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  1. Ah shit, this is the first I’ve heard of it. I’ve only read one book of his solo work (Mr. X) but I did read Talisman and Black House. Need to check out more of his stuff.
  2. BTW Matt McCarthy said Colt is doing fine with money and could probably buy his mom a house. In case anyone was worried. ? My guess is Colt shares an account with his mom to help her out, but it’s nobody’s business and Punk is a dick.
  3. Well it's apparently coming out now that the Bucks took Daniels, in his role in talent relations, with them when they went to see Punk and may have had Megha go with them, as well. So it sounds like there's a possibility they did things the right way and didn't just got off hot-headedly, as evidenced by the Punk camp walking back the "kicked down the door" claims.
  4. Exactly. Excalibur has experience in the role, as PWG's Commissioner of Food and Beverage and Liaison to the Board of Directors.
  5. Have you checked out the Guardians game yet? I've finished the first four chapters and it's pretty good!
  6. Buffalo Flag >>>>>>>>>>> Chicago Flag
  7. Punk is such a poser. Nothing says "punk ethos" like burying your coworkers while sitting next to a billionaire, starting shit based on third hand incorrect information, and then using a cop defense when shit goes down ("I punched him because I thought he'd punch me" is just like "I shot that unarmed guy because I felt my life was in danger"). Pay him and let him sit at home. Also, Illinois has no "stand your ground" law, so that defense probably doesn't work. I'm not a lawyer but I did work in IT for a law firm like 20 years ago ?
  8. Good show and good layout. Get the bullshit out of the way right away and then fly right into the good stuff. AEW is going to be okay, guys! How is MJF so good at playing a heel pretending to be a babyface, but then so bad at being just a heel? It's amazing how everything pre-Moxley was so good, and everything after was so bad. Mox was on fucking fire. Just rallying the fans and troops after all this absolute bullshit. Give him the belt for 5 years, fuck it. "Just be a little better than you were yesterday, even if you're the only one who notices." That shit hit me in the feels, as the kids say. I was hoping they'd give the belts to the Best Friends to keep the feelgood stuff going but Death Triangle is fine. WIld-ass trios match, as always. They should really lean into it and just have Rick Knox ref all these matches, sitting in a lawn chair at ringside with a tropical umbrella drink and only come in to count the pin. No JR tonight! I swear he quit over TK not settling this the way Watts would have: KUMITE KUMITE KUMITE KUMITE Did Jericho mention facing Danielson in his promo? Not "I hope he wins so we can fight again," but actually like it was going to happen and he fucked up and gave away the booking? Note: I was drinking at this point. Holy fuck, let Danielson and Hangman wrestle at least once a month. These guys make magic every single time. Hangman is pretty good for a dumb fuck who doesn't listen to his elders. 40 guys at ringside in bright red outfits looking like some Handmaid's Tale or Us shit. Beeee caaarefuuuuuul. HEEL SWERVE is so great. WARDLOW IS TIRED OF THIS BULLSHIT. Out of control Wardlow is going to be great if they commit to it. Excalibur goes over the Pure Rules and then Garcia and Yuta forget to shake hands before the match. LOOOOL TK needs a proxy to make these announcements. He's so socially awkward and his crazy eyes weird me the fuck out. Acclaimed are winning the belts in NY and it's going to be awesome! Ford and Storm were great! Garcia unifies the ROH Pure and PWG World titles!!! ? Incredible match, but not as good as Hangmin/Dragon. But what could be? Ethan Page as Wish.com The Rock (which is who he always wanted to be) is lame. Page's gimmick is "has charisma" but he was outshined by LEE MORIARTY of all people there. It's already been said, but this is such a credit to their roster. They REALLY don't need CM Punk, for so many reasons.
  9. If any little bit of this is used in storyline, that guy will claim he was right. If anything over the years has taught us anything about conspiracy-minded people, is that they always move the goalposts and rewrite their reality when the cognitive dissonance hits.
  10. Fuck that; put the trios belts on Colt, Hangman, and just pick a third man at random from the no doubt massive list of other people Punk claims have wronged him.
  11. JAS needs to steal the belt on a bullshit win and then go all-in on changing it to the Sports Entertainment Rules title. Hog Pen matches. Punjabi Prison. Tuxedo matches. Match can't end until a guy is rolled up on a lame distraction via entrance music. All that.
  12. Meanwhile JR is just redass angry and incredulous that this is being handled by a woman in the legal department instead of having the boys figure this out kumite style like The By Gawd Cowboy would have done.
  13. Looking back at the Punk/Cabana podcast, it was fun because we dislike Vince's business practices and whatever, it was cool to get an inside look at how things go, and really fun to hear someone who'd been on the inside shit all over them, but really, would you ever hire someone who publicly blasted his former employer like that? Odds are he's going to do it to you. It's like dating a person who cheated on their last three partners. Why do you think it won't happen to you? So now we have Punk fired from WWE and shitting all over them, then he comes back to wrestling only to do the same thing in his new company. Why would any company hire him after this? Yes, I know the answer is money, but sometimes the juice is not worth the squeeze.
  14. Lost in all this is the absolutely classist bullshit of "these guys couldn't manage a Target." I can say with a pretty high degree of certainty that managing a Target is more honest and difficult work than this jackoff has ever done in his life. Thin skinned as he is, imagine Punk managing a Target and just losing his shit the first time some Karen demands to see him because her Circle Rewards aren't being applied properly to her purchase. I hope the Michael Nakazawa trades in his black polo for a red one just to troll this jerk.
