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  1. Hey hey, I'm slowly continuing working through my 80s/90s WWF nostalgia tour and I'm still working on Mania 3. Read if you like! Rougeaus vs The Dream Team: this is part two in a three part series called "turn Beefcake into an over face!" Part one was on WWF TV, where the Dream Team teamed up with Adonis in the buildup to the Piper match (up next). Adonis was eager to show off his barbering skills but was somehow blinded and ended up cutting Beefcake's hair. So now we get to this bout. It's an above average rematch from The Big Event and somebody please tell me this wasn't a house show match for seven months! Nice psychology on the finish (sort of, hang on) where Beefcake accidentally hits Valentine with a forearm BUT Dino Bravo interferes to secure the heels' win. In two moves, Dino is proven more valuable to the bad guy team then Beefcake, and they leave without him. That was really cool. But wait a minute...if this is leading to a face turn, it's kind of weak because it's not like Beefcake did anything good or valiant (pardon the pun!) here. He just screwed something up. But whatever, it all worked out in the end. Did The Rougeaus segue into a program with The New Dream Team after this? That team only lasted a few months because the second rule of wrestling, after "black dudes must always team or feud" is "The NEW something gimmick never works." Piper vs Adonis, hair match: Piper is retiring after this. I was such a Piper mark at this point in my life. I think I retired my Hot Rod t-shirt in solidarity. Did Piper really intend to retire or was this just a gimmick? I mean he was gone for two years and then still didn't wrestle for a while after that, so I'll lean toward "he really did want to retire but Hell Comes to Frogtown didn't pay the bills." Anyway, it's cool that they recap the feud -- I was at the TV tapings where Adonis and his crew jumped Piper and then "next week" he got his revenge. Fun match that's all sheer lunacy to start, with Piper fighting off both Adonis and Jimmy Hart who is just busting his ass out there. Christ, Adonis was so good. Also, quick shout out to @Dolfan in NYC who wrote a GREAT thread watching every Mania. He mentioned how (I think it was during Mania 3) it REALLY looked like the boys had gotten some more effective new candy and holy shit is Piper cut and big here. Match ends with Adonis putting Piper to sleep but breaking the hold prematurely. Then Operation Turn Beefcake pays off as Brutus wakes Piper up and then Piper puts Adonis to sleep for the win. Beefcake gets more of the rub as he cuts Adonis' hair and FOR FUCK'S SAKE STOP USING CLIPPERS ON LONG, WET HAIR. Beef gives that up after an agonizingly long time and gets the scissors. Fun sendoff for Piper and nice work dovetailing another program into this one to give another guy a rub. A fan hits the ring to celebrate with Piper and how did I never notice the dude getting mobbed at the end? That's all for now! Thanks for reading if you got this far. Bulldogs & Tito vs Hart Foundation & Danny Davis is up next. EDIT: I came back to say they should have blurred out the massive AIDS ADONIS banner when they were doing Peacock edits to the footage. Forget "looking at it through 2022 eyes." That shit was fucked up THEN.
  2. I used to always design CAWs with that game's two absolutely murderous avalanche moves: top rope powerbomb and top rope tombstone. Then I'd use Rick Steiner's running reverse corner powerslam as the setup move because it always worked. Cheap as hell but super fun!
  3. The Wyatt 6? Didn't they chart in the 60s? (sorry, borrowing a joke from the latest Dr. Strange movie)
  4. Ah, true! I forgot about that, thanks! But then the payoff was Jade making "dangerous MMA fighter" Shafir look like a chump. The equivalent of Rocky knocking out Clubber with a jab in round one. So counting Cody doing it twice, that's now three times they did a sort of Rocky 3 angle and failed to pay it off correctly. Somebody send TK a DVD.
  5. Reuben got those mortgage eyes. One is fixed, one is variable.
  6. EDDIE KINGSTON ADDRESSES HIS ENEMIES: part 194 in a 1,438,272 part series.
  7. I was gonna say, somebody better drag his ass for calling the main rescuer a pedophile for refusing his supervillian submarine idea.
  8. Can't wait for Blood & Guts! Not the biggest Ethan Page fan but him vs OC should be really good! I love Christian's gimmick of "talented old guy who'd rather not work but still get paid." Promos two weeks in a row is on brand Yay another Jade job match. I'd love to see a Rocky 3 angle here where Stoke wants to keep Jade from taking on a top wrestler (killer Statlander on a streak?) and this conversation happens: Jade: I said why you doin' this? Stoke: Because you can't win, Jade! This woman will kill you to death inside of three minutes! Jade: You're crazy. Stoke: What else is new? Jade: She's just another fighter. Stoke: No, she ain't just another fighter! This girl is a wrecking machine! And she's hungry! Hell, you ain't been hungry since you won that belt. Jade: What are you talkin' about? I had 35 title defenses. Stoke: That was easy. Jade: What you mean, "easy"? Stoke: They was hand-picked! Jade: Setups? Stoke: Nah, they wasn't setups. They was good fighters, but they wasn't killers like this woman. She'll knock you to tomorrow, Jade!
  9. Rick and Reuben up there looking like characters from Bop N' Wrestle.
  10. I did! I caught up with the latest episode last night. It actually gets much better as they dial up the character work and plot, and dial back the over the top aspects somewhat. I like all the MAGA/Fox News satire and the Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial spoof was well done. I enjoy the little stuff, too, like how Vought has their hands in everything, including networks "Vought Soul" and "Voughtemundo." And Soldier Boy's stuck in the 80's act. "Where's the Chopsocky Oriental Sauce?" "They discontinued that...for so many good reasons."
  11. My 7 year old is gloating because she beat Sonic CD in two days and told her that, when I was 19, I gave up on that game and couldn't beat it.
  12. Exactly. It's a work. But I feel like it was a counterproductive work that put down the company and its workers, and took a lot of spotlight and heat off Wardlow, so I really don't care about this story and whether MJF ever comes back. I'd rather AEW be straight forward pro wrestling without this Russoesque crap.
  13. Saying his name three times : The Candyman :: Mentioning the greatness of Bret Hart : The Natural
  14. Damn, was there anything Bret did that wasn't picture perfect?
  15. I still need to know about this Mat Mania piledriver cheat.
  16. Bray essentially ripping off Thomas Santell's gimmick would be amazing.
  17. On Friday’s B & V show, Alvarez went went down the whole card and explained that all but the women’s match had changed from what had been originally booked. Wow.
  18. With his turtleneck and stylish-ass jacket, I thought Christian looked like and extra from The Avengers (the English one, not Marvel).
  19. Right, that was my other thing...how the hell did she get to Tattooine -- with a sucking gut wound, apparently -- while the others were still doing a low speed chase over the planet they just left? AND Obi Wan landed his ship right next to Owen and Beru and neither reacted.
  20. Thanks! Now I have this in my head: How you know Vince had creative input on this video: there's an outhouse joke at the end.
  21. I bought a few from Golden Boy but I got frustrated because his site didn't mention, in match listings, whether matches were clipped.
  22. I never traded taps but I bought a few comps from Golden Boy Tapes and maybe one from IVP, who coincidentally worked at the video store that was across the street from my apartment complex years ago. Because it's a weird, small world.
  23. Now I'm imagining Stone Cold hosting the podcast. "Was that..A SHEWT?"
  24. LOL how much chainsaw use do you typically earmark? In all seriousness, good luck with that, man.
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