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  1. What a show to come back for. And you stayed a fan after that show? Damn.
  2. I forgot to mention the BRUTAL goose egg Deeb had growing under her eye after the match. Damn.
  3. I didn't realize I needed Stevie Ray living in MJF's guest house until now.
  4. Good show! So was the whole thing done to pull a double turn? Dan Lambert is a face now? The twist with MJF is he dialed the wrong Morrissey on his phone and next week the guy from The Smiths shows up to get powerbombed. Never saw Dusty or Tully dress for a streetfight like that. And thank God. I figured Dax would win as he's been cemented as the singles wrestler of the duo. Really good match. Loved all the callbacks as @The Natural mentioned. Sammy's flippy out of control dives that are impossible to catch are going to definitely hurt somebody. He landed on nothing tonight AND it appeared his foot hit Scorpio's head afterward. Looks like shit and still hurts is a bad combo. Fireball! If Jericho's next reinvention is as Paul Jones to Eddie's Boogie Woogie Man, just stooging and showing ass all over, the place, I'm cool with it. AEW is sneakily moving to lucha tag rules for their multiman matches and that's awesome. Crowd was insane for Yuta! Nice. Deonna Purrazzo! Swerve everybody and let her keep the belt. Wardlow hits the running rana and I can hear the Deadlock boys popping from miles away. Props to Archer for getting way up on those powerbombs better than Butcher did! Thunder Rosa smiles as she watches a TV sideways! Noooooooo LOOOOOOOOL AEW GALAXY Don't let Vince see that jacked up pic of Cass. He'll re-sign him like Test.
  5. We watched episode 1 and felt no compelling need to continue it. Trevor from GTA 5 is in it, so that's nice, I guess.
  6. Hell yes. Something, anything. I could look at the roster and name 20 guys I'd rather see doing something with the belt.
  7. That game was such a disappointment! Nitro was super hot. Playstation was super hot. And then we got this bullshit. Which of Dante's circles of hell is reserved for game developers who lazily assumed wrestling games were just fighting games with more spandex and assigned awful button combos accordingly? This show always has a special place in my heart despite being objectively bad and way too long, as it was the first PPV I saw live. I saw it on closed circuit at the Towson Center at Towson State University in 1988, so I would have been 13. Later in life, I went to college there, and it was funny running laps in phys ed in the same building where I watched Wrestlemania 4.
  8. Sammy/Scorp: jesus will this feud just end? Sammy has been in the TNT title picture for over seven months now, and nobody cares about Scorpio. In a perfect world, we do another lights out/lights on and someone interesting climbs the ladder and takes the belt. Dax vs Cash: the real main event Archer vs Wardlow: angle advancement match in which Archer continues to settle into his fine role of "monster who jobs to guys who need to beat a monster" Deeb vs Shida: a really smart person here (sorry, I can't remember who) pointed out that TK only knows how to blow off a women's feud one way. These two are talented enough to not need smoke and mirrors. The 10 man should be fun, as AEW multiman matches usually are. Jericho Appreciation Society Town Hall, for fuck's sake. I'm bitching a lot here but watch it be an awesome show.
  9. Sly jokes about neither of them having reproductive organs??
  10. Can somebody answer a dumb Star Wars question? I never watched any of the intermediary cartoon series or read any canon novels, just the live action films and shows. What happened to all the clones after episode 3? I'm guessing they became stormtroopers and slowly died off in battle or via natural causes while their ranks were gradually replaced by volunteers and conscripts, but I'm curious if this was addressed. Thanks!
  11. "Not quitting while you're ahead" seems to be a theme in the Breakingbadiverse.
  12. This match pulled off a rare failure trifecta -- bad booking in the build, piss poor agenting of the match itself, and Jade being too green to understand selling. AEW makes mistakes but never anything that catastrophic since that Dark Order beatdown. So your explanation might have something to it.
  13. Yeah, after Hirsch turned on her, they did a quick vignette where she took off the alien makeup and contact, then another where she said something about how we're going to see "the dark side of Kris Statlander." But that was really about it. She used "More than a Woman" as her theme song on the indies and now it seems that's going to be her official/unofficial nickname. I never liked that theme song because the only time you should use a disco theme is if you're working a disco gimmick.* *unless you're Eddie Gilbert because Hot Stuff was a fucking great track
  14. Haven't finished the show yet but if Statlander is calling herself "more than a woman" and her finisher is "Night Fever," is she now working a Bee Gees gimmick? That's incongruous. I enjoyed how she apparently went for the Croyt's Wrath but ended up dropping Julia on her face. There was also a point where it looked like Stat was going for the Spider Crab but gave up on it. But shit, points to them both for gutting it out and trying to get back on the same page instead of going to the finish a minute later. Takeshita is awesome but he hit 2-3 moves that were better finishers than his actual finisher.
