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  1. I’m watching The Wrestling Classic right now and the weirdest thing, aside from realizing Ivan Putski is still alive, is the ring. It’s the most bizarre ring I’ve ever seen on a major promotion’s show. It’s loud as fuck (even the slightest bump sounds like hitting a cookie sheet with a mallet), there are no turnbuckle pads, just tape, and two of the corners have actual turnbuckles while the other two have chains instead. WTF.
  2. Now I’m imagining Lee just taking forever to sing any song as he replaces all the lyrics with $5 words like a human thesaurus. “Upon a considerably linear, most desolate main thoroughfare, in a direction easterly of a large town in the state of Nebraska…”
  3. I think, for me at least and possibly others I dunno, is that Ruby has already been pushed to two marquee matches already. She debuted with an immediate Casino Battle Royale win and a shot at Baker at Arthur Ashe, then the was pushed to the finals of the TNT title tournament. Putting her in another championship and/or match for a major award (tm Christmas Story) is just more of the same and I don't really care to see it.
  4. Hell yeah. Mat Mania and Mania Challenge were the shit. I think the former had more wrestlers but the latter was better mechanically as it had more moves and also had counters. I recall some versions had one character misnamed as “Insane Worrier.” And I mean yeah, we’ve all been there, just insane with worry.
  5. Why did they use a current pic of Condrey but a 10 year old pic of Eddie?
  6. I learned of his death this morning not from here, the news, or anywhere else, but while reading the GTA Online subreddit. Rest in peace to one of the greats. Aside from all the well known roles we've already talked about, his turn in Unlawful Entry is so good. Ray at his creepy, menacing best.
  7. Thanks @Blue Dragon for the old time game covers and ads. I love them in a "game cover vs the game itself," "what they advertised vs what we got" way, like it's the wrestling version of Yar's Revenge. Ricky Fighters vs Strong Bads was that generation's Midnight Express vs Rock n Roll Express.
  8. I only remember three things about Lundgren's Punisher: They didn't use the skull logo but they sort of cut Dolph's stubble so his face resembled one. There was a cheesy, cheap montage where he just shoots his gun left and right against a green screen while scenes play out. I think Lou Gossett was in it. It's funny I remember so little, because my high school friend and drinking buddy worked at a Blockbuster and brought that fucker for hangouts like every other weekend so I've seen it in full or in part a lot.
  9. Maybe they can have some crossover with Discovery's other shows. You know Dr. Pimple Popper would love to take a crack at Demonic Flamita's back.
  10. Really the only iteration of The Punisher that captured his psychotic "I am going to murder every bad guy I do not give a fuck" energy.
  11. Yep. They also said Rampage would not be the B show. I like Rampage a lot. It's an easy to digest, fun to watch hour. But it's totally the B show.
  12. Might want to spoiler that. It's SFW for me because I'm WFH but may be NSFW for others.
  13. You could post gotcha bullshit on one wrestler per day and be able to keep a clickbait trash site in business for years. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to download the sleaze thread and put in my resignation.
  14. I'm starting to feel like unless it's rape or murder or something at that level, maybe we just come up with an agreed-upon statute of limitations for people doing dumb shit. "Scour the web, videotapes, etc for regrettable dirt on people to stoke the outrage machine and get clicks" should not be a valid full time career.
  15. Of course! First Irishman you see in the springtime.
  16. Between O'Khan and O'Reilly, I haven't seen such wonderful Irish representation on a show since the days of O'Kada vs O'Mega.
