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  1. Meltzer made a great point the other day about how, generalizing here, real sports' athletes have such a different mentality than wrestlers. For the most part, athletes understand their worth to the team and expect to be paid accordingly. Wrestlers, on the other hand, mostly are just happy to be there and approach their job from a "this promoter took a chance on me" point of view. One recognizes their worth and demands things. The other feels like their success is all owed to someone else, instead of understanding that this someone saw value in their skills, something they could make money on. There's no doubt in my mind that Vince absolutely played this shit to the hilt his entire career and it's easy to see how Cena was absolutely Jedi mind tricked here. I'm sure he feels he owes his life to Vince and not his own talents.
  2. Impeccable timing! Because we were discussing the Flair/Steamboat series in the other thread, and all I could remember from my rewatch a few years back was that I only liked match 1, I've decided to go back and re-rewatch all three. Here's some writing about match 1. I hope you like bullet points because I do! Meltzer always says that Flair told him that he and Steamboat had far better matches than this series that never made tape. I wonder how carny those claims are. Anyway, somebody here mentioned that they had a better bout at something called Boogie Jam 84. I have no idea what a Boogie Jam 84 is, but go ahead and pick your own joke: It's a convention for nose picking enthusiasts It's a convention for people who think a monster is living in their closets It's the name of a low calorie spread (less than 90 calories per serving!) made from mucus Brad Muster and Big Dave are at ringside. It's funny because they go in on a tight shot to show Muster in order to not acknowledge the presence of that kayfabe murdering bastard and his rag sheets. Dave is bigger than 3/4 of AEW's roster here. I need to go back and watch more 80s Flair. The shine in this match was magnificent. In a simpler bout, the babyface just dominates the heel before the cutoff and heat. There's a little more parity here but there's also no question who the better wrestler (in kayfabe) is. It's a competitive match during the shine but Steamboat gets back on top after every bit of Flair offense. It's like the heel equivalent of hope spots if that makes sense. Was that a regular Flair thing? Because it's awesome. Flair finally gets the heat by pulling Steamboat out of the ring and ramming him into the guard rail. I hate these ring skirts. You know, they're the lime green ones with the questionable logo that's supposed to be a stylized "NWA" but ends up looking like "AWA." This is the first match I recall seeing where the workers do that incredibly safe version of the back suplex. It's the one where you get the opponent up for it, then fall in such a way that they come straight down and take a flat back bump, as opposed to falling back and taking the bump on their neck and shoulders. The heat is a lot like the shine. Flair is on top but he gives Steamboat enough that the Dragon is absolutely put over as better than Flair. Even though Flair's on top, you're sure Steamboat can win this. It's really masterful. It built upon the way the shine worked and it's tremendous. Ross, at some point, points out the difference between them men, how Flair is the son of a doctor and went to PRIVATE SKEEEW while Steamboat matriculated at PUBLIC SKEEEEEWS. Looking online, I'm actually surprised that it's true. All I could think of was when Luger was a heel, Ross talked about what a disciplinary problem he was at Miami. But when he was a face, Ross touted his 4.0 GPA. As @Cobra Commander mentioned, they do a finish reversal fakeout. Is this history's first Dusty Finished Dusty Finish? Steamboat wins the belt for all the baby-having, hard working, public SKEEEW going common men out there while Flair throws a beautiful hissyfit and Hiiro Matsuda looks surprised to be there. Amazingly good, simple 20-some minute match. I'm looking forward to either reminding myself why I didn't like the other two, or reevaluating them. I can say that going to a 2/3 falls match, then back to one fall, is a weird way to book a series. We'll see. Thanks for reading!
  3. It's so weird and backwards because traditionally, you book it as the heel champ and face challenger have these tune up matches where the heel has trouble winning and has to cheat, while the face looks awesome and dominant. That way, the PPV match is built in such a way that the fans think the face challenger has a good shot at winning. Instead, Toni beats her opponent in two minutes with a clean submission while Deonna has an awful match against an unranked opponent and goes two segments before she wins. The "RVD and Hook smoke a lot of weed" jokes were all over the place. Taz said something about Joe being really tense and Excalibur said, "I bet Hook and RVD have something that can help with that."
  4. Cody's neck tattoo has been the real mark of the beast this whole time???
  5. Mike and Maria was just another in Vince’s long history of booking couples wherein he thought the man wasn’t in the woman’s league so he booked them in a way that could fuck with their real life relationship. What a piece of shit.
  6. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Every Rayne match I’ve seen in AEW and ROH has been absolute shit.
