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  1. Late to the party but Kendricks promotion (via New Day pod) sounds like the greatest shit I’ve never seen and now I’m going to go down the Wrestling Pro Wrestling rabbit hole
  2. I’d say that loving Sid is one of the four most common things that led users here from elsewhere on the wrestling internet, in particular in the 2000-2005-ish timeframe: -Sid being awesome -Mark Henry matches being awesome -Vanilla terrible storyless chain wrestling by Johnny Kickpads dudes sucking -Bunkhouse Buck Truly the Mount Rushmore of DVDVR getting it right.
  3. Jericho was so good in 2008 that as a dickhead heel he won a kayfabed Slammy for wrestler of the year because he was shoot the wrestler of the year. One of the best runs you’ll see.
  4. Time to redo this meme with Rollins and Lee
  5. Arn/Jake segment was really bad. And I agree on Brodie Lee talking. Ray Fenix looked great tonight.
  6. These shows have been bad but I’ve really enjoyed how they’ve booked Drew. Wrestles every week, likable guy, takes on all challengers. Nice change.
  7. That's terrible news. Larry reviewed anything and everything. Truly an amazing work ethic.
  8. The match was pretty bad. It’s sort of like a movie that has all the right actors in it with a big name director and yet it turns out kind of terrible, but no one wants to really admit it, so it gets an Oscar nod and all that, and then years later the general consensus that it was bad all along starts to rise above the surface. Bret/Shawn Ironman is Million Dollar Baby.
  9. Otis has some Bill Watts Babyface in him with his amateur background and fire. Theres a fine line between sympathetic babyface and dumbass. They need to be careful with ideas like “Sonya suckers him into the briefcase then turns on him”. My suggested Otis booking strategy is “what would JYD do?”
  10. THAT kick from Fenix to OC makes for two bump of the year candidates in two weeks for AEW.
  11. They need to get Oney Lorcan to agree to babysit that kid now because the poor little guy is going to have an uphill battle on Twitter game with that DNA.
  12. MITB was bad. "Doink" and Steph were especially embarrassing for a company that, if nothing else, can pride itself on production values. Vince looked rough. Asuka is the 2020 MVP of the entire company.
  13. Last Ride pt 1 is up.
  14. And oh man I marked out hard at that Show/Kane chain wrestling match at the time. That shit was great, and totally out of left field. I presume that was a rib. 14 years ago!
  15. this could be nostalgia misremembering but WCW got really fun circa December 2000 until the closing stretch. Cruiserweight ace (in trunks!) Shane Helms with the vertebreaker, the main event built around Steiner and Booker, Flair and Dusty doing really fun old man comedy stuff. I enjoyed it a lot. Who was booking then?
  16. This is where I parked my car 1) Kevin Sullivan is a highly underrated squasher with a very unique squashing style. 2) The afore-mentioned Big Daddy V in a 3-on-1 squash. Greatness.
  17. Woah woah woah, we're putting McMichael sub-Roma now? Gotta disagree sir - "naturally charismatic big dude that is sloppy and dangerous in the ring" was already a defined Horsemen archetype and Mongo carried himself like a Horseman in a way more legit way than Roma. Roma to me is an early version of the 10.0 Perfect Execution Guy in the ring and had go away heat. Give me Mongo dropping fools with sloppy tombstones and talking shit into the camera over Roma every time.
  18. WM XI is the lowest point in company history, right? What a wretched, forgettable show. Love this series @Dolfan in NYC!
  19. That main event was fun as hell. I am sure many will question a choice of a big crowd brawl in your first show with a crowd given all that's going on. I won't go there - I just enjoyed the match. Sammy made that golf cart look like Brock Lesnar on that bump. Holy shit son. Ending image was top notch.
  20. It's interesting to me seeing both WM 8 and WM 9 have twist endings (for better or worse) and it got me realizing how rare those are nowadays. Rollins at 31 is the last notable one I can think of and that was 5 years ago. And before that, I guess the Rock stuff leading to Miz winning at 27, then before that, hell, a decade earlier with Austin's turn.
  21. JR on today's TIJ. A lot of the usual stuff but Jim and Chris have good chemistry and its Jericho's first wrestling pod in a while so worth a bump.
  22. You just know it's in Vince's DNA to have "the first major attended sporting event since the outbreak". this is kind of what he does. I won't be surprised if he rents out the Citrus Bowl and tires to put 20k fans on one side of the hard cam.
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