  15. That's how PWG crowned new tag champs last year after the pandemic layoff, during which The Rascalz departed for NXT. They already had a tag match between King of the Black Throne & Taurus/Flamita and they casually announced before the bout that it was for the vacant tag belts. Speaking of, if Black is out for the near future, I guess they need to vacate the belts again. ?
  16. Yuta/Garcia two hour iron man match while Eddie Kingston cuts a show-long promo on commentary.
  17. In the end, all this falls at Tony Khan's feet. I once had a boss who told me the old proverb, "fish rots from the head." Trying to be every wrestler's pal PLUS hiring a known thin-skinned shit stirrer was always a recipe for disaster. There's got to be a balance between being everyone's friend and party buddy and the Vince approach of treating these guys like chattel and I hope he can figure it out.
  18. Hey guys, let's take a detour from the weirdness of modern wrestling and get back into Wrestlemania 5! Why talk about an insurrection in AEW when we have a show being put on for guy who led an actual insurrection? The Rougeaus vs The Bushwackers: Just getting this out of the way: Hey, we have a heel who pretends to love America while actually being beholden to a foreign power! Also, the Rougeaus! I can only imagine Vince all coked up and just exuberant as fuck trying to teach the Bushwackers how to do their march. NO PAL, LIKE THIS! PUT YOUR BACK INTO IT! Very blah match. The Bushwackers were not good. They lick Shawn Mooney's head on the way back to the locker room. Remember when WWF had Shawn Mooney act as "Ian Mooney," his fake twin brother, for no damn reason for a while there? WTF Mr. Perfect vs The Blue Blazer: Lovely timing as they announce MR. PERFECT, who stumbles on the steps I don't want to turn this into a review all about dicks, but fuuuuuck. In his excellent 'Mania review thread, @Dolfan in NYCmentions Herc as being, um, "forward presenting." Well he's got nothing on Perfect, as lil' Curt gets to the ring a few seconds before he does here. If you told me he did a little work to chub up before the match, I'd believe it. My man is Alex Wright levels of "oh lord I can't not look at that." Also, this is the debut of the proper Mr. Perfect gear in all its neon late 80s/early 90s goodness. Enjoyable enough, but short, match really only notable for Owen doing a lot a before-its-time (for WWF) offense. I think I recall this was clipped on the VHS version and I was really disappointed by that, rewatching when I was a kid. Or maybe it was never clipped an I just remembered it incorrectly from when I saw it live vs tape. Strangely booked as Owen is on offense for most of it. Perfect cuts him off, blocking a splash with knees to the gut. It feels like this is where the heat starts, but then Owen is right back on offense and stays there until Perfect dodges a move and then hits a forearm to the back of the head and Perfectplex for the W. I saw this show live on closed circuit, a few times on tape as a youngster, and once on the WWE Network a few years back, but this is the first time I noticed the then-current Maryland Governor (and former Baltimore mayor) William Donald Schaefer at ringside. Apparently he was a huge wrestling fan and was invited to the show by He Who Shall Not Be Named. Demolition (c) vs The Powers of Pain and Mr. Fuji: It's a handicap match for the belts where it's assumed PoP will be champs and not, for example, Fuji & Barbarian, if their side wins. Here's how you book this match: babyfaces agree to a man disadvantage because they are desperate to get their hands on their turncoat former manager. Heels keep that from happening, cutting them off at every turn. Maybe the babyfaces, so eager to beat up the manager, lose focus and keep giving the heels the advantage. The heat is building up because the fans want to see the manager get his ass kicked and they're being blueballed. Manager tags in once in a while to cheap shot the good guys when they're softened up and tags out immediately. Keep building that heat until the heels fuck up, babyfaces beat up the manager, and get the pin. Like most wrestling booking, it's simple and there's no need to complicate it. It books itself! Here's how they booked it: it was a heatless match with barely anything resembling the type of storyline described. If Demolition was so desperate to get Fuji, I couldn't tell by the booking. Maybe the above booking idea was too simple or too Southern? So we get eight minutes of clubberin', a bit of Fuji offense, and then he does get pinned in a dull affair that did nobody any favors. I fast forwarded the Fuji boardwalk skit and the Run DMC Wrestlemania rap because I can take only so much. Eight matches to go and most look really rough. I don't know about this, guys, but I'll try.
  19. As someone who sat through the 1991 Great American Bash in person, I can tell you how not to handle this. Don't try to heel the former champion to the crowd and then have a career bridesmaid and an unpushed midcarder fight for the vacant belt in the main.
  20. I kept thinking “I haven’t seen Nice Guy in a while, I should message him” and then didn’t because life is a busy pain in the ass and time flies. Glad to hear you’re okay and working on it. We’re with you, bud.
  21. I think TK needs to figure his shit out. Sitting there like an adoring fan while Punk pulled all this was absolutely a terrible look.
  22. Well he also said people should talk to him and, I guess by virtue of that, each other, to air grievances, all the while airing incorrect grievances with the Bucks instead of, you know, talking to them about it. You can’t talk all this “stand up guy” shit while going off on coworkers in a public setting about some shit you assumed, which turned out to be incorrect to boot.
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