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  1. Just give me one segment with Yoko talking shit while Dick Togo sentons some ham and egger and its a win in my book.
  2. I can easily see Russo turning Yoko into a Yakuza boss in 1999 with Kaientai doing his bidding. That actually sounds fucking awesome
  3. I’m ready for Jerry Jones’s WWE. Unless you meant Shahid Khan showing up on a live Raw from Club La Vela. In all seriousness I can see a sell to Disney or Fox happening.
  4. Shout out to Bill Watts in the category of “promoter/booker on color commentary to help get his stories over”. He was great at that. I also will never understand the pre-internet dirt sheet crowd view of Gorilla as terrible. When I first discovered this, I thought well maybe I was a kid and it was all nostalgia and he sucked, but even watching now he’s really good. Never understoood it.
  5. Seems like they’ve legitimately given Apollo a few “brass ring, pal” spotlight opportunities dating back to the Black match but the dude’s Charlie Hass-esk personality stylings and the empty arena setting have created this tesseract of charisma-less nihilism for 30 minutes every week.
  6. I’m thinking that they’ve shot themselves into a work and have silently hired him back. If this was a work the entire time then Spud is the greatest acting wrestler alive in that Twitter video a few days ago.
  7. Jericho during the Omega match was amazing. Omega sure does give a lot of offense to jobbers, but Jericho sold it well.
  8. We are presently underselling the revelation of Miz wearing a mouth guard in favor of Bix nonsense
  9. Honestly Vince should just let him keep it for the season and have the Bucs use it as their turnover chain or whatever. More pub than that belt would get you otherwise.
  10. The Viking Raiders thing. I meant WTF. Humanizing characters is one thing, but this would be like showing Ric Flair driving an Oldsmobile in 1985 singing about how he isn't really a rich jetsetter but he sure does love that lifestyle.
  11. I thought Liv/Ruby was really snug. They were laying it in. Nia Jax has to be the worst pro wrestler on a major roster. It’s just so bad. That turnbuckle spot was a near disaster.
  12. It’s fun to try and line a power level up with a gimmick and find a decent match. Taker is The Spectre. Basically God tier when fully powered; only shows up occasionally.
  13. Probably the best Nasties non-garbage match. Best and most historically influential match overall is probably the Spring Stampede 1994 deal with Cactus and Payne.
  14. Next Mutoh match he needs to do a turnbuckle 10 punches spot with 4, 8, 15, 23, 42
  15. Man I hope somewhere all this stuff is being secretly saved and 20 years from now there’s going to be a tabletop book of concept art for 50 years of Vince’s coke fueled crazy ass ideas. Bret Hart as a hobo ex-long haul truck driver. Sid as an astronaut. Roadblock as a short order chef.
  16. They really need to book it like Cannonball Run where each competitor develops a strategy. Do you sprint? Do you camp? Does Daniel Bryan buy some PF Flyers?
  17. Lashley is a fascinating story. Had a WWE run where they really got behind him but he fizzled out due to lack of personality, then he goes to TNA and finally a personality breaks through with his heel run and he’s a lot of fun to watch, then he comes back for big money and....they don’t even try with the personality stuff and push him the same way they did before. What the fuck did they think was gonna happen? Very similar story to EC3. If there’s two things Vince loves its arrogant rich guy heels who can talk and body guys. EC3 was that dude and they never even tried. Just weird.
  18. If Cameo were around 30 years ago, Howard would be a multimillionaire.
  19. How many figures in wrestling are unanimously considered the best to do what they did? Even with Heenan as a color man, there are no shortage of people that prefer Jesse. But Fink is universally regarded as the best. I’m honestly struggling to think of anyone else with as much GOAT market share for their specific role on a show.
  20. You have to think that the move to Raw and the Black match saved Crews, as well. Gable is probably also in Joe Lunardi's Last Four In
  21. I’d argue Ryder’s YouTube show was very influential. For a few weeks it was the talk of wrestling, got him over, and paved the way for private channels as a way for wrestlers to develop a fan base (UUDD, Celtic workouts, etc).
  22. The commercial breaks gave the main event no real chance to be great and the these 30 minute empty arena brawls struggle to even be ‘good’ by design, but I did appreciate the unique MMA inspired approach to the whole thing as an idea. Probably the best use of Hager.
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