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  1. The whole "nothing you did before matters" thing is insane when you consider that the initial strategy to build the company in the early 80s was to just steal the hottest wrestlers from other places and push them immediately. Which then leads me to ask, when did Vince settle into the strategy of "push first, then pull back just to teach them a lesson?" Because he certainly didn't do that shit in the 80s.
  2. Man, as far as overvaluing yourself is concerned, that's up there with QT Marshall quitting for a few weeks because getting easy heat in Mexico had him convinced he could be a star. Seriously, I'm happy the guy is in recovery and wish him the best but god damn, nothing about Santana ever convinced me his ceiling is higher than 1/2 of Proud & Powerful. God bless the guy if he proves me wrong but still....damn.
  3. Dark Journey? All those things were worth it.
  4. Well that's part of the mystery solved. It was definitely Zenk, I remember that much since you guys jogged my memory.
  5. Thus aligning with the apocryphal story, maybe mentioned in the sleaze thread, wherein Vince caught Shane having a conversation with Ultimate Warrior and chided him, saying “dammit Shane, you’re supposed to fuck ‘em, not marry ‘em!”
  6. This point was not lost on Lance, Dave, or Garrett.
  7. Somebody refresh my memory and fill in the blanks here, as this story keeps nagging at me every time a podcast goes onto the subject of Ole Anderson memories. I keep thinking about this anecdote where maybe a young wrestler was possibly complaining about his payoffs and Ole replied something like, "I'd suck dicks for that kind of money! Line 'em up around the block, I'd suck 'em all!" Obviously I'm not going to Google Ole Anderson dick sucking story so maybe someone can help.
  8. What's this? (nods knowingly) I was at that show and the general air of dejection among the crowd walking out of the place was palpable.
  9. Hearing Lance's talk about the wrestling culture in general really bothered me as well. To summarize: You're told to always protect the business. Never discuss the business with anyone outside it. Never stooge the boys to the office. Always deal with problems among the boys with the boys. When you reach WWE, you're told nothing you did before WWE matters. They push you a little to show you how great it can be, then kill your push for a while to show you how bad it can be. That way you know who is in charge and that you better tow the line because they are in complete control of your career.
  10. Thanks! I meant to call out what a must-listen episode this was (It was this past Saturday's ep if anyone needs the date). Lance really hit the nail on the head with the culture stuff and put words to something I've been thinking about for a while. How can behavior change when so many people in wrestling are direct descendants of the carny bullshit days of wrestling? Hell, maybe we just fire anyone in the office or locker room who started before 1995. I don't know. I'm being facetious but really, what do we do? Hayes and Prichard are old heads and there's no damn way their views on social issues are any better than Vince's. You have HHH and MIchaels in power, and Cody is the top babyface, and all three sat under the learning tree of carny con men. I feel like the mentality that used to thrive in pro wrestling is a cancer that should be cut out so wrestling can grow.
  11. Ahhh, maybe. I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt since it’s his retirement and also Lance’s interpretation was of Sting just being a stand up guy. (And I’m probably feeling sentimental)
  12. There’s a guy at my gym that I only see on Sunday mornings. He’s not in bad shape but not in great shape either. Wears knee and elbow wraps and all he does is Smith Machine bench presses. Just like 30 - 45 minutes of 6-8 45lb plates of Smith bench press with shitty ROM. I don’t know what to think about this.
  13. I was at that show! Lance Storm told a story on this week’s Alvarez show where he asked Sting back in the day why he never signed with WWF in the 80s/90s and Sting told him something to the effect of, “every time I talked to them, they were more about how signing me would hurt WCW than about how it would help them.” GOD DAMN, we should all strive to be that good a dude.
  14. Lord yes. Every Miro tweet and anecdote makes it abundantly clear why WWE didn’t push him.
  15. I am old and sometimes just post shit for my fellow old dudes
  16. Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Leon A card with me is one you don’t wanna be on
  17. That second Punk shirt. Jesus. Imagine a grown man who thinks this kind of edgelord energy is still cool. Just insufferable.