  7. I can absolutely understand VInce wanting to change Hayes' look. When it's the mid-90s and you're still walking around looking like the bass player for Runnin' with the Devil: A Loving Tribute to Van Halen, you need to switch that shit up.
  8. Throw in GIna Carano and you can relaunch WWE Films as one of those kind of studios.
  9. Keep in mind, after Vince's first ouster for improper hush money payments to women he used his power to coerce into sex he raped, Cena was photographed going out on double dates with Vince.
  10. Even Madame Tussaud’s wouldn’t have enough wax for that.
  11. I thought the story was he asked them not to re-up, but they did it anyway.
  12. Stolen from reddit in case you don't feel like listening to five minutes of Cena's monotone Wonderbread bullshit. Honestly, a nebulous wall of text is the perfect personification of this goof. Sorry for the delayed reaction, but I legit spaced out listening to it due to his delivery, and only really comprehended it when reading this. Just telling someone you love them, it’s a hill to climb, and we’ll see what happens Sweet zombie Jesus tapdancing Christ. His boss raped and trafficked multiple women, and this fucking human equivalent of cream colored paint on an apartment wall, this walking talking plain chicken breast made with no spices on an ungreased Foreman grill, is talking in terms of what a challenge this is going to be for his friend who he loves.
  13. Normally, a respectable tattoo artist won't go above the neck or maybe below the wrists so as not to hurt anyone's future employment prospects, social standing, etc. Darby walks in and the tattoo guy is like, "yeah, no problem."
  14. Seriously. Cena comes off like he's studied fervently at the Rock's feet to learn the secrets of becoming an absolute milquetoast brandbot.
  15. I had no idea The Gangstas used "Can't Truss It" in SMW. That's awesome. "Hazy Shade of Criminal" would have been better but that might have gone maybe a little too hard.
  16. Man, what a rough show this was. The Horsemen had just breathed their last gasp (for the time being) with JJ leaving after Tully & Arn had left a few months prior, so they'd morphed into The Yamasaki Corporation, which was a complete popcorn fart. Barry is on his way out (thanks for the reminder!). MX vs MX gets a blowoff match that includes one guy who was never in the feud to begin with because Condrey left before the show. The Michael Hayes singles push, which was trash, as he wrestles a masked Dave Sheldon. Sting trying to find his footing as a singles wrestler and getting no favors being asked to go 20 vs Reed. Road Warriors vs Varsity Club B team of Sullivan and Williams. Woof.
  17. Flair and Windham got 23 minutes, which is a decent length for my own tastes. I'll have to go rewatch the others but I seem to recall feeling like both guys were getting a little repetitive and dragging out the proceedings. Maybe I'll watch all three and write something about them in the WWE Network thread. Looking at the card on Wikipedia, holy fuck yeah we absolutely didn't need 15 minutes of Hayes/Assassin and 20 of Sting/Reed. Sweet Jesus. I would have given Lex and Barry at least 5 more. 10 for those two feels criminal.
  18. Maybe I was just kinda tired when watching it but I found the Flair-Steamboat series decreased in quality in chronological order. 1 was really good, the 2/3 falls one was overlong and booked weirdly, and the third felt played out.
  19. Thanks, guys! Yeah, my key issue is that the lower the squat gets, the more I bend and transfer the load from my quads to my lower back. Like half the exercise is really a back extension. I’ll research all these suggestions. Re: running, I do have a big front porch but not as big as it used to be! I’m 6’2”, low 260s right now but I was like 310ish last year at this time. My cardio is pretty great despite my build. The only thing that stopped me from going 10 miles yesterday was my legs getting sore after maybe 6. But I’m really happy with it as I was over 5 mph the whole time, even on one section that was mostly uphill.
  20. Hey guys, quick question. I absolutely hate barbell squats. I don't know if it's my build, but doing them really deep (like I guess I'm supposed) to just murders my lower back. As a dude who had a horrific disk injury a few years back, anything that strains that area is a strict no no. So I still do barbell squats, but with less ROM -- maybe 50 - 60 degrees at the knee, trying to stay as straight as possible without bending too much. Is this okay or would I be better served going with the hack squat machine instead? I could do leg press but (not humble bragging, really) I seriously don't feel like putting all those plates on. I feel like I'm not squatting "correctly" if I'm not going lower. Maybe I'm just in my own head. Let me know. Thanks! Also, after some holiday slacking and trying unsuccessfully to figure out outdoor running in the cold before getting the hang of it, I got more disciplined a month ago, dropped 6 pounds, and managed to run 8 miles yesterday, which is great.
  21. LOOOOOL I totally completed Power Wash Simulator while my actual pressure washer sat unused and my deck sat in desperate need of washing.
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