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  1. Wrong guy, in hindsight, for an anti-gun PSA https://youtu.be/1nAfWfF4TjM
  2. On a side note: the guy who plays Trevor showed up on Better Call Saul. I lost my shit.
  3. Who will be NXT's Glass Joe now????
  4. Which show is better? Who cares? I just think X7 gets a lot of undue praise for a card that had Eddie/Test go 8 minutes for a worthless belt with a horrible botch where a dude got literally stuck in the ropes on the biggest show of the year, Raven/Show/Kane stumble around hardcore fuckery, RTC vs APA and Tazzzz, a Chyna singles bout and a battle royal where the winner had to be the guy who couldn't take a bump. Oh and was that the card that had HHH take a bump on an obvious crash pad? Neat. And holy shit, you want to talk bad booking as your metric for show quality? Mania X7's main event and post-match booking killed the company's hottest period in history. That's a million times worse than "the wrong guy won a world title which is essentially meaningless today." The better matches of X7 are better than the good matches on Wrestlemania (Play Button) but this year's show's "lows" (Sting should have won I guess?) are far ahead of the low points of X-7, so I'll be charitable and call it a push. Also LOL @ "I'm on 3 wrestling message boards and nobody agrees with you." That is fucking beautiful. You have made my day.
  5. LOL. Seriously what is the point? Just Jarrett doing the only thing he knows how to do in life, I guess?
  6. Eh, Mania X-7 (not 17 but ECKS SEVEN because that is XTREME) had more stinkers than this show, fwiw.
  7. That does explain a lot, actually - you're unaware of the build and why that made the finish suck. Oh no, I keep tabs on it. I listen to the Metlzer podcasts and read a quick recap on Tuesdays, I just know it's not worth my time every week, even with fast-forwarding. I understand the buildup. Though maybe my lack of investment in it keeps me from caring too much.
  8. There is most certainly an "after" if they're going to try to sell a single PPV using Sting ever again - especially Sting-Taker. Never understood or cared for the attitude of "appreciate this shit for being the shit it is instead of wishing it were better." WWE can do better than Michael fucking Bay. They don't want to be better. You're in the minority. Why watch something and wish it was better? You're eating at McDonald's and are pissed it's not Ruth's Chris. Only wrestling fans and followers of bad sports teams put themselves through this. If a TV show sucks, just watch a better show. There's too much awesome wrestling out there to waste your time pining for the days when WWE was consistently good. Actually, those days never existed; you just got "smarter" as a fan and your expectations grew. I'll never understand these fans for whom WWE does nothing but they still watch. You're right; their week to week booking is garbage and I can't stand it. So I just watch NXT, Lucha Underground, ROH, PWG, etc and I'm happy. Is hindsight, I probably enjoyed Mania because it was the only WWE show I've watched in months aside from maybe 2 matches from the last PPV.
  9. It was a fun match. I couldn't get worked up over the finish because Sting doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. It was a guest spot for a guy who is essentially done so who cares if he's "dead in the water" after? There is no "after." People argue that Wyatt should have won because he'll still be there tomorrow. Well so is HHH. Christ, I watched Sting beat Flair for the title in person, what, 26 years ago? This is like getting mad about your favorite band from decades past having their greatest hits CD not win Grammy. Finishes haven't mattered in WWE for a long time now. Doubly so for Wrestlemania recently. Getting mad about these finishes is like is like seeing a Michael Bay movie and being mad that it wasn't as good as Citizen Kane or whatever.
  10. You don't need Wyatt to draw every night. Did pushed Wyatt sell one ticket? He's a midcarder. They're trying to sell 90,000 tickets a year from now and some guy vs Undertaker who has lost 2 in a row just doesn't have that special ring to it. Again, they only built him up to do this one job. Do you job Cena to Rusev? Where does Rusev go from there? Heel vs Heel program with Rollins? Do you push Cena, your biggest draw and merch seller, further down the card? Big Show won a jobber battle royal. Nobody in their right mind should get worked up about that. Whether the main event was booked well is a matter of opinion. No way should Reigns have won, so at least they did that right. I would have rather seen Brock win clean, myself, but I did enjoy the cash-in. My only problem with it is this: the idea was that they were apparently raising the IC and US titles so Cena & Bryan could fill in as headline champs in Lesnar's absence. Now what? Anyway, we'll just disagree here, but I can't see how these finishes were so horrible. "Guys I don't like won" =/= bad booking. All your arguments come off like the CM Punk "they're bringing in part timers to beat the boys who bust their asses year round" complaint.