  18. Yeah, Claudio vs a guy in a Monchichi mask going 15 minutes was too fucking long. Someone who knows more about Lucha than I do, please dispel my belief that we’re now getting the CMLL B team because of the latest visa problem. As an avid Bossman Slam enthusiast, I was legit worried Dutch would tag out before hitting his glorious slam. But my worries were unfounded!
  19. I went back to generic TCL with Roku OS after absolutely hating both Samsung and LG’s bloated, awful OS’s.
  20. I'm not much of a figure guy but I do buy figs of wrestlers I like. My local Wal Mart had 1-2 figs from AEW's newest line in stock last weekend, so I picked up Brody King. It's a good fig but not big enough. A little too fit and trim. Contrast that with my Eddie Kingston fig, who has traps bigger than Lesnar.
  21. Wow. The first time I ever saw him wrestle live was maybe two years into his career, in 1987! JCP @ Baltimore, MD – Arena – July 12, 1987 (13,500) Misty Blue defeated Kat Leroux Terry Gordy (sub. for Buddy Roberts) defeated Thunderfoot #1 Rick Steiner (sub. for Black Bart) defeated Sting Jimmy Garvin defeated Manny Fernandez via disqualification NWA US Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts (sub. for Terry Gordy) Barry Windham defeated Big Bubba Ron Garvin defeated NWA US Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton (sub. for an injured Jim Cornette); Cornette came out to the ring on crutches before the bout UWF World Champion Steve Williams defeated Dick Murdoch Nikita Koloff & the Road Warriors defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA US Champion Lex Luger, & Arn Anderson in an elimination match Dusty Rhodes defeated NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard in a non-title barbed wire match Fun Great American Bash show (non-PPV) as far as I can remember, except the main event, which is a study in the carny arts. The whole show went long and the announcer (maybe Cappetta) told us all not to worry...they were "granted a curfew extension by the arena" and we would definitely get our main event! Dusty and Tully get in...Tully attacks Dusty...Dusty ducks and either hits Tully with some plunder or a bionic elbow (memory is hazy on that point) and pins him. Time of the fall is probably 10 seconds. I'm positive no "curfew extension" was granted. More likely the promoter (Gary Juster?) begged and pleaded because losing the main due to curfew would mean refunds, thrown trash, etc., and the arena manager told them "fuck you, you have 30 seconds and that's it."
  22. Gym bitching...I hate these people: People who tie knots in the long rope AND also don't untie them when finished (the rope used for stuff like lat pullovers). There are already 2-3 short ropes with lovely rubber blocks on them. WTF People who, between sets, don't stay near the thing they're using People who occupy the only machine of its kind in the gym (in my gym, it's incline barbell bench, hip thrust, pec deck, & hack squat) and take crazy long breaks between sets. If I can knock out three different exercises (9 - 12 sets) while waiting for you to finish up, something is terribly wrong Crowded gym supersetters And, as always, groups of 5 high school boys, all with broccoli hair and Crocs, "working out" together ie using a bench for an hour. I am dreading Summer.
  23. The British term I can't stand is "sex pest" because feel it's not strong enough. A "pest" is a gnat or a fly...swat at it and it goes away.
  24. "Liked" just for the Suzie Greene reference. I assumed it was a Julie Winters tribute but I also admit that's probably too deep a reference. Note to Americans, "getting pissed with the missus" means something different in the UK. I need to rewatch the Austin Powers "let's speak English English" scene to get ready for Will's run. Other notes: God damn, The Bang Bang Scissor Gang is a waste of everyone involved, which is a tremendous accomplishment in mediocrity. Its only saving grace would be if it ends in a blood feud where Billy Gun is forcibly retired and the belts are unified. When did FTR changed the name of their finish back to "Shatter Machine?" They had been calling it "The Big Rig" in tribute to Brodie Lee. "40 extra black bats" is in Sting's rider with every venue.
  25. Oh no, just on indefinite break. Super Dragon posted on Twitter in November that the company is on hiatus because his girlfriend, who'd been in remission from cancer for some time, had been battling aggressive cancer since early 2023. He mentioned that they'd be back as soon as they could in 2024. The last show they did, which was in August, hasn't gone on sale on DVD or streaming but I don't really want to bug him.
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