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  1. I can't stand any idolize/cosplay gimmick if it's just pretty much 1:1. I've already seen Bret, Shawn, Tully, Arn, etc. the first time. In person, multiple times. I need something more than "hey remember these guys! You liked them, right?" Hate the Bucks all you want but when they were doing Rockers cosplay while at the same time stealing the clique's gimmicks, they were trying to be annoying. FTR is the Force Awakens of wrestling.
  2. This reminds me of that series of Achewood strips where Ray is prank calling various other comic strip characters and Beef is cheering him on. Someone's going to be laughing in my ear and asking me to do Mike Bailey next.
  3. I applaud them for being two dull mechanics who turned "being two dull mechanics" into their gimmick. Some real 3D chess there. Like, "we're not two boring, nondescript white guys whose only value is giving you a good 20 minutes! We're old school wrestlers!" Gotta respect that hustle. It's like a con inside a con inside a con. Con-ception. It's like when Primus turned "Primus sucks" into a catchphrase, thus sidestepping legitimate criticism. It's funny to realize guys like John Walters just had to take their "boring technician" gimmick a few more inches into 70s & 80s cosplay territory and they would have been something.
  4. After every 3rd or 4th Bryan Danielson match, The Natural has to replace the asterisk key on his keyboard due to wear.
  5. Apparently it's on the special edition but sometimes aired when the movie was shown on TV as well, so that's probably why people remember it. I guess it was scrapped for time but re-added for TV since they needed to make up time with other things cut for TV. The special edition also has a set-up scene where you get a look at life on the colony before everything goes to shit. Not a bad scene but, again, some stuff just gets thrown out to tighten the movie up.
  6. I just side-eye the Smith because it feels dangerous in that it locks what should be fluid exercises into a flat plane of motion. It also keeps you from strengthening stabilizers because, well, you're not using stabilizers. I only use it for calf raises.
  7. OMG Dave and Bryan going round and round about that yesterday made me dumber for having heard it. 10 Print "Bryan says: it was fucking dumb to put them clean over FTR and then keep them out of the tournament" 20 Print "Dave says: lots of promotions throughout history have done things like that. It's about making money, not logical booking" 30 GOTO 10 Dave, who has made a career calling out bad, illogical booking, reversing to say that if it makes dollars, it doesn't need to make sense, is certainly something.
  8. Every time I start to feel bad about my hair thinning and getting patchy in front a few years back, leading me to just shave it weekly with a 1 guard, I'll revisit this thread. Thanks, dudes!
  9. You are exactly right! Old man brain strikes again.
  10. Every time I see Jericho's weave/plugs/otherwise fake hair get all sweaty and sticking out in all directions, I can't help but think of Bill Murray in Kingpin.
  11. Oh man I remember being psyched to buy WCW Nitro for the PS1 back in the day. It was so long ago I think I bought it at KB Toys. What an absolute pile of shit. We were so convinced that DDP was a hidden character that we put the CD in a computer and tried to dig around; there was no way WCW's hottest new star wasn't in the game, right? What an absolute disappointment that game was.
  12. I hear the mind altering drugs hit you right in the cerebellum 'ellum 'ellum hey hey
  13. Rabid Star Wars fans & MAGA dirtbags is a wild Venn Diagram I hadn't planned on thinking about today. It's also really something to see MAGA people and anti-rape people (w/r/t the Weinstein connection) on the same side.
  14. I'm just happy to see what I hope to be a tighter, smaller, more fun story after whatever the fuck Prometheus and Covenant were supposed to be. Fewer overreaching pompous ruminations over the origins of life, what it means to be alive, etc. and more frank discussions of the bonus situation, god dammit.
  15. I was just thinking about that this morning! Dude went from working possibly his last show, during Covid in some backyard and selling his boots, to wrestling Japan's top guy of the last decade on national TV. Good for him. Oh sweet Christ I hope not.
  16. I kept expecting CRITICAL to flash on the screen after any one of Hook’s suplexes.
  17. It does! It’s apparently an “interquel,” taking place between Alien and Aliens.
  18. You know, there’s a whole ‘nother wrestling promotion built around god fearing all-American themes of rugged individualism, bootstraps, and friends just being people waiting to stab you in the back. Vince is gone but his recurring themes are still around.
  19. But as always to paraphrase the Deadlock boys in their incredible Slammys episode, which I always think of when I see Rude, "Rick Rude was the most attractive person in existence at that time. If your wife went to a show and Rick Rude was on it, Rick Rude was fucking your wife."
  20. Oh my god early 90s WCW undercard was a desolate wasteland of crap. Everything outside the main event scene of Sting and pals vs Dangerous Alliance was just trash. I feel like it got bad around Bash 91 and I need to read through all the cards from that show on to figure out when they pulled out of this death spiral because god damn is that list of undercard talent BLEAK. I watched the main event of Clash 26(?) last night, Rude & Vader vs Sting & Flair, elimination match. Better on paper than in execution. Absolute bullshit double elimination as Vader murders Flair's back in the ring and then Flair is carted off by medical staff, I guess, as Vader freaks out at ringside. For the crime of holding a chair he is, I suppose, DQ'd by Commissionner Nick Bockwinkel. So in a match designed to build a Flair/Vader PPV, both guys look like shit. Nice job, fellas. Sting and Rude have a passable few minutes and then Sting pins him with a flying splash. So disappointing.
  21. Don't feel bad. I only know because Alvarez mentioned on a few pods that they seem to have gone away. But yeah, IIRC, they announced rankings in early February with the idea that they'd update once per month. With March 2/3 over and no rankings, it's maybe safe to say they've done away with them.
  22. Rankings seem to be gone again already. Which is fine, because they just make a bad situation worse. Multiple singles titles have no kayfabe reason to exist, and then you have the ratings on top of it? Like is there a top 5 for each of the four belts? Then you'd need to rank those belts in order of importance, which they're not doing. And if not, then is, say, the Continental title automatically the #3 contender to the world belt? It's just a fucking mess.
  23. I believe in Crystal Light 'cause I believe in meeeeeeeeeeee Jesus Christ, I thought that Pebbles song in the AEW thread made me feel old but now I've got the Crystal Light jingle from 1984 in my head.
  24. Right! Killing it off three months after it was unified is ridiculous. Maybe every year, the three champions will put their belts in the pile for the Continental Classic. So AEW has the four men's singles belts on their TV, not counting the ROH belts. World TNT International Continental Worse, it's not like any of them are "gimmick" belts like Pure, Hardcore, UWFI Rules, whatever. What is the point of the Continental title as opposed to the International title? I love AEW but this is a shitshow. EDIT: @Casey thanks for the clarification. While the Eddie thing made for a great storyline for the tournament, it really muddied everything regarding what the tournament was actually for. And I completely agree that it didn't need to be for an actual new championship.
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