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  1. “Bunny bled far less than Jamal Khashoggi and you had no problem with that!”
  2. Vince was squeamish about UFC having women fighting. That’s what this is about. Pure misogyny. Fuck him and his pearl clutching concern trolling.
  3. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Silicon Valley, mother fucking BANSHEE.
  4. Spears’ cut this fucking never ending promo! Seriously, after the first point he made, I was like, “nice one!”. But then he kept going. Every time I thought he was finished, he started a new paragraph. But you can’t expect a guy with 16 gimmicks to understand that less is more. I loved that diss track and video. I still have “two grown men and they goin’ through a goth phase” stuck in my head. Loved the Jackass style intro. Should have gone a step further and sampled the Jackass theme but I understand how that wouldn’t be cost effective. That spider crab was disgustingly excellent.
  5. I've only seen one or two recent matches of his but yeah, he's working a "little guy who thinks he's big" gimmick. Everett is up there with Dalton Castle as an indy guy who was poised to hit it big but got sidetracked and never really got back to where he was going to be. I remember a three way in PWG in 2014 featuring the aforementioned Trevor Lee, and Cedric Alexander. Yes, they just bought a package match from North Carolina Anyway, it was a great match that spotlighted Everett's high flying and flippydoos and it was really obvious this was meant to be his coming out party and that he'd be booked more. Then Everett got injured, sort of stopped being a high flyer, and I never saw much out of him since then until I heard he'd been doing some shots for Impact. Meanwhile Trevor Lee became the guy who kept getting booked by PWG after that match, really learned his character and how to get over, and now works for WWE.
  6. Late to the party with random-ass comments: Really tied of looong Go Big Show (AKA Hillbilly AGT) promos. I guess this is the price AEW must pay but it sucks. Loving the ReDRagon/Young Bucks conflict. KINGS OF THE BLACK THRONE MOTHERFUCKERS. I know there are reasons and exceptions for the way things are, but it's funny how WWE pretty much has always treated wrestling like it doesn't exist outside them while AEW treats wrestling like an expansive, living ecosystem. WWE hires the PWG tag champs and they have to change their names and vacate their titles. AEW hires the PWG tag champs and references their team name on TV. AEW's approach is far better and less intelligence-insulting. I too noticed and was not onboard with the booking decision to have two David and Goliath matches back to back. Both ended essentially with rollups as well. Also not sure I love the booking of Punk/Wardlow, which I agree devalues the Punk/MJF match. Also, it was really obvious MJF would throw Spears against Punk next. Shida/Deeb was also very meh. I hate when I expect a good match and just get a shitty angle instead. FTR is going to murder Johnson and Anderson in an effort to get Arn's love. Speaking of Arn, I didn't like Fuego running from him last week. A fit young athlete running from an old guy, who we've seen fall on his ass twice, because he pretended to pull out a gun with his good hand was really dumb. Hobbs looks good with a beard. Hangman/Murderhawk has real WWE Champion Benoit vs Kane at Backlash vibes and that's not a good thing. Between asking "who ees thees keed working for Steeng?" and this promo with Hardy, I love Andrade. FFWD'd through Hardy/Penta. Also FFWD'd through Rappers vs Bears after the intros. Sounds like I made a good choice. Is PAC going to be working a blind wrestler gimmick? Garcia/Sammy was good but god damn am I tired of Jericho. Cody RETURNS next week. Doing an interim title when 1) AEW has never established a mandatory defenses rule and 2) Cody was only out for two weeks was really stupid. If they needed a match for Battle of the Belts, they had options to plug Hangman or Jurassic Express in there. When the babyfaces were beating up Malachai Black, was Julia yelling "THAT'S NOT ENOUGH" or "THAT'S ENOUGH?" Either is fine for a heel turn, just curious though. As Alvarez said, Julia taking off the patch to reveal a diseased eye is the easiest pop. Kind of a meh episode. As many others here have mentioned, too much of the same stuff, weird layout, not too exciting outside of Brody King showing up. Dark Order vs JE should be really fun. I totally agree with @Craig H and @Jiji that AEW really needs to get back to more clean wins. All these screwy finishes are starting to make matches meaningless. TK needs another "why are these shitty creepers beating up our stars with bad punches while everyone shits on it?" moment of clarity.
