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  1. Tony hearing about that new viral trend the kids are talking about called “billionaires showing their ass on Twitter” and had to GTSI I see
  2. Truth is a shoe-in WWEHOF of course, but I strongly believe he also deserves WONHOF consideration. Former world champion, main evented against John Cena, 54 time 247 champion…. But more importantly, with a shout out to Yano, Truth’s been the best comedy worker on TV for over a decade. Rey Mysterio was the best flyer in the world for a decade and he’s in. Mick Foley was the best brawler in the world for a decade and he’s in. Ric Flair was the best main event epic worker in the world for a decade and he’s in. Why shouldn’t the best comedy worker also be in? If you’re pulling from the past 30 years of wrestlers to book a 3 hour TV show…I kind of feel like Truth has a role on that show? To make a baseball HOF analogy, I get that this is kind of like talking about relievers (comedy) vs starters or position players (main event acts, workrate guys) in WONHOF criteria, but insofar as he’s a reliever Truth is Trevor Hoffman out there. Dude is awesome. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk.
  3. Now there’s a team that needs to wear half cut tee shirts and finish matches with the powerplex
  4. For a hot second I thought we were getting MAIN EVENT DADDY MAGIC WALKING TALL to end it tonight, and let me tell you I was all in for it
  5. Not sure about going back to Hangman/Swerve already. It will rule but what’s left on the bone after that last match? A “first one to shoot the other dude in cold blood” match?
  6. Could also give the big celebrity match spot (whatever it ends up being) to Cody as well. Those are as “main event” as anything else is these days. What’s Antony Starr up to.
  7. This dude is not seriously trying to malform an obvious SA accusation into a mean tweets accusation. What a clown.
  8. I hope Hausmen gets the absolute shit sued out of him.
  9. Yeah, you ain’t running the biggest match in decades at 3am a month before Wrestlemania
  10. Now that it’s mercifully over, my goodness the Andrade/Miro feud was some of the dirt worst creative you’ll ever see, right? Like, what the hell was that? Andrade is definitely better suited going back to the WWE and being packaged back with Vega. Those two have the same vibe that Nana and Swerve have where it just clicks and comes across big time.
  11. So, are we saying a time traveling heel went back in the past to stop his past self from the ramifications of a babyface turn? Tony watched Lightyear?
  12. Funny, I have a similar situation. I have to travel to Jersey City somewhat regularly for work, and I guess there’s a very particular cell tower that some dearly departed Cash’d individual used to post from, right there by the Hudson. I pop out of the PATH and, boom, I’m IP banned, every single time. Then by the time I’m 200 yards away at the office, it’s all good. All I can think every time it happens is that there’s Spanish restaurant right there by the train exit…
  13. So it’s like there’s putties, but then the JTTS-tier henchmen Goldar and Finster challenge for the tag titles. Devil is Rita, and we haven’t seen Zed yet. Like MJF said, there are levels to this shit.
  14. I really dug that little bit of world building with the announcers discussing all that. It reminded me of Disney parking lot-era Nitro, and just isn’t something WWE does. More of that please.
  15. Does anyone look like a bigger hamandegger than Wardlow right now? I can’t take that dude seriously. I wasn’t prepared for Great Value Robbie Rage
  16. See my thing with AEW right now is that if the passion is gone from the viewer, it’s because a large chunk of the soul is missing from the show. Yeah this G1 is going to produce a dozen matches that slap, but to me it’s like The Owen. I just really, really have no reason to care and it feels inorganic. I think this is one big one where myself and DVDVR brethren Coach TK disagree as fans - tournaments for the sake of tournaments absolutely sucks as a pro wrestling construct. Tony can’t get enough of it, but I’m out. It just sucks. AEW at its best is Best Friends having wacky blowoff matches, Orange Cassidy doing character stuff moreso than five star classics, Danhausen cursing dudes, HoB being spooky, all the good shit. AEW’s trajectory with my buy in kind of follows Kris Statlander’s character arc, actually. Late 2023 AEW needs less generic hoss, more alien. Embrace your alien, Tony.
  17. I feel about a Punk/Rollins feud the way some would feel about a Davey Richards / Ospreay feud, or how Natural would feel about a Hogan/Penta feud. Just…nope. Fifth circle of hell stuff. Zero chance. I’m good over here watching NXT. Elsewhere though, as somehow who has always been the high man on Orton I absolutely adore this “beloved legend” run. It’s awesome. Give that man his flowers.
  18. I think these returns have changed Punk’s legacy as a promo, to the mass audience, from “guy that says shooty stuff because it’s what he authentically believes“ to “guy that says shooty stuff because he knows the marks will react to it.” I mean he’s a pro wrestler so that’s always been the case of course, but we’re basically in “hide your wives, it’s Edge” territory at this point.
  19. I’d use Punk as a vehicle to put Logan Paul over at Mania Thats about how much time you have before he implodes again
  20. My favorite dude in AEW. Needs the rocket ship. I need Daddy Magic and Eddie Kingston to get into a personal issue.
  21. Swerve as the next champion in the next 6 months feels as certain as anything else in wrestling right now, and in a while. The only question now is how we get there.
  22. Oh yeah, that Rampage tag match is 100% must-watch for me. Athletic babyfaces vs base heels southern tag is scientifically proven to be the best kind of match.
  23. A fun reveal would be FTR, Wardlow and Spears as the ninjas. But none of those are a big enough headliner to be the devil.
  24. Struggling to find a worthwhile use for Flair. Maybe as head of the “Championship Committee”, presenting the title to champions after big wins and announcing future marquee title matches. Similar to what they did with Bret Hart That isn’t what they’ll do though.
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