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  1. Bob Holly solid TV match guy especially during his Smackdown/Velocity run, couple of good tag teams with Billy Gunn and Charlie Hass. Never really wanted to see him get a big push but always enjoyed him going 6 - 8 minutes
  2. I wonder if you run "Jade doesn't take her opponents seriously" bit for a while with her winning in dominate fashion only to have it bite her after a bit
  3. That Dustin-Punk vignette was so good. AEW would be wise to put more of this stuff on the actual shows, trim some of the match times and more time for backstage bits, angles, pre-tapes, interviews ect. give the viewer a chance to breath between matches. It seems that only Cody, Jericho and MJF are trusted to do long promo segments
  4. Jade reminds me of early Bill Goldberg where every time out there's a new wrinkle to their game. 2 wins in a row for Eddie Kingston. Building him up to rematch Punk after Punk takes the title perhaps?
  5. As someone who always struggles remembering who is who in tag teams I have no trouble telling them apart. However I couldn't tell which jackson is which if you put a gun to my head
  6. See also Hillary Clinton using "American Girl" as a campaign theme Re: the WCW logo someone once called it "the exploding vagina logo" and now I can't unsee it
  7. They have been using Thunder Rosa's Mission Pro Wrestling as a feeder system for sometime now
  8. The new Sting v. Undertaker Me I want OC to go to the pockets only for Yano to shrug OR a cinematic match where Mox shows at yano house in a strangely comedic vehicle and chases him into a bakery only to pop out of cake
  9. Its Jade's catch phrase so no one else should be stepping on her gimmick. Is it just me or does Jay White crib a lot of his character from Connor McGregor?
  10. Charlie Hass was such a good tag team guy. WGTT should have never been broken up and should have had a 20 year run like the Rock n Rolls or the Midnights. Enjoyed his runs with Bob Holly (another solid tag guy) and Rico. And Campy, Fun, Face Rico was an oddly positive portrayal of gay culture in wrestling. And JR would always try to put him over. I love this exchange from I think the 2003 Royale Rumble JR: "here's Rico former Las Vegas police officer and he's a lot tougher than he wants you to believe" Tazz: "You'd have to be tough to wear those pants in Red Hook" JR: "You'd have to be tough to wear them in Oklahoma too"
  11. I really like Mark Sterling as the sleazy lawyer all the heels use. Regal was great on commentary getting everyone a bit over in the match, and maybe its just me but AEW commentary in general has gotten a lot better lately especially JR. King Switch comes across as such a star. I get people wanting to see Andrade win a feud but the coffin match is Darbys specialty and I would imagine they want to keep him undefeated in it HOB deserves better than a long running feud with Feugo Del Sol
  12. 1988 Owen? Dante Martin, him winning puts his solidly at the TNT title level and he's someone they are building too. 1995 Owen Jungle Boy
  13. I think that one of the reasons for Bret bitterness was that he had issues with his own father and Vince was some what of a surrogate father for him. And thats what hurt
  14. I remember Rico's finally run where he was he was Jackie Gayas camps fun friend and it was getting over , but he got cut for being 40
  15. I'd like them to keep Tay face when she's apart from Sammy. Sweet girl with the asshole bf is an easy story to tell
  16. Honestly a little surprised they wouldn't renew Jack Evans and stick him in ROH like they did with cage
  17. I think the youtube views and socials are an interesting way to view being a "draw" in the modern era. Bruno never had to sell PPVS, Hogan had to sell PPVS but the finish to The Big Event was still to draw at the house shows, Austin time was less house shows but more PPV and TV ratings. Now House shows are slowly going extinct but things like Youtube matter and rating are king. The household name thing is to me very relevant. I've always used the "mom test" to determine if I think someone is a star. I'm sure she knows The Rock, Hogan, Austin, probably has heard of Flair doubt she knows Sasha Banks or Roman Reigns
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