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  1. Slaughter refused to tell Bush where the WMDs were hidden despite intelligence gathered during his time as an Iraqi sympathizer.
  2. Holy shit. I need to hire Jimmy Hart to jump around behind me at work, maybe in a meeting, cheering me on via the megaphone. "YOU GOT EM BABY!!! HAHAHAHAHA!"
  3. I remember the old green board where you didn't even need a login and how it was ruined by Feinstein spam one night. *wipes away single tear*
  4. I figured we'd get a look at Mike's past when he said he was from Philadelphia and then, later, wistfully said something like, "nobody wants to leave home." I got the impression he was talking about not just the Kettlemans and the bookie, but himself as well. I think he was forced to leave Philly and we'll get to see how. On a side note, I saw a very young Mike in Gremlins and Beverly Hills Cop in the course of a few days a few weeks back.
  5. Closet racist limousine liberals who throw a bone to minorities once in a while so they can pat themselves on the back and be all self-congratulatory about how progressive they are? "I can't be a racist, I gave an Oscar to that fat black girl in Precious!" I definitely believe that. But then, why not Selma? Why wasn't Selma their "black friend" this year? That's where the other explanations come in.
  6. Please explain "the problem" as it relates to Selma Minorities are nominated some years and win, some years not. You can't fall back on the lazy argument that the whole academy is all old racist white men unless minorities are consistently left out every year. Hollywood is supposed to be a bastion of liberalism EXCEPT during Oscar season, when it turns back into an old white men network? You can't have it both ways. I prefer the following explanations: 1. The academy simply didn't like Selma as much as the competing films. 2. The academy members thought the other members would vote for Selma en masse so they were free to vote for other films and actors. Enough academy members did this and it effectively split the vote ("I thought you were voting for Selma. Oh shit.") 3. The producers of Selma either didn't campaign enough or campaigned too late. Personally, I saw what the subject matter was and noticed that Oprah was involved and I said, "fuck this shameless Oscar grab bullshit" but that's just me.
  7. That's like a crackhead running a...uh...place that sells crack or whatever.
  8. I thought this episode was kind of weak. Outside of the Mike involvement and the final discovery of the family mystery, I thought it was a little slow and tedious, like it was a half hour of content stretched to a one-hour show. I hoped this would be the end of the Kettleman family storyline so I was bummed by the preview of next week's show. I loved Breaking Bad so maybe my expectations are just too high. There's also the problem endemic to all prequels where we all know how it ends up and we're getting impatient to get there. Who wants to see Darth Vader as a kid, after all? I remain cautiously optimistic but there's no way they stretch out the transformation to Saul Goodman beyond season 1, right?
  9. Hey everybody let's talk about TV shows and then Gregggggg will ham-fistedly shoehorn a shill for his friends.
  10. When I hear the name of that show, all I can think of is
  11. It seems that every time there's an intricate women's match, Drake is the referee and you can tell he plays a big part in helping direct/cue the wrestlers up. I wonder if Drake is working closely with the gals and Del Rey to help set up the matches. Good call! I noticed Drake refs a lot of the women's matches but never really considered the reason. The PWG fan in me wishes Drake had gotten a NXT run as a wrestler at least for a while.
  12. Vince is clearly trying to stave off a nosebleed and YOU KNOW WHY Edit: I had to watch this, now. And share it for all of you. So many questions. Why didn't HTM just run Hogan over? Why was Vince trying to lure a woman with a lunch sack? Was Arnold Skaaland going to jerk it in that port-a-potty?
  13. Who will be the first indy group to pull a Sun City by naming a show "We AIn't Gonna Tour Abu Dhabi"
  14. And the whole place is built by slave labor. Seriously, wonderful place to tour, guys.
  15. I seem to recall Saul saying something like, "I'm going to end up working in a Cinnabon in Omaha" when he was in the vacuum cleaner guy's basement with Walt.
  16. Bigelow's fat guy gear was awful. It made him look smaller.
  17. The difference between tattooed people and non-tattoed people is that tattooed people don't give a shit if you have tattoos or not.
  18. Man, when I was a kid, Demolition was awesome. Today, I realize they looked like two middle aged accountants gearing up for a S&M swingers weekend.
  19. If you really REALLY need to see some naked NXT chick and also Seth Rollins' junk http://deadspin.com/lets-all-look-at-seth-rollinss-dong-nsfw-1684849435 Link is obviously NSFW and also quite boring.
  20. I've been watching since around Wrestlemania 1 and I'm pretty sure (as sure as an older dude can be about anything today) it wasn't mentioned on WWF TV until the Attitude Era.
  21. I'm not sure what I like better: David Otunga goes to the Grammys in his sweater and bow tie gimmick or Django photobomb
  22. Australia has no idea that all that talk about Texas seceding is just bluster
  23. I could have done without the "Dre and Cube are still of the people" intro. I guess Cube took a few minutes off from filming Are We There Yet part 3 to film a quick promo. Nice job keeping their security detail out of the shots. Or even more underhanded, they're all extras and this was shot at the same time as the movie.
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