  15. Toukon Retsuden 3 was amazing. I think I mentioned it, but I drove from suburban Baltimore in 97 to a sort of sketchy storefront game shop in Annandale, VA to get my original PS1 modded to play TR2 with English instructions printed out from GameFAQs.com. Man, those were the days. It was probably $90 to mod it and another $90 for the game but it was worth it. I got TR3 a few months later and that was even better. A straight port of TR3 as a WCW game would have been eye-meltingly incredible back then; definitely better than WCW vs The World. Alas, the best we got was the TR engine dumbed down to a depressing level for the initial Smackdown games.
  16. Can't speak to that but I can tell you their iPhone app wasn't great, either, and like the Android app, had not been updated like ever. It's wild how indy wrestling has two major streaming outlets (this and Highspots) and both are weak as fuck with their apps, if any exist on your platform at all.
  17. Virtual Bill Goldberg did more actual wrestling in that clip than real life Bill Goldberg has done to date.
  18. I don't keep up with NJPW. Is "House of Torture" a real thing? That sounds like on of those names they should have researched first to make sure there isn't a popular porn series with the same name, like when WWE had a group called "The Submission Sorority" for like 5 minutes.
  19. Tonight's Elevation looks really good! Aside from QT getting murdered for our amusement by Suzuki, we get: Takeshita vs Cutler, which should be just amazing. Soho, Anna, & Blue vs Nyla, Sajura, & Bunny Max Caster vs Penta Julia Hart vs Kris Stat in a battle of ladies embracing their dark sides Vince Valor (has to be a name from an indy wrestler name generator) vs Johnny Hungee. Two bald bearded dudes looking like a fight broke out at the crossfit gym. Luther leading a team of jobbers, one of whom is apparently named BULK NASTY vs The Rest of the Dark Order Except Colt Cabana. First off, BULK NASTY is my new porn name. Second, why can't Colt get booked? Jesus. Tony Neese vs The Steel City Brawler. That's a character from the unreleased Punch Out sequel, right?
  20. OH and speaking of commercials, do you guys get the Army advertisements during Dynamite? The ones that show Army dudes, under cover of night, blowing up some door and infiltrating a building? And the text on the screen is like "you could do this in real life!" Fuck. Could they target the COD-playing incels harder? Not to mention that for every sign-up that actually gets to play out his video game fantasy, a few hundred will be on janitorial duty and things of that nature.
  21. LOOOOL I recently started doing my regular grocery shopping there. I don't like the company or its practices but fuck it, when I'm trying to save money and pay off debt, spending 40-80 per week less on groceries is not a hard choice. I shop there on Friday mornings and "Wal Mart Radio" weirded me the fuck out from the get go. I'm especially mystified by the alleged employees calling in and giving shout outs to other employees. "This is Mikey from store number 3472 in Ontario California! I want to thank the overnight crew and the dudes who build the bicycles!" WTF. This is some real dystopian shit. I'm glad I'm not suffering alone and my DVDVR e-bros are in it with me I often wonder about the demographics of the music selection whenever I hear whitebread-ass pop country music singing about how fun being poor is while I'm shopping with mostly black and latino folks in the far-flung DC suburbs.
  22. LOOOOOL okay then, he's Goodwill Onita after Onita was purchased from Dollar Tree, donated to the Salvation Army, bought from there, then re-donated to Goodwill.
  23. I’d like to throw earlier Eddie Edwards on that list. Short haired, bland white guy but dude could WORK. “Earlier” = before he got chubby, got shitty gear, and became Great Value Tommy Dreamer.
  24. I think the underlying issue here is that TK only knows how to book female heel champions one way and doesn’t know how to book female face champions at all. The prospective Britt/Jade feud should be fun, as we’ll get months of promos with each one getting successively more and more dismissive of the other until they reach the logical conclusion of calling the match off since neither cares about wrestling the other
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