  7. I know they're focusing on the three main titles, so what does this mean? (from the Terminus card) Are they just doing whatever until the actual reboot?
  8. Playing online after a long layoff. Randos are still hit or miss, mission-wise. They're either experienced and really great OR fucking sociopaths who crash their Shark Card-bought supercar 15 times on the way to the mission and proceed to play like morons. I was just trying to grind on and off for a few days to afford an Agency and do the Franklin stuff. The good news is that Agencies are 25% off this week, so I'm set. Last week I played a lot of Power Play mode since it was 3x cash & RP. It's a fun mode overall but Adversary stuff is also such a shitty mixed bag. My team was getting schooled in a fair fight so most of them quit. Even in losing, the payouts were still good, so I hung with it for two more rounds of 6 on 1, 40 kills wins. It sucked. There's also a really shitty glitch where if you've played the last Dr. Dre mission (which I joined at random by picking "Contact Mission" on the phone), then the LSIA hangar (used in the mission with a wall over the front, forcing you to sneak in the back) has a transparent wall blocking the front of it for any other mission that uses that hangar. That REALLY fucked up my ability to quickly beat Dispatch II. Instead of driving up, bazooking the plane, and driving off, we have to sit and wait for the plane to try to leave, as it hilariously glitches through the wall, then hit it with 2-3 missiles as it takes off. So yeah, putting a wall on the hangar for one mission caused the wall to be there for every other mission. WTF Rockstar?
  9. I just saw newz that Elimination Chamber is scheduled to be the February Saudi event. The good news is WWE can save on shipping, as the Saudi government has a few elimination chambers they can choose from already.
  10. A lot like @cwoy2jI grew up in the mid atlantic (Baltimore) and had similar wrestling experiences. I didn't get cable until I was maybe 14 or 15. I started watching WWF in 85 in the ramp-up to Mania 1, so I would have been 10. I got into JCP shortly after that, like maybe a year later, because a friend of mine and his mom loved it. He had a plastic mug with Magnum TA on it and I had no idea who he was. Thus my Southern rasslin' education began! So TV-wise, without cable, I watched Superstars Saturdays at 11:30pm on channel 11, which was Baltimore's CBS affiliate at the time, and Challenge Saturdays at 4 on UHF channel 45, which is now the Fox affiliate and owned by Sinclair! Crockett was on in syndication Saturdays and Sundays, on the same station, independent UHF channel 54 which I think is also Sinclair now, at noon. At some point, at least for a little while, Watts' UWF aired at 3pm on Saturdays on the same station as Challenge. Always looked forward to Saturday Night's Main Event. I probably liked Crockett a little more then WWF. It was grittier and more realistic. I remember wishing we had front row seats at The Bunkhouse Stampede but my mark friend retorted, "Well what if someone gets it with a 2x4 and flies into our laps?!?!" Amazing. I, too grew up on the Apter mags and, in a pinch, the second tier stuff like Main Event and Wrestling Eye. So yeah, to summarize: I'm old, grew up on the big 2 in syndication in Baltimore, like Crockett slightly more.
  11. Invasion was good enough, I guess. Slow moving but interesting. Shitty ending, though, and the main character in the Japan arc was annoying.
  12. Oh holy shit. Just Drew, you are alright, my man.
  13. I wish WON would put the timestamps in the description of the show. I don't want to browse their board for that shit. I'll just blindly hit the "skip 2 minutes" button until Dave's moved on to something else.
  14. Professional motherfucking wrestling, everybody. Just the absolute best. Love it. Because his pettiness knows no bounds. It's amazing to me that We Have CM Punk at Home un-retires shortly after the genuine article did. Just crazy timing. Piper had a longtime collaborator in the promo department that granted him superhuman charisma and rendered his incomprehensibility a non-issue. You may know him as the assistant screenwriter behind No Holds Barred. That collaborator's name was Cocaine.
