, I die a little. How long is the list of people still with WWE who likely knew about all this?
  7. Just when you thought it couldn't get more gross. Also, at this rate, the Netflix documentary, which went back to the drawing board last year after the initial allegations, is never going to come out
  8. That's a great idea and, honestly, I sort of remember that this is exactly what the AEW rankings used to be. Anyone in the top 5 could get a shot. I could be wrong, though. But yeah, having multiple wrestlers clear a certain threshold, and then the "championship committee" decides who gets the shot, would be cool. Really, having rankings based solely on win/loss percentage isn't the best. I mean if Hook is 28-1 or whatever, loses to Joe, and falls to 28-2, he probably still has a better winning percentage than anyone else. Shouldn't he keep getting shots until someone else is ranked higher? Really, it feels like we're all giving this more thought than TK.
  9. I appreciate Deonna to no end for using the words "title shot" and "belt." Motherfucking Samoa Joe said "opportunity" at least three times and that sucked.
  10. With one secondary title, you could do something like this: the holder of that belt is automatically ranked #5 or something, and can go higher with successful defenses. So then unranked guys have a reason to gun for belt #2, as it's a shortcut into the top 10. BUT then does that secondary belt have its own top 10? Or is it an open challenge belt? It's a decent idea here, but it falls apart when you have three lower-tier belts with, as you said, no identities.
  11. The issue I have with the rankings is, what does it mean (kayfabe wise) for other belts? In general, secondary titles make no sense in kayfabe but they've been accepted so long that nobody questions them. We all know they exist (IRL) to elevate guys, give midcarders something to do, or both. But if this was real, what purpose would a secondary belt serve? There are no secondary belts in MMA, wrestling's closest real world analogue, because they literally make no sense. So from a ratings perspective, does the TNT, International, or Continental Crown champ automatically get ranked in a certain spot in the top 10? That might work, I guess. But not automatically #1 like the Apter mags would treat the US (NWA) or IC (WWF) titles back in the day, because that makes no sense. Those belts aren't "#1 contender trophies" like ROH used to have. So what's the role of a secondary or tertiary, or whatever the word for four-tiary is, title in this ratings system? Honestly, the only way a secondary belt makes logical sense is if it's a gimmick like X number of successful defenses gets you a world title shot. Maybe instead of a social media blurb and a quick announcement on Collision, TK should have thought this out more and presented it as a segment on the show to explain all this shit.
  12. The Tijuana Bomb is a horrible finisher. Wasn't she doing a Thunder Fire Power Bomb before her time away? I understand maybe wanting to do something different after returning, but that ain't it. How many moves in wrestling start off as a set up for a cooler move, before transitioning into something lame? I can only think of this and the Attitude Adjustment. AND Rosa just hits it really poorly and it looks sloppy. AND if she's recovering from back issues, a move where you hold another body out in front of you and then manhandle them, unassisted, into a totally different position, is a really bad idea.
  13. I had Sling for a long time, until I realized all I used it for was wrestling, so I was paying $40/month for just AEW. I got a vpn and AEW+ on Triller instead, so I cut my spend in half and now I get it commercial free.
  14. Man, I like AEW a lot but please please give us more than just JTTS, foregone conclusion matches.
  15. He might pick you up, but no damn way is he taking you to Denny’s.
  16. It's a very good idea except for, as @Go2Sleep says, the NFL piece. TK has said he doesn't want to compete with NFL games regularly. I say "regularly" because the NFL did have some Saturday games late in the season and in the playoffs, but that's different from Mondays, where there's a game (or two?) every week. So who knows?
  17. Seeing Ortiz in the Collision main reminds me, what's Santana doing since coming back? And is it any better or more successful than he could have been just being cool and sticking with Ortiz? Ortiz is now just slotted as being a lower carder who will get a TV match now and then. But Santana doesn't even have that. Meanwhile, I feel like together they' d absolutely be getting more TV time. I totally understand wanting to bet on yourself to see where it gets you, but as Dirty Harry said, a man's got to know his limitations.
  18. I don't mind the Hardys working a gimmick of delusional veterans who think they still equal ratings. I'm just not sure where you go with it.
  19. Crazy Netflix signed a 10 year deal, since they're so quick to cancel shows instead of.. ...finishing the story
  20. Okay, I withdraw my dislike of Christian/Rhodes. @Curt McGirt is still passive-aggressively sniping in a different thread a fucking day later ("old guys, amirite") and I can't understand the straight up on the spectrum bullshit of going completely nuts because someone dared express dislike for something someone else likes. Fuuuuuck.
  21. I just need an episode on people whose asses Vince hilariously thought he'd be able to kick. I know there's Harley Race and Frank Shamrock. There must be more. Adjacent to that is tough guy Vince telling Bret he'd get one free shot, and then Bret proceeding to K him TFO.
  22. There's a Rick DeSantis joke in here among all this high heels discussion.
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