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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this was my first thought! @Shartnado please get that checked out.
  2. Check the post above yours To add to this, a GREAT way to build your tag belts into something to be taken seriously and maybe main event shows: every once in a while, maybe on a big TV show, put your world champ and secondary champ against the tag team champions in a non title challenge match or, shit, if those two singles two champs are closely aligned, in a tag title match. Then have your tag champs beat them clean.
  3. Eh, he's a tag team wrestler. He should get beaten by skilled singles wrestlers. Of course, two singles wrestlers thrown together should be beaten, the majority of the time, by an established tag team as well.
  4. Yes…but So Cruel has some of the most darkly cheeky lyrics.
  5. I'm not sure, so I guess probably not. I mean all the Punk shit happened, and all of it derailed whatever Hangman's story was supposed to be. We never got the real payoff of "Hangman Page: Champion and Top Babyface" because TK figured Punk was the top and most visible guy and should be the champion. So then Page meandered for a bit again, got injured, rejoined the Elite (thus abandoning the Dark Order, which is a real head scratcher), and then got in a feud with Swerve and is now ostensibly a heel. So it's been a weird journey where he’s been aimless due to circumstances beyond his control. I do like his current arc of being obsessed with the title and losing himself. I hope this is some kind of Superman 4 thing where he sees what he's become and turns back, because he's really great as a wholesome yet asskicking babyface.
  6. This is an exception as a late era Sting song that I like
  7. We're getting back into those glory days of "I have no idea what he's saying but I understand what's happening" now that Will Osprey is here.
  8. While absolutely a looser story, Hangman Page's storyline from the start of AEW to him winning the belt from Omega was definitely a good, long arc. They could have absolutely hammered it home better, and ending it just to give that goof Punk a vanity reign was a massive misstep, but it was definitely a good, long story. I'm probably missing some steps, getting some out of order, etc., but: Almost wins the belt from Jericho in the first title bout, gets too much too fast Meanders a while Tags with Kenny to win the tag belts That falls apart; Hangman talks about winning them back but Kenny wants nothing to do with the team, and turns heel Gets manipulated by FTR into screwing his longtime friends, the Bucks, so the whole Elite is gone and Hangman thinks it's his fault Is befriended by the Dark Order Gradually finds his confidence and strength through friendship, all the while Kenny is talking shit about how he'll always be below him Wins the world title I'd argue that AEW's story quality hasn't been the same since then. But you can put some of that at the feet of the Punk mess, Cole getting hurt, MJF getting hurt, and TK not really being the best at adjusting his booking plans due to injuries, etc.
  9. That's such a great point. BCC"s gimmick is "we are legit fighters who would just as soon stab you as get you in a headlock." Good call with the Rockers...them vs cartoon comedy goons like Akeem & Bossman? Of course that spot works there.
  10. Yeah, I could name 10 better PWG six man matches than that match, given some time to look, including Bucks & Cage vs Steenerico & Rick Knox.
  11. Yeah, I don't think every FTR match needs to be a 30+ minute SERIOUS WRESTLING VERY IMPORTANT MATCH. Their AEW run feels like an overcorrection of the ass cream and jester outfits stuff. Also, I will brook no criticism of my beloved and sadly defunct Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. We are now enemies. Good day sir.
  12. Damn near every seg had something to do with progressing an angle. It's like TK lurks in various places and takes the criticism. Will Osprey is this close to needing subtitles. Don Callis has good comedic instincts. I LOL'd at him trying to diffuse the tension between Takeshita and Osprey when the fans were chanting for Osprey. It was Heenanesque. Apparently during the six man, somebody wiped out the table and the announcers had their drinks spilled all over them, leading to this exchange: Schiavone: I have to go into the ring for an interview next, looking like I wet myself! Tazz: That's normal for you, Tony. It may have been during the Atlantis/Jericho match...one wrestler went up top and Excalibur is just on this long, impassioned call of the action. He lays out for someone else to contribute and Tony just says, "yep." Excalibur fucking BROKE on that one. All the Eddie stuff in the six man was amazing. Everything else was kinda meh. I just don't like FTR. I feel like their "we're just old school guys aw shucks" thing is ridiculous, because their wrestling feels so performative and without actual weight. It's like they're just checking all the boxes of guys working an old school gimmick. All the criticism leveled at "indy guys" can be applied to FTR, but they get a pass because they name drop Crockett wrestlers. LOOOOOL @ Osprey's "track pants tucked into gym socks" look
  13. Can we find a good middle ground between "matches with no story" vs "matches thrown out there the kill time before the inevitable angle happens?" I think @Sublime's idea of the occasional short match that ends in a screwjob to advance an angle. The problem is it's a slippery slope to becoming a crutch and then we get the aforementioned 3 seg Cody/Drew screwjob or every other match is a screwjob and the bulk of your show's bouts mean nothing.