  15. Yeah, MLW has a point in that WWE probably did ask Fox, who owns Tubi, to kindly do them a solid and remove MLW from their platform. Does it rise to the level of something that can get its day in court? And, if so, can MLW fight that court battle? This is America. It's not about who's right. It's about who has the stomach and the wallet to fight it out.
  16. I just think we need a thread called Wrestling Personalities You Just Don't Like. In this thread, we can air our grievances, get it off our chests, and nobody is allowed to disagree. @The Naturalcan talk about Hulk Hogan, I can bring up Jim Ross and Cody, @just drew can say his piece about the Bucks, etc. etc. and then we can move on.
  17. I'm seeing that weird issue again where the board doesn't stay signed in. I use Firefox. Last time, it was because I wasn't checking "remember me" and that resolved it. This morning, it's happening again. I logged in, left the box checked, went to a thread, and at the bottom I have the "you must sign in..." message.
  18. I unsubscribed to the WON because I was getting OCD about their podcasts and felt like I had to knock them out every time I had one because I was paying for it. So I was missing a lot of other pods I liked. I resubbed a few weeks ago because I was out of stuff to listen to on a particular weekend, but now I don't care so much and have taken a new approach -- I just skip past anything I don't care about. I can get an Observer show done in a half hour. Dave's talking about ratings for 10 minutes? Nope.
  19. She's filling up her Special bar so she can hit the Jaded and win the match.
  20. The very best Vince height story is the one Jericho tells about Vince thinking he could beat up Frank Shamrock, having zero idea who Shamrock was and just based on Shamrock's height. "I figured I could take the midget." Fucking size queen imbecile. We have a park with a big lake about a block away and those geese hiss at us like a motherfucker. All I can do is think about escape plans or whether I could just punt those fuckers if they decide to attack. THANK YOU! This is the most ponderous part of these anti-Bucks posts. These guys stooge like their name was Larry Fine. The Road Warriors ran to the ring, killed dudes, sold nothing, and walked off in like a minute. I have never seen the Bucks do that. Their heel psychology is amazing. My wife tolerates wrestling and isn't into the blood and guts (which, I may remind you, sets the business back 35 years) but she got caught up in the Bucks vs Candace & Joey Guerrilla Warfare match and loved it. She was listening to music with headphones on and still understood the entire story. Seriously, heel psychology-wise, they know their shit. I think a lot of the resentment the Bucks get is because they got over initially by taking the piss with WWE, with all the NWO and Clique gestures and over the top stuff, and then used WWE's cease and desist order to their advantage. Like deep down, people believe the Bucks made their name off someone else's gimmick and don't deserve to be here. But I have to tell you, I've watched them for 11 or 12 years and they've improved massively and become excellent professional wrestlers. You don't get that successful on gimmickry and nothing else.
  21. You mean there's no special lady in your life who wouldn't want a Hulk Hogan marital aide?
  22. My dude, if you're this caught up on size, maybe AEW is not for you. Vanilla midgets...lollipop guild. Come on. Honestly, I mean no offense by this. I'm just restating something I know I posted a while back: if you don't like watching smaller wrestlers, or if you find smaller wrestlers getting over on bigger wrestlers offensive/unbelievable, you're going to have a bad time watching a wrestling company built around smaller wrestlers. Even Punk and Danielson, who you are seemingly giving a pass, are two small for today's WWE.
  23. Yeah, that story always sounded kind of bullshitty in a real smark-baiting way. Your scenario is so much more likely than the alternative, that Bischoff and Hogan conspired to make sure Hogan got ALL the toy profits, then they somehow got the toy company onboard with this whole plan and everybody had no problem with putting the same Hogan SKU on every figure. Like nobody in the toy company would say, "hey guys, this feels kind of skeevy." Wouldn't it have been easier to tell the toy company, "forward us the profits and the numbers and we'll distribute the merch money as we see fit" and then just give it all to Hogan if that was then plan? I agree with Karl Stern when he talks about conspiracies. Big conspiracies rely on large groups of people not being incompetent and also being able to keep their mouths shut, and when has either ever happened? I'm more a believer in Occam's razor and the axiom "never ascribe malice when stupidity is a valid explanation."
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