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  1. Disney appears to be dialing back violence -- I saw a story yesterday about them going back and digitally removing some of the graphic stuff from Falcon & Winter Soldier.
  2. That's fucking sad, man. So OK Magazine was right, which is kind of amazing. They'd reported a little over a year ago, I think, that WIllis was suffering some cognitive issue and there was speculation he was banking "Geezer Teasers" to make money while he still could. This really makes the Razzie people look shitty.
  3. My dude literally took his name from characters in Fight Club and Harry Potter. You couldn't be more on the nose if he called himself Edgelord McLarper.
  4. No, that's Bryan Danielson. I can see the resemblance, though.
  5. I don't know if it's crazy coincidence or the rough lifestyle but man oh man 80s wrestling was full to the brim of guys who were seemingly born looking 42.
  6. Hell yeah! This looks awesome. Hopefully this furthers Jay's storyline of tying to figure out how to become a winner. BUT I hope he doesn't want to join Regal's Tough Guy Club because that would be shitty. They're too new to get their Ray Traylor or Mike Rotunda. Maybe TK can round up Gary Spivey to help Jay. Also, can we get some real angle advancement for Statlander? 3 weeks ago: vignette where she changes her look. 2 weeks ago: run in on Hirsch match. Last week: run in after Hirsch match. Time to do a little more or at least a promo where she explains what her deal is.
  7. Oh man, what if we got Bozworth vs Dr. Death. That would be some real Sophie's Choice shit for JR on commentary.
  8. THAT'S AWESOME. Bonus points if he referred to them as "pandering twits."
  9. Now do one with the Gunn Club theme! I realized last week that iTunes doesn't have the original version of Push It To The Limit, which sucks because I can't create my "Various Songs from GTA Games" playlist.
  10. TIL Mr TV and I are the same age! My favorite WWF Magazine memory was the time the mom & pop store up the block from me would just ignore street dates and put the issue on sale as soon as they got it. So I read a story about Zeus' heinous attack at the hands of Zeus on Saturday Night's Main Event on a Saturday morning, 14ish hours before it would air. Also, really old WWF magazines were like really old WWF TV: they'd do stories on wrestlers outside WWF if they thought there was a chance they could get them. A friend of mine had an old issue with a story about the Von Erichs in it.
  11. Semi-related, they absolutely ran a story about how Ted was afraid of dying in the ring because that's how his dad went. Speaking of action figure feds and tying in to the Sting/Windham discussion with @cwoy2j...I ran the Halloween Havoc storyline but my twist was, coming out of it, dressing as Sting drove Windham crazy and he kept working as Evil Surfer Sting. I was a weird kid.
  12. Briscoes cutting promos in a gazebo you know they built themselves while Mark sucks down what I hope is a tub of Cool Whip.
  13. Hell yeah, man. I don't know if it was a matter of Luger just understanding the power of magazine covers and made himself available to Apter whenever he could, or Apter understanding the power of a muscular dude on the cover to sell magazines. Probably somewhere in the middle. Luger was anointed the next Hogan so fast and was all over those mags. I had that issue of PWI. Really, if you look at DiBiase's face, he's pretty nonchalant about grabbing that trophy. Like his heart's not into it. Like....he's maybe already filthy rich, doesn't need that thing, but is just half heartedly playing along!
  14. Flair and Windham in a footrace, pummeling each other with the batons! I absolutely remember the Sting/Windham story. You know your promotion is having issues when a magazine is writing better storylines and explanations for your angles than you can.
  15. Stuff that leaps to mind from the old magazines in no particular order: The Crockett-era Road Warriors being ranked the #1 team in the world in PWI forever despite not holding a title Magazines running their own storylines wherein they hand-wring over giving or taking away World Title recognition Wrestling Superstars magazine's Dream Matches. Hogan vs Tyson! WWF vs NWA in a Battle of the Network Stars style competition! A tag tournaemnt where the regular teams are mixed up and the final was Eaton/Morton vs Lane/Gibson! Eddie Ellner's heel act. Dr. Sydney M. Basil Second tier mag (Wrestling Eye? Main Event?) weirdness, like a story about how HTM made a deal with the spirits of the Mississippi Delta so he could keep the IC title. Ads for Champions of the Galaxy wrestling card game. Yeah, I bought that. General anti-Hogan sentiment, in all their kayfabe stories, after Vince cut the Apter mags off