  14. I used to like their early stuff, you know, Sunday Bloody Sunday? But when they hit that Zooropa phase, I tuned out. (this is for @Nice Guy Eddie)
  15. I believe he means as soon as Danielson loses one of these bucket list matches, then baby you got a stew going. Speaking of, I desperately need one of these foregone conclusion JTTS matches to end with the JTTS winning. Maybe that's the long game TK is playing?
  16. The Rampage theme actually has more verses, but you can only hear it in the Fite feed during non picture in picture breaks. You're better off not knowing. I'll never forget the Deadlock boys improvising the Rampage lyrics as "THIS IS RAMPAGE BABY! PISSIN' AND CUMMIN' AND SHITTIN' YOUR PANTS!"
  17. I haven't seen it but I have liked him in what non-Star Wars stuff I have seen, like Blackkklansman.
  18. As long as they don't change the theme song. BRING THE BROOMS FIGHT RACCOONS
  19. I worked for a smaller studio for a few years (you wouldn't know them, they did a lot of subcontracting where the big company gets to slap their name on the finished product -- but I do have two credits on MobyGames, which is hilarious) and this is just how the industry works. We had three rounds of layoffs when I was there, always coinciding with the end of development. It's a joke of an industry where all jobs are really just temp jobs. Hire like crazy for the ramp-up, then layoff all but a core group when you're finished the project. I always got the impression that the workers lived by fooling themselves into thinking they were going to be the ones allowed to stay and that the other guy would be the one let go. But yeah, I, too, saw good people, who'd given so much of their lives, shown the door with zero notice.
  20. As someone else here mentioned, the continued focus on ratings is a product of the "Monday Night Wars" era of wrestling. And as you say, it's kind of archaic considering how much the entertainment landscape, including how we consume entertainment, has changed in the 25+ years (YES, a quarter of century) since that time. Consider that "we need to look at the ratings!" comes from a time where apparently a large portion of the audience literally sat there with a remote control and switched between the two shows while watching live on linear cable. Almost none of what I said in that sentence applies anymore. This is madness and one good thing about WWE moving to Netflix is that ratings talk will be lessened, at least. I kind of get what you're saying here but I disagree somewhat. Even with a short match, a run in makes me feel like I've wasted the time I invested in that match. Maybe that's not the right way to look at it, because the run in is ostensibly advancing a storyline, but that's how I feel about it when I see it. I know this isn't what you mean, because it's a long match, but I heard Alvarez discussing a 3 segment Cody/Drew match that ended on a screwjob run-in and my god, that just sounds like the worst from a standpoint of "did I just waste my time watching this?"
  21. To the games industry: not every game should be a live service game or have online elements tacked on To every industry: expecting never ending, exponential growth and profit every quarter is ridiculous
  22. Yeah, if AEW closed tomorrow and I had 5 hours per week back, I'd probably just re-up independentwrestling.tv and live off West Coast Pro, Prestige, etc.
  23. On the "trying to attract casual fans" front, it's pretty clear AEW's efforts to sign people most known for their WWE stints is the way they're going about that. Are Edge and Christian luring old WWE fans to AEW? I seriously don't care about Edge and, as much as I like Christian's gimmick, I'd rather see AEW's designated JTTS crew fighting over the TNT title than just doing endless jobs to guys higher on the card. Justice for Lee Moriarty!
  24. Aside from more wrestling for the people that love it, I don't know what purpose Collision is supposed to serve. I mean I guess getting more people from AEW's small country sized roster on TV is cool. It's just funny how Collision was supposed to be another Rampage-style one hour filler show, then Punk came back and it was extended to be the two hour CM Punk show, but then Punk threw a shitfit again and now AEW is left holding the bag for a show they probably never wanted but now can't get rid of.
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