  17. That cage match was note perfect. Simply booked and exactly what you'd expect. Pro wrestling is not hard. LOL @ MJF's Burberry ref stripes and Shawn Michaels tribute grape smuggling shorts. Spears wearing the same facemask as half the edgelord tryhards on GTA Online. JR shitting on WWF cage match stips of "run away to win" was great. LOOOOL at Wardlow yeeting that one dude into the netherworld abyss. The Page Punk promo segment was weird. Good emotion but the content was so incredibly non-specific and I have no idea what's supposed to be the point. When the announcers are working harder to tell your program's story than you are, that's an issue. Like others have said, Page is defending AEW from Punk why? We needed a lot more here. Just fucking weird. Jungle Boy needs to wear that belt on his shoulder. Around his waist we get a ROH Showdown in Motown situation and we don't need that. I popped for Jeff Cobb coming in. That was unexpected. When you never do DQ run ins, you can do effective DQ run ins. The Great O'Khan was not so great. Is his gimmick that he can hypnotize guys into putting themselves through tables? Because there was no contact between his hand on FTR #2 on that face claw. I hope Kingston stays with that gear. It looked cool. Marq Quen's dyed beard makes him look 65. Caprice! That's awesome. No makeup AND shoot names being uttered. Oh shit Deeb gonna die. Statlander going from unbooked to going all the way? Yes please! I'm a little tired of Ruby already even if she just had her best match so far vs Riho. And Soho vs Baker again would just be meh. I'd be cool with Page beating Punk and then losing it to Wardlow because that guy is hot as fuck right now. This Week in Alternative Medicine: Tony and Excalibur explain cupping!
  18. Looking it up online, it was night 2 of BOLA 2012. Their one night joke team name was "Team Statutory" and holy fuck 2012 was a different time and that did not age well. Oh and Drake Younger was on the other team and now I'm wondering what the record is for total number of "guys who turned out to be garbage human beings" in one match is. Did Michael Elgin ever team with Marty Scurll and Jerry Lawler on a fairgrounds show anywhere?
  19. The best part was when the American Wolves split up and one of them teamed with Strong and the other teamed with O'Reilly and in 2022 I can't, with any degree of certainty, tell you who teamed with who because that's how aggressively bland the whole deal was. Speaking of bland white guy traits, I've seen Davey wrestle more during his recent return -- he got his massive tribal tattoo lasered off and I'd love to know the story behind that reasoning.
  20. Seriously. Now I look at a burrito and the heartburn starts. :(
  21. God damn, what a show. It's crazy how they play with tropes and expectations (here and on BB). What I mean is, they're pulling off this clever plan and years and years of TV and movies have taught us to think "YEAH, that is badass! I'm rooting for them!" But there's this nagging feeling in the back of your head where you realize they're ruining the life of a decent guy. Howard confronting them with "why?" and throwing their petty motivations in their faces was a reckoning. And what came after drove the gravity of what they did home. This was not two downtrodden people pulling off a slick heist to stick it to the man. This was two very petty criminals ruining a man's life to a tragic end. The whole thing is very Breaking Bad-esque where you think you're supposed to root for this person because they're the main character, the audience's POV, and ostensibly the protagonist. And then they slowly turn into awful people whose motivations are less than pure. Saul and Kim are exactly like Walter White in that all had the opportunity to move on in life and get back on the right path, but petty moral failings caused them to keep on breaking bad. On a side note: what was that brief black and white part at the end? A short bit of the Gene story?
  22. I remember in 2012 when Kyle and Davey were teaming as very serious generic scientific wrestlers and then they did a one-night gimmick in PWG teaming with Joey Ryan where they both acted like slimy scumbags, complete with Kyle dousing himself in baby oil and doing the Rick Rude swivel as the fans chanted "SLEAZY KYLE!" It was wild seeing the dude show that much personality. A few years later, a match was booked featuring Cole & The Bucks vs Dalton Castle and The Boys. It sounded like an awful mismatch until "The Boys" that accompanied Castle that night turned out to be O'Reilly and Fish, wrestling the whole match in glittery masks, barefoot, in sarongs. So yeah, he's got great personality and charisma...it just took a while to come out over the course of like 10 years!
  23. LOOOOOL I actually had no idea Cinnabon sells "just the center." This means that my idea for Popeye's to sell just the fried chicken skin as a main dish is probably viable!
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