  16. As the commentators said, Abadon smiling is somehow scarier.
  17. I hope you're classifying Unstoppable (2010) as being part of the next decade because that movie is the shit.
  18. That person must post here or it's a huge coincidence.
  19. Bandido is going to drop the PWG title in Rio.
  20. Anybody watch that new Rocky 4 yet? Maybe @Craig H? I forgot it existed but stumbled upon it this weekend. I'm kind of ambivalent about it. Stallone removed a lot of the "of its time" stuff from it (some of the over the top jingoism, the robot, etc.) and added more charcter and humanistic stuff, I guess. It's definitely more of a tribute to Apollo and Duke, and the fights are reedited to make them slightly less unrealistic and bombastic, so I guess it's fine. In the end, I didn't feel like it was better or worse than the original, just different. Stolen from a reddit thread, here's a good list of some of the differences: No exploding gloves at the beginning No Rocky v Apollo sparring in the beginning Extends Rocky III recap instead No Paulie bday party (!). No robot at all (!!!) No anniversary cake in bed with Adrian No car wash scene No steroid question and Popeye joke during training session "A normal heavyweight averages 700 pounds of pressure per square inch" is missing. Instead, they just show Drago hitting 1850 psi without context. Adds yard talk between Rocky and Apollo Adds kitchen scene with Rocky and Adrian No robot interrupting dinner talk Cut "regular people" line when Rocky and Apollo are watching old fight No dressing room scene before Apollo fight Cut ominous music before Apollo fight No greeting between fighters' wives before Apollo fight Rocky isn't announced before Apollo fight Moved Drago's wife smoking to before the fight instead of after round 1 Added more to convo between Rocky and Apollo between rounds Added Duke's speech at funeral, longer Rocky speech, talk with Adrian Adds meeting with boxing officials who say Rocky can't fight Drago No Drago's wife speech at press conference Adds Drago trying to talk at presser (This was actually funny - a reporter asks Drago if he can talk and he just says, "Yes.") "He's gonna have to kill me" speech moved from staircase talk with Adrian to cabin with Duke Added stupid earmuffs joke between Rocky and Paulie in Russia No kids watching fight from home ("What do you think we are, nerds?") No "knock him out" speech from Duke before round 15 Adds ref warning to Rocky's corner before 15th Different KO, no real count in new version. In original movie, Drago tries to get up, falls through ropes after about an 8 count Different celebration, jumps into Duke's arms Extended celebration, Rocky taps gloves with Drago after his speech
  21. Yuta goes crazy with the ultra violence, maiming all the Best Griends with glass, barbed wire, pizza cutters, etc. He's running in on matches waffling guys with chairs, jumping dudes backstage, just out of control, nothing can satisfy Wheeler Yuta's bloodlust as he's lost his mind in a misguided attempt to prove himself. Horrified by his creation, Regal has no choice but to send Mix and Danielson to take him down.
  22. Jericho: Hook looks like he's angry someone woke him up to come out here. Taz: That might be true.
  23. Yes, but at the time HHH was firmly up his own ass in his "cosplay Race and Flair" phase. And those guys worked bigoted angles like that, so naturally he wanted to try it, too. Oh Prichard. Sure, Scott's performance was bad. Awesome to see sycophants put the blame on the guy who most likely wasn't calling the match. See comment above about HHH's "old school worker" phase. It's not Steiner's fault HHH decided that a guy with a bad back and drop foot needed to be carried by superworker HHH to a 20 minute classic. Christ, it's the Rumble. The title match isn't even the star of the show. If the idea is to get to the next PPV, and with a limited opponent, get in and get out with a quick angle or something. Instead, HHH punched above his weight,work-wise, exposed Steiner, and blew the whole planned story.
  24. Swerve looked worlds better this week, doing less of his contrived “you go one way and I’ll go the other way” offense. I loved his back bump kip up to avoid Starks’ diving whatever. Like something out of a Kung fu movie. BUT I absolutely agree he needs to workshop some new offense and a new finish. That front roll flatliner is awful and harkens back to the days in WWE when seemingly 32% of the roster did shitty flatliner variations like Shelton’s Paydirt. As bad as that is, that double footstomp is worse. Last time it looked like a flying single leg stomp. This time he slipped on the landing and it looked like Doink’s Whoopee Cushion finish, just a flying ass splash.
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