  11. Let's not cry crocodile tears over Wyatt. He's been on the treadmill to nowhere since last year's Mania and was only pushed hard recently just so he could do the job here. You don't beat Taker two years in a row if you need him to draw next year. What were the other "bullshit finishes?" HHH/Sting was a fun, goofy match between two part-timers and, IMO, who won the match didn't much matter. The finish was secondary to the extracurriculars, which were fun. The American superhero beating the evil Russian on the year's biggest show is a perfectly acceptable finish. Heel runs into his manager and then gets beat is a straight-out-of-the-80s finish and fit well with the old time cartoony characters in the match. Sorry, I just don't see all these bullshit finishes but your opinion is your own.
  12. Pete, the walkers and the wolves are all Willie Horton.
  13. Show timeline-wise, I don't think it's been even a year since Rick last saw Morgan ("Clear").
  14. Show your work. No problem. The short answer is just that NJPW isn't my thing. I'm sure I'll catch shit here, but I'll just say personal preference. I'm at a point in life where New Japan's "pro wres = serious business" vibe just bores me. I'm not a fan of it. I don't follow NJPW as much as most of us here but I DL'd the show because of all the acclaim. So because of my lack of context, a lot of it was it was guy I don't know #1 stoically stiffing the shit out of guy I don't know #2. It wasn't fun. Also, I have to get it off my chest: Nakamura making spastic faces and goofy gestures, in general acting like a developmentally-disabled person, do not equal charisma, to me. His match with Ibushi left me flat. Just picking on that match in particular: Wrestling is fake and has its own ridiculous physics that you just accept as part of the deal. Rebounding when Irish-whipped, suplexes only hurting the recipient...wrestling has always been this way. But when you strip away that and just have a wrestling match that is dudes doing nothing but simulating MMA strikes, to me it's not even wrestling anymore, just fake MMA. We know what repeated strikes to the head do. This style of wrestling just murders my suspension of disbelief. And Ross and Striker were seriously fucking horrible. I mean god awful. Striker was leading Ross through it as best he could and Ross was trying to shoehorn every match's narrative into his usual tired schtick. Reference John Wayne again, I beg you. It never gets old. Anyway, it's personal preference. Wrestlemania was a comic book. Wrestle Kingdom was a pretty talented writer trying to be Tolstoy. I like my wrestling more fun. No disrespect intended to any of you who like NJPW better; we all like different things.
  15. I liked this show better than the Tokyo Dome show ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. I just don't understand that move. Roman's been watching some Chris Hero.
  17. Truth Martini doing the prostate intro was the sleaziest thing I've ever seen. He had the gleam in his eye of a man who is all too familiar with his own prostate.
  18. The Ben Stiller Show and The State were the 90s' awesome and somewhat forgotten sketch shows.
  19. I may hate myself for asking this but I have been loosely following the Demott story and don't know alot of details so here goes: what was he taping them for/doing? He was filming their asses, especially in certain situations like bent over rows while working out. I haven't read it yet...did Meltzer make the same "not making excuses for it but totally making excuses for it" argument he did on his podcast? The one where it's pretty much, "hey, it's wrestling and that's how people talk and act in wrestling." "Hey it's a male-dominated workplace, that's how people talk and act in a male-dominated workplace." "Hey it's the mostly white South, that's how people talk and act in the mostly white South." And so on.
  20. If you don't like "Pirate Premonition," I will fight you.
  21. After hearing so much about Bells, I finally ate at a place that had it on tap (some bar in Philly when I was in town for work) a few months ago. To me, it's pretty overrated. Nothing that really separates it from other higher-end IPAs. You'd do just as well with just about anything by Lagunitas. Beer is a lot like wine to me in that the price and quality lines on the chart meet somewhere around $15. Is that special $20 for a sixer or $15 for a 4-pack IPA really better than a $12 one? Like wine...will I really be able to tell the difference between a $30 bottle and a $60 one? I live near DC...your prices on this chart will vary.
  22. It was an amazing episode. Now I'm a little worried, because the best episode of this show so far was the one that barely featured the main character. Maybe they could take the focus off Saul a little more and make it an ensemble. Though I'm not quite ready for Kuby & Huell's tragic backstories.
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