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  1. The socks say Bret but the strategically placed belts, boots, etc say Shawn
  2. Four in a row for me. FTR only held the belts for two months, the Bucks' reign too often just felt like a backdrop for Elite shenanigans, and I can't even remember the Lucha Bros' reign. I miss the simple pandemic era days of Page & Omega where they seemingly defended the belts every other week in excellent, close matches.
  3. God damn, @JLowe, best wishes to you and the Mrs.
  4. Hm. Maybe just a bullshit story. I do like the little callbacks to BB, though, like the time BCS paid off that throwaway line in BB where Saul told Walt that he once hooked up with a woman by confidently claiming that he was Kevin Costner. And the ONLY tequila anybody drinks is Zafiro Anejo. Perfect for celebrations, cons, and poisoning drug lords. Also, LOOOOOL at this:
  5. Julia Hart, driven mad by the black mist, claims to actually be a member of the Hart family and that this tournament is her birthright.
  6. That's a key reason I dropped IWTV. I signed up for it thinking all these cool indies would be posting all their latest shows, but what I got was some indies posting most shows (Beyond Wrestling) while others were hit or miss (like Black Label putting some shows on IWTV but others on Fite only) and GCW dropping off of IWTV entirely. Now I'm back with Highspots because money wise, it's far cheaper to wait six months for PWG than to wait however long DVDs take to come out and pay around $27 each, and then anything else I watch on the service (mostly shoots) is just gravy. Highspots joke tweeted (or maybe serious?) that they were for sale, too, after TK bought ROH. Indy wrestling seriously needs a money mark to consolidate its shit into a profitable (for all parties) streaming service. Throw in a good UI while you're at it, because IWTV and Highspots' interfaces are trash and Highspots doesn't even have an Apple TV app. Fuuuuuuck.
  7. Great point. Problem is, Cody talks like he wants to be a 1985 babyface. He wants to be Crockett Dusty, not Vince Dusty. Not that Cody actually has any conviction; I'm just going by what he's said most recently. He could give a voice cracking, lip quivering, tears at the corners of his eyes promo about how he wants to reclaim polka dots and showmanship and be hanging off the back of a garbage truck in a month.
  8. Dammit Gordlow, you got me. I didn't care about this match at all. Christian is my definition of a bland "good hand" and I don't care about his matches. I like Cole in the ring well enough but am tired of his BRANDING~! entrance. But now I'm looking forward to this match. Damn your infectious enthusiasm. Well I mean they went through a long period where they played second banana as the jobbers to the stars group for NJPW, so their fans are used to the company being an also-ran, little brother promotion
  9. Yeah, the first two guys on that list are both the type of guys Vince would push in the first place. Morrison was not. That makes Cody's future really interesting. Drew was actually billed as Vince's "Chosen One" before he was fired. He put it all together and came back, so it was easy for him to get back into a top spot because he's Vince's type. Was Lashley a similar situation? I honestly can't remember. But Cody was a career midcarder in Vince's eyes. In the list of wrestlers mentioned, he's more Morrison than Drew. Sure, he's hot now, but will Vince, at some point, say "meh, I just don't see it" and change it up on him? I doubt it because he's spent a lot and apparently given a fair amount of concessions, but it's Vince, so who knows? Braun Strowman was his guy last year and now he's working whatever EC3's bullshit is, so who knows?
  10. I LOL'd at either Wight or Henry, both dudes of size, saying "look at him showing off that he still has good knees!" when Chuck did his duck walk warmup.
  12. Wow, man, that's some bullshit. The fact that dealerships want nothing to do with it and that Kia isn't footing the bill to tow the car to a dealership is insane. I've never had a whole car recalled but any time I've had a parts recall or repair notice, the dealership of my choice had to fix that shit for free regardless of whether I bought the car there (I didn't). Yeah, get on that lawsuit.
  13. Right, and he also said something about not wanting to be a 15-time TNT champion. But the dude booked himself into a "I can never challenge for the world title if I lose" loss against Khan's objections, so what else are you going to do with him?
  14. LOL do those unplanned times when he puts his boots in the ring for no reason count? Shit, that could be tonight.
  15. When you find out that Cody isn't booked to have the belt any time soon, and then he suddenly loses a stipulation match wherein he can no longer challenge for the belt, thus making him a sort of "uncrowned champion" who could be seen as bigger than the title, then you'll know he has creative control.
  16. Stephanie's smile looks like when an alien or robot in a movie is trying to imitate human emotion. Mantis in GotG2 or Arnold in one of the latter Terminator movies.
  17. Someone in the other AEW thread mentioned this as his key beef with Adam Cole and I fully agree on both points. "You have been fucking with me for weeks and now I am here to beat your ass! But first I must hit all my marks perfectly and do all my signature taunts before the bell because I learned all about branding!" is awful.
  18. My dude, that song always makes me tear up for the same reasons. You had the world inside your hands and you did not seem to know.
  19. Bucks & Kenny vs Cole & Red Dragon Whataver Deeb & Shida's blowoff is Statlander vs Hayter Punk vs Adam Page Whatever the next Blood & Guts match is (AFO vs Stinger Squadron? OG Elite vs Undisputed Elite? JAS vs Kingston & Friends?)
  20. I hope this brings a smile to your face, @Nice Guy Eddie but I can't shake the need to ask if your dad's name was Joe Cabot.
  21. Apparently it was an "emotional" meeting and now WWE Superstars (tm) can get a piece of their Cameos. It's just like when Monsieur Candy gave Big Fred a large beer.
  22. Sorry for your loss, Nice Guy. You're not alone if you need to PM, as Paul said.
  23. I just read the article and holy shit. This: Sounds much more like dementia. Jesus. And that was a year ago. In other news, apparently the Razzie people have rescinded "The Bruce Willis Award."
  24. I always check how many people are in the session and how many have MK2s before I do car warehouse stuff. So one day it was like only five people in session so I started grinding sourcing and selling. After a few trips, a guy in a Oppressor flies up behind me and I'm thinking, "well fuck, that's it for today." Guy proceeds to do nothing, just follows behind me while I source one car, then later catches up while I sell another and watches me do that. So I was both pleasantly surprised AND weirded out.
  25. Yep. Fucking Wheeler Yuta, who never wins and was not going to beat Danielson, was still cheered in his match. Darby Allin, one of their hottest acts who is in one of their main angles, just ate a semi-clean loss. AEW's win/loss booking is great. There will be jobs done and you have to take people seriously because anybody is a few Dark wins away from being somebody. LOOOL Shafir taunting Jade's husband, telling her to come back to her apartment to see what a real woman is like, would be something.
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