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  1. Wow, I've never seen that one. That's up there with the WWF New Generation commercials about the baseball strike and they were insufferable. Yes, wrestlers have no strikes and no offseason. When your labor practices have more in common with circus animals than athletes, that's actually not a good thing.
  2. If it's anything like the time I took my wife to an ROH show (oh man) years ago, have her put some Vapo-rub under her nose like an autopsy technician. She'll thank you later.
  3. Well if you want goofy old school Bond, you can't get more wacky than Skyfall's "Home Alone" sequence.
  4. Awesome Steen vignette. Never thought I'd see a screengrab from a PWG show on WWE TV.
  5. He looks like a guy I'd see working shitty Baltimore area indies in the early 90s.
  6. So is Steen going to take Bull Dempsey's "chubby guy who just wants to kick people's asses" spot? Because I really, really hope so.
  7. Holy shit I was right dudes Daniel Craig: Bond movies had to go darker because "Mike Myers fucked us" http://io9.com/the-james-bond-movies-had-to-go-darker-because-mike-my-1667143453
  8. The one in White Marsh is still there and I stop in from time to time to look at used stuff and laugh at their new releases priced at $27.99 Seriously? Dude, I'm surprised White Marsh Mall is still there, let alone Suncoast.
  9. I really had my doubts as to whether he could ever be as good without the mask. I'm glad I was wrong, though I'm hoping he gets to do one Midnight Rider style angle sometime in NXT/WWE.
  10. All this talk about IT and brass rings and, especially, hair, makes me realize that when Vince and company use a worker's "conditioning" as criteria, they mean this:
  11. Sorry but I need to see the hoodie's hair before I can commit to its ability to grab the brass ring.
  12. Good point. Also, that and many of the other silly Bond tropes were mercilessly parodied in Austin Powers so you probably can't come back from that.
  13. I'm really disappointed that the women don't have sexual double entendre names but that's what you get with Serious and Grim Bond.
  14. The whole "independent contractor" thing is a joke and it's a testament to WWE's power, the fact that wrestlers are too job-scared to fight it, and the fact that nobody cares about pro wrestling, that they can still classify their employees as such.
  15. That's a cool concept, playing with the timeline. Ah, why the hell not? But I liked T3 & T4 so don't listen to me. Also, Jai Courtney is a bobo Sam Worthington and that's saying something.
  16. Oh man, when Vince says their competition is everything else on TV that is just the worst kind of bullshit. Motherfucker the producers of Mad Men, Game of Thrones or, fuck it, even the most derivative Big 4 network hackery aren't sweating your fake fighting bullshit.
  17. I'd like to see Punk work a few indy shots just for fun. Punk in PWG, even for just one show, would be very cool.
  18. I remember working for Suncoast at a mall in Baltimore County in the late 90s and having to explain letterbox vs pan and scan CONSTANTLY. Nobody got it. Making sure kids didn't con their parents into buying the dirty anime and trying to explain to customers why we were more expensive than Best Buy. Good times.
  19. I thought the "16" was the number of current lawsuits, alimony proceedings and coronary bypasses he's up to.
  20. Back in the day, that was an amazing highspot and a perfectly acceptable finish. Those fans are marking out like crazed howler monkeys.
  21. Exactly. That was some marketing person bullshit bingo right there. If she'd discussed WWE's "ecosystem of content and brand initiatives," I would have won.
  22. At least when booking limos, WWE's travel department uses wrestlers' real names. My brother worked for a car service that frequently did business with WWE. He knew nothing about wrestling since the 80s so he didn't know about the wrestlers he had to pick up outside of the huge names like Rock. Once day he called me and said, "I had to pick up some guy named Oscar Gutierrez. Is he a wrestler? He's really short!"
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