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  1. I’m sitting in an outdoor shopping center waiting for a store to open. There’s a violinist at playing for donations and it hits me that he’s playing “Informer” by Snow. Okay then.
  2. The Elm Street remake would have been incredible if they’d stuck with the story thread that had the adults killing Freddy mistakenly out of hysteria, thus making Freddy’s revenge on their kids justified. That would’ve been a fun, interesting twist on the original.
  3. Oh lord, Hashimoto as a silly Japanese Elvis impersonator. "NO GODDAMIT PAL, SAY RUV! RUV ME TENDER! RUV! IT'S FUNNY! HAHAHAHA"
  4. Dustin is old and good in the ring, and is used as a JTTS. There are also a lot of people on the roster who are young and good in the ring, also used as JTTS. I don't understand anyone clamoring for Dustin, whose best years are behind him, as more deserving of a push than people at his level of push who have full careers in front of them. I'd rather see Lee Moriarty get a run with the TNT title and get built up than Dustin get a gold watch reign.
  5. So the message is "be a simpleton, question nothing, go along to get along, and if you dare to try to have your own thing, you'll have a horrible life and die." Also, don't be a liberated woman, because you'll die of an STD. Fuck, what an absolute pile of shit that film is. I would posit that Pulp Fiction is kinder and more hopeful.
  6. Hearing three different pronunciations of "Zeuxis" in the span of 5 minutes was cool. Schiavone pronounced it like Tiny Lister was Polish, "Zeuski." Tazz: "Zootsee."
  7. Kevin Dunn getting in Vince's ear about how "their guys shouldn't be beating our guys" while the match in question is Misawa & Kobashi vs The Bashams.
  8. He’d take a small child looking askance in his general direction three miles away as disrespect.
  9. I keep imagining this whole scene, done with exaggerated and very proper anchor voices. Also, when you go out for Mexican food, it turns into the old SNL "Antonio Mendoza" skit.
  10. I did leave out one possibility: AEW fans are less susceptible to jingoistic bullshit and found Cody's whole presentation distasteful. My dude is the human equivalent of a Ford/Chevy/Dodge truck commercial and WWE fans love it completely and unironically. Are tribal WWE fans more in line with that sort of vibe? I know, personally, ever since Trump became president and he and his followers weaponized patriotism, I view anyone flying the stars and stripes as sus. That's pretty sad but it's where we are. You have one company where a guy draping himself in the flag and being unabashedly rah rah was viewed with distrust, and another where it's accepted with open arms. This is some real "did you enjoy Pulp Fiction or Forrest Gump?' shit. It's wild.
  11. Thanks for putting this out there for others, because I have no idea as I don't watch WWE. I'm betting he doesn't have free reign on his promos there. Some leeway, sure, but nothing like in AEW. I still can't forget his last AEW promo, where he: Openly discussed his dissatisfaction with his contact negotiations Buried CM Punk and claimed to have done all the things Punk said he'd do Complimented the Lethal Injection out of nowhere Buried Brody King, who was new to the company, for having the temerity to use that name, implying that -1 would be kicking King's ass in a few years So maybe he's thriving under WWE's more controlled environment, which corrals his worst instincts?
  12. There's an Applebee's by me that I haven't been to since I got takeout from there during the pandemic because I had a gift card. But I recall it was surprisingly decent. Of course, I don't think APPLEBEE'S: SURPRISINGLY DECENT is a great tagline. Nothing against Applebee's or any restaurant from that casual dining tier, like Ruby Tuesday's, TGIFriday's, Hard Rock, etc. I just eat out so infrequently that it never makes the list. Actually, I did eat at a Hard Rock a few weeks ago on a work trip because it was the only thing open that late on a Sunday that wasn't so expensive it'd fuck my per diem. It was also.........surprisingly decent.
  13. Thanks for re-posting the Cutting Room Floor link! I was looking for it last week but couldn't find it, as I was looking alphabetically for "WrestleMania" instead of "WWF." Best part is this:
  14. I'd love an in-depth discussion as to why Cody was so lame, and failed, in AEW as opposed to becoming the next Cena in WWE. Some possibilities: AEW booking, part 1 (The Codyverse): he wasn't the top babyface and wasn't going to be, and his angles were trash. AEW booking, part 2: Cody booking himself sucks; someone else booking Cody is great. Also see: AEW is great for workers who have their own good ideas. Not so much for others. Fan differences: AEW fans don't want a whitemeat babyface, while WWE fans are somehow more accommodating of that type of portrayal Brandi and the rest of Team Cody/Nightmare Family: an integral part of his act in AEW, but not in WWE. Fans perceived them as hanger-ons undeserving of a spot, and disliked Cody for the perception that he was forcing them on AEW Tribalism: WWE fans latched on to him because he left AEW to join them I think it's a combination of the first two, and #5. I think Cody is charismatic but has bad instincts. To @SirSmUgly's point, in WWE he was forced to not get in his own way, and they put their machine behind him. I'd like to hear other opinions.
  15. Yeah, I can't hear what Flair is saying, but he's using his real person voice, talking slow, and there seems to be a lot of awe and gravity behind it. He's probably fixing to cry. Meanwhile Mike is just "yeah yeah hi how ya doin'" and going back to greeting fans.
  16. From what I gather just listening to podcasts, a LOT of names have multiple unnecessary Y's in them. Shawn is from the Wyld Stallyns school of vowel substitution.
  17. Well you need to remember that NXT pivoted to "Papa Haitch's Super Indy" when Vince got pissed at ROH and other indies drafting off them on Mania weekends. So, in a real "we have Santino" move, they hired all the indy guys they could in order to out indy the indies, like why would you watch ROH, etc. anymore when all the indy darlings are here?" So putting super indy NXT against glorified indy AEW was just the natural progression. That was always the thing about Vince, he always had such Dunning-Kruger Effect self-confidence that he assumed anything he created would automatically be better than anything else you could watch elsewhere. I always laughed at the pretense for taking NXT away from HHH was, "he's not developing young stars." Like hey, no shit, you changed it from developmental to your in-house anti-ROH on a whim yourself.
  18. Oh yeah, I'm sure Vince taking NXT away from him because he couldn't beat AEW still stings.
  19. Yeah, I'm thinking flashbacks, because I would have never figured Disney Star Wars to be the next place we'd see a Psycho/Scream "kill the big star in the first reel" deal.
  20. I met Flair at an autograph signing once...I was a dumb mark and wanted to shake his hand. He did, but he looked at me like I had two heads, just bewildered and confused. Thinking back on it, he was clearly either very hung over or, even more likely, still drunk from the night before.
  21. Quite a choice getting the person who designed Chipotle bags to create the new Crow's tattoo aesthetic.
  22. Was that a meeting? It looked like RIc was low key marking out and Jordan didn't know who he was.
  23. Women's world title = self explanatory TBS title = secondary women's title but is kind of booked on par with the women's title, so who knows? It came second if that helps. TNT title = formerly secondary men's title when they only had two. Now I have no idea what the men's belt pecking order if after the world belt.
  24. It could be some real 4d chess, though! If he were too slick and didn't make these mistakes, we'd think it was marketing